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Rebecca Theriot


Experienced Freelance Writer

About Me

I am an experienced freelance writer specializing in technology, business, investment and travel sectors. 

However, my well-honed research skills have allowed me to provide content on topics across a wide variety of industries, such as real estate, health, home design and many more. I have experience writing in multiple formats, including:

More information about me, as well as writing samples, may be found at:


Photographs are available for orders about New Orleans, New York, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Barcelona, Il-Birgu (Malta), and Nairobi, as well as multiple destinations in California, Florida, Texas, England, Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland and Greece.

Industries I Write About

Consumer Electronics

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Leisure & Travel

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Real Estate

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Capital Markets

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Marketing & Advertising

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Online Publishing

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My Writing Samples

Stock Market News

I've written summaries of both general and business-specific news. While I don't usually write about the technical aspects of investing, investing strategies or how the market is performing, I have written a great deal about the businesses and industries which make up the stock exchanges, and information which may affect their performance within the market. Featured here are articles about IBM and the gold market.



Guest post on Jackery.com about the way I used their popular external batteries to keep my devices charged while traveling through Uk, Europe and Africa.



It's not just a tool to be used in brand marketing, the story is the most interesting part of any type of writing. This piece on Bulletproof Coffee was commissioned by a UK website specializing in healthy living products.


Quartz Countertops

Page content is a reflection of the people or companies behind the website, so style and tone must be adapted to each specific client. However, it must all be interesting, informative and easy to read. I try to hit those points on everything I write, including this page on quartz countertops. I would just like to note that there is some disagreement within the industry about whether countertop is one word or two. The official spelling seems to be two, but the client for this project specifically wanted it spelled as one word.


Fleet Management Solutions

This is a short synopsis of a B2B product which includes a link to the source material. By looking at both, it is possible to get an idea of how I synthesize information for publication.


Don't Let Poor Posture Make You Look and Feel Old

Cutting edge device from Upright Technologies gently retrains for correct posture to avoid health problems and premature aging effects.



Simple advice for small business owners who might feel out of their depth when using social media to promote their company.



Freelance Writer

Writing and Editing: I provide articles, product reviews, page content and blog posts for commercial websites, usually including keyword optimization. I have also been commissioned to summarize news articles for a curated niche site preparing to go live, and ghostwritten articles for publication on Huffington Post.

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 9/2015 until now

Experienced Remote Guest Services Management

Hospitality: Managed all administrative and financial responsibilities for holiday property rental for more than 12 years; including reservations, confirmations, database management, budget and taxes. Also successfully completed two claims regarding the BP oil spill, providing all records, financial statements and other supporting documents.

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 6/2004 until now

Assistant to the Director

Assisted with providing clients with information and training in relation to starting and running a small business. Funded in part by the Federal Small Business Administration.

Company: Small Business Development Center

I worked there from 6/2001 until 1/2003

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

How to Squeeze an African Safari into a European Vacation

Budget safari is an oxymoron, but there is one camp which is cheaper than all the rest by a great margin, even when adding every single available option. Plus, it is so convenient to get to that it can be squeezed into a trip to Europe, particularly appealing when traveling with children. It is comfortable, well-run and more than worth the cost for an experience of a lifetime. Photos are available, as well.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Europe, Africa, safari, children, kids, travel


Don't Let Bad Posture Make You Look & Feel Old.

Not only can bad posture add years to your appearance, it can accelerate many of the physical problems that come with aging. Decreased muscle performance, bowel movement issues and reduced nerve sensitivity are just a few of the unpleasant side effects. There is no reason to unnecessarily hasten the aging process when good posture can prevent it. Breaking lifelong habits can be hard. Fortunately, a gentle wearable training device and mobile app can provide significant assistance.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: posture, aging, muscles


Good Posture Keeps Your Brain in Touch With Your Body

I'd like to write an overview about the importance of good posture in relation to the central nervous system. Our nerves are the equivalent of wiring for the human body. They connect all of our organs, tissues and cells to the brain, and they pass through the vertebrae of our spines. So good posture is crucial to keep them working at peak efficiency. I’d arrange my post in same 4 sections as the source article, but 600 words will leave only briefest mention of Upright device, if that's ok.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: good posture, spine, central nervous system


Don't Skip Paris Because of the Kids!

While Paris is known for its romance, culture and gourmet food, it is also an amazingly kid friendly destination. From playgrounds along the Seine to hamster balls at the Place de Concorde and a secret weapon to avoid meltdowns for children and adults alike, there is no reason to miss this legendary destination simply because you have kids in tow.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Paris, France, Kids, Children, Seine


Why a Condo Makes Sense for First-Time Home Buyers

There is an awful lot of information to present about condos to those who have never owned one before, and I believe many of them will require longer articles, even an overview of condo ownership or a comparison of condos and single family homes. But, if you'd like, I could start with a short one for first-time buyers, and give a brief overview about how the relatively lower prices and maintenance requirements can allow buyers to get on the property ladder earlier, and ease into home ownership.

Content type: Article

Keywords: condo, condos, home buyers, real estate, buying a condo


5 Tips for International Travelers to Save Time, Money & Stress

I should have told my daughter these before she left for her first solo international trip. Unfortunately, I only remembered the 1st. 1.Download city maps for offline use 2.Charge in local currency when offered the choice 3.Buy $5 Skype credit, it goes a really long way. Calls international numbers. 4. Unlock your phone well before you leave. Buy unlock codes if nec. 5. External battery – you’re using phones more often. If you don’t use a battery, get one. If you have one, get a bigger one.

Content type: Blog Post


Tech is Wall Street's Blind Spot

Jeff Bezos could have starred in The Emperor’s New Clothes. Other tech corps aren’t so lucky. Verizon is not just a cellular network anymore, iPhones will probably not be Apple's future flagship product and IBM is headed for a fairytale comeback. Tech companies are zooming forward, but analysts are stuck in the past. Now Bezos is finally wearing real clothes, but they aren’t as nice as everyone imagined. Wall Street is rating major tech companies on the wrong criteria.

Content type: Article

Keywords: Tech, Stock Market


Welcoming the Robot Overlords

Welcoming the Robot Overlords 'I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.' Bill Gates is so smart. If you follow that quote to its logical – though perhaps extreme – conclusion, every company should try to earn as much profit as possible with little effort as necessary. From email auto-responders to AI, there should be one lazy gadget freak in every company in charge of figuring out how to make that happen. Seriously. I can explain why.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Technology, Business


Customers Are Human, Too

I propose a post for the company's blog explaining the concept of benefits vs features in context of the buyer's journey. It will show how sales begin with a focus on the customer's end goals, and why there should be landing pages for each stage of the journey. The emphasis on benefits is particularly important in the initial awareness stage, while a combination of the two is appropriate for the consideration stage and a heavier emphasis on features could close the deal in the decision stage.

Content type: Blog Post


Customers Are People, Too

I propose a post for the company's blog explaining the concept of benefits vs features in context of the buyer's journey. It will show how sales begin with a focus on the customer's end goals, and why there should be landing pages for each stage of the journey. The emphasis on benefits is particularly important in the initial awareness stage, while a combination of the two is appropriate for the consideration stage and a heavier emphasis on features could close the deal in the decision stage.

Content type: Blog Post


The 3 Steps to Personalizing Your Marketing

Benefits vs features, the buyer's journey and buyer personas are each deep enough subjects to merit the many thousands of words they have generated. However, I believe your blog readers would find a concise post putting them in context together very useful. It will explain the advantages of personalized precision marketing, show how sales begin with a focus on the customer's persona and end goal benefits, providing more emphasis on features in the consideration and decision stages.

Content type: Blog Post