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Jennifer Goforth Gregory


Freelance B2B Content Marketing Writer and Content Strategist - Hubspot Inbound Certified

About Me

One of my strengths is turning complex technical information into practical takeaways for non-technical people. But I don't stop there - I know that SEO, social media and metrics/analytics are an important part of effective content and integrate each piece into my strategy. My results speak for themselves - higher page views, increased sales, more social shares. My clients turn into repeat customers because my goal is to make my client's life easier by writing until they are thrilled with the results. I meet deadlines. I go the extra mile. I respond to emails and phone calls quickly. I genuinely care about the results of my work and work to improve with every piece that I write. My goal is to develop long term relationships with my clients.

I specialize in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, virtualized networks, content marketing, marctech, marketing technology, cloud computing, IT security, hospitality technology, healthcare technology/healthcare IT (HIT), insurance, retirement planning, telecommunications, VoIP, and finance. My clients include many national brands including IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, AT&T, Salesforce, Staples, Verizon, American Express, Samsung, Allstate,  State Farm, Genworth, Costco, Petco, State Farm, Ameriprise, and Intuit. My agency clients include Wall Street Journal Custom Content, Meredith Xcerated Marketing, King Fish Media and Hanley Wood Marketing. Additionally, I have published in The Atlantic.com, Entrepreneur.com, FOX Business, MSN Money, Success Magazine, the Raleigh News & Observer (major regional newspaper).

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Computer & Network Security

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Computer Networking

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Computer Software

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Information Technology & Services

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Marketing & Advertising

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My Writing Samples

Staples - 5 Data Organization Tips for National Clean Up Your Computer Month

January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month — a great excuse to take action. Here are five ways to set your business up for success in 2018.


The SMB Guide to Ink and Toner Products

An overview of the key differences between ink and toner to help owners of small- and medium-sized businesses make the best decision.


Create a Tight-Knit Company Culture with These 3 Tech Ideas

A vibrant company culture isn’t just about your policies or the physical environment in your workplace. The tools that your employees use at work can be an extension of that culture, enhancing company values such as openness, connectivity and quick thinking. Here are a few ideas and examples for tools that can get you started.


The Evolution from an Analog Business Phone System to a Hosted VoIP System

History will likely show that the transition from analog to cloud-hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) was a pivotal shift that significantly impacted technology and communication. It's been more than just a shift in phone signals; it's changed how we share, transfer, and communicate data with each other. We are no longer tied down by phone cords or telephones, but have the freedom to communicate when, where, and how we want to.


Top 5 Retail Industry Trends from 2017: Personalized, Accessible Experiences Win

As you plan to grow your business in 2018, it's important to understand what we saw through the retail industry trends of 2017.


Use Your Business Phone Greeting to Get in the Holiday Spirit and Engage Customers

Use your business phone greeting to spread some cheer, but also to set expectations that will help customers do business with you during the holidays.



Freelance Content Marketing Writer and Strategist

-- HubSpot Inbound Certified -- Create content marketing deliverables for B2B and B2C national brands -- Write articles and blogs for B2B, trade publications and consumer publications -- Work with top content agencies to produce interesting and relevant content for their clients -- Write whitepapers on a variety of topics to help establish a brand as a thought leader in its industry -- Write a popular blog for journalists transitioning to content marketing writing to help fellow writers understand content marketing strategy and how to be a successful content marketing writer -- Speak at conferences to help other writers learn about content marketing writing and strategy

Company: Freelance Writer for National Brands including IBM, Ameriprise, Adobe, Samsung and Hewlett Packard

I worked there from 10/2001 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Why No One is Reading Your B2B Content

This post will list common reasons why B2B isn't read and doesn't convert to sales. Points will include formal tone full of jargon, too product focused, too hard to find, is directed to the wrong audience, and does not solve the audiences problems.

Content type: Blog Post


Are Whitepapers Worth the Investment?

Companies think that they need a whitepaper, but don't stop to assess if it really is the most effective way to engage potential customers. This post will discuss the effectiveness of whitepapers as well as in what situations a whitepaper makes the most sense.

Content type: Blog Post


How Technology Makes It Easier to Find Potential Customers

This post will explore current and emerging Marctech that helps companies find customers. This article is the starting point https://www.forbes.com/sites/steveolenski/2018/01/24/5-ways-tech-will-change-marketing-in-2018/#4c21e24c3db5, but I will expand into different ideas as well.

Content type: Blog Post


Does Your Company Need a Chief Marketing Technology Officer?

This post will will explain the role of a CMTO and the benefits that companies can get from this role. I will also discuss how to determine if your specific organization could benefit from this new role.

Content type: Blog Post


Why AI Makes Disaster Recovery Even More Important

Companies that use AI are now even more reliant upon continual access to data and connectivity. This post will explore the relationship between AI and disaster recovery and give tips for creating a disaster recovery plan specifically for companies using AI.

Content type: Blog Post


How You Can Use AI for In-Store Personalization

It's easy for retailers to see the use case for AI for e-commerce sites. However, the biggest benefits for brands happen when AI is used for personalization both on and offline. This post will explain why this is important, how AI can be used in stores and the benefits of creating a seamless experience across online and offline.

Content type: Article


How Personalization Leads to Conversions

This piece will focus on how retailers in the Smart Home, Home Automation, Home Security, Cameras, and Services market can use personalization to meet customer expectations. The piece will also cover how investing in marketing technology is essential to being successful in the digital age.

Content type: Blog Post