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Sarah Bailey-Martin


Owner/Freelancer at SRBMartin Freelance

About Me

A writer who is always up for a challenge.

A proofreader with an eagle eye for errors.

An editor who provides constructive feedback in addition to correcting mistakes.

If you are looking for any of the above, I am your freelancer.

My journey as a freelancer began in 2008, and that means that I have nearly a decade of experience behind me. I started out small, editing papers for other students at my university, but once I landed my first job on Upwork, things started to snowball. Over the years, I have taken on a wide variety of assignments, including those that put my background in education to use, and now I dedicate myself to freelancing full time.

How Do I Compare with Other Freelancers? According to Grammarly Insights, I am more accurate than 98% of their users, more active than 90% of their users, and I use vocabulary more dynamically than 99% of its users.

My Skills:  I excel at jobs within the fields of writing and editing. This includes rewriting and spinning, as well as proofreading, copy editing, line editing, and developmental editing. While I love to take on any topic tailored to any audience, I do specialize in creating and editing content that targets the following audiences: mothers, children, teachers, students, medical patients, and homeowners.

As I spent five years teaching ELL students, I excel at editing and re-working content created by non-native English speakers, particularly Spanish speakers.

My Formats:  As for the formats I write in or edit, I am open to most anything. I have written and edited product descriptions, product reviews, novels, short stories, children’s books, blog posts, website content, SEO articles, email campaigns, biographies, resumes, dictionary definitions, lesson plans, teacher training materials, catalogs, brochures, magazine profiles, taglines, social media posts, and more. I am always excited to try something new.

If you would like to learn more about me, please visit my website at SRBMartin.com. Take some time to look through my portfolio items to get a better feel for my work, and don’t be afraid to request a sample if you do not find what you are looking for. Thank you for your time and attention; I look forward to working with you.

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Company: SRBMartin Freelance

I worked there from 1/2008 until now

ELA Teacher, 7th Grade

I taught reading and writing skills to 7th grade ELL students.

Company: The American School of Pachuca

I worked there from 8/2011 until 6/2016

Content I Write