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Tonya Parker


Creating Engaging Content Optimized for Your Readers

About Me

From identifying your marketing goals to populating your content calendar, I’m your source.  

I provide clients with social media posts, blogs, articles, brand development, and content planning. 

Do you need help taking your blog to the next level?

Perhaps you have the content but don’t know how to get it in front of your target audience.

Are you looking for better engagement with your audience on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook? 

I can help you get connected and stay connected with your followers by creating and curating real and relevant content for you to share. 

With twenty years of research and writing experience, I create material that is appealing and persuasive. Small businesses, startups, executives, and thought leaders use my services to perfect their message and extend their reach. 

Fresh, unique content and community engagement. 

Your content is always current when I'm doing the writing. I track news and trends across several niches. I source information using Feedspot, Reddit, LinkedIn, and a selection of industry-specific publications. 

Additionally, I participate in Facebook and LinkedIn Groups. I have experience as a community member and a community manager too. I can manage your social media accounts, scheduling posts and responding to likes, follows, and comments. I can even answer questions on Quora for you. 

Flexible service that extends your business reach.

Digital agencies, keep all your clients' marketing tasks under one roof with a reliable source of premium content. From single blogs to a full content calendar, when your client asks, can you do it? You can confidently say yes! 

What niches do I cover? 

I write about a range of topics including workplace wellness, influencer marketing, public speaking, human resources, finance, social issues, nature, color and design, B2C and B2B marketing, careers, and education.  

Are you ready to get started? How can I help you grow your business today? 

Industries I Write About

Marketing & Advertising

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Writing & Editing

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Staffing & Recruiting

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Civic & Social Organization

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Professional Training

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Executive Office

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Legal Services

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My Writing Samples

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A guide to promoting your book through content and social media marketing.


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This article incorporates information from several sources to provide readers with an overview of the rules governing for cause drug testing in the workplace setting.



Freelance Writer

Freelance content creation, research and writing. - Children's poetry- Science education- Workplace safety - Housewares and appliances- SaaS - Real estate and financial markets- Vocational education- Professional education - Legal - Home improvement

Company: Parker Content ⌨

I worked there from 11/2015 until now

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