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An experienced health and wellness writer with a writing voice that is research-based, informative, entertaining and humorous- that's me. I was a contributing author to Parade.com and write an awesome blog healthyhomosapien. Armed with a Master of Science degree in Home Science and Nutrition and a lectureship certification from the University Grants Commission of India I am out to change my world with my writings.

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My Writing Samples

How Gardening Can Help Prevent Chronic Illness

​I grew up in a cottage surrounded by a lovely garden with colorful flowers, spreading their pollen-like pixie dust, and lush green whispering grasses. I usually woke up with the beautiful dawn's chorus of tweety birds and pigeons. Life was simple, but it braided itself close to nature. Nature can act as a multivitamin and boost your immunity quotient. Sounds great, is it not? A study released by the researchers of the University of Illinois says spending time in nature can protect you against a host of scary chronic illness, such as depression, diabetes, ADHD, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Amazing, isn't it?


Try Black Chocolate In Your Easter Basket

Easter is a great time to celebrate hope and life. For me, it is a time to believe and blow life into your buried goals and dreams. Do you know that ostrich eggs with engraved decorations that are 60,000 years old have been found in Africa? Decorating eggs was an ancient art dating before the Christian traditions. Dig deep into the history and you find that early Christians of Mesopotamia painted the eggs in red color. This was done to remember the blood of Christ shed at his crucifixion. History aside, filling your Easter baskets with eggs made of black chocolate would be a delightfully healthy idea. Interested to know the benefits of black chocolate? Ok, here we go… So what is black chocolate? “Black” chocolate or dark chocolate, as it is better know, is chocolate sans the milk solids. The basic ingredients that go into making black chocolate are cacao beans, emulsifier, sugar and flavorings such as vanilla. Black chocolate has created a buzz in the health universe with its amazing health benefits.


Foods of Love- Black Chocolate and Red Wine

All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt” – American cartoonist Charles M. Schulz Science says black chocolate and a little red wine are good for your health. This Valentine’s Day, amaze someone with gummy red wine hearts and some black chocolate pecan tart. Goodness of red wine Red wine contains resveratrol. What is this? Resveratrol is a unique phytonutrient present in grapes, peanuts and in some berries. It is filled with antioxidant goodness. Resveratrol helps to lower blood pressure, sugar and bad cholesterol (LDL). Red wine also contains catechins. These catechins, improve the (HDL) good cholesterol levels. Science says non-alcoholic red wine contains as much nutritional goodness as that of its alcoholic counterpart. The skin of the grapes contains the maximum concentration of resveratrol so enjoy the grapes along with its skin. Of course, please enjoy in moderation!


White Vs Brown Body Fat

The word “fat” has got a bad rap, don’t you think? Believe it or not, our body needs fat! And what’s more, there are definitely “good” types of fat! In an WebMD interview, some health specialists agree that fat is not all bad. “Fat is one of the most fascinating organs out there,” says Aaron Cypess, an instructor at Harvard Medical School. “Fat has more functions than we thought,” says Dr. Rachel Whitmer, who has studied links between fat and brain health. There are two types of fats in the body- the white and the brown fats. Want to know the difference?


How Wearable Electronic Monitors Help You Reach Fitness Goals

I read this motivational fitness quote from “Inspirational Fitness Quotes” board on Pinterest. “I workout for strength, confidence, the feeling after a workout, the feeling of accomplishment, health, my loved ones and stress relief.” I think the above quote sums up the essence of fitness mantra. As humans we feel an urge to always measure our performance. It is nothing new in the fitness world. And as the holiday season is coming up, here are some wearable fitness activity monitors and ideas to help you shop or put on your wishlist: Wearable electronic activity monitors Scientists say that these sophisticated devices hold great promise in helping people reach their fitness goals. The researchers investigated 13 commercially available activity monitors and found that most of them have interactive tools for goal setting, self-monitoring, and feedback. These devices were in line with what the health care professionals recommend for their patients. The devices measure and provide feedback on several health and fitness dimensions such as calories burnt, type of exercise activity undertaken and sleep quality. It also gives data about heart rate, skin, sweat and body temperature. The scientists point out that brands such as Jawbone, Fitbit, and Nike have some unique​ aspects such as goal setting, progress feedback, social support and easy to read charts, progress trackers based on individual goals.


Four Fitness Boosting Foods To Try This Weekend

Hippocrates has once wisely said, “If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we could have the safest way to health.” Eating healthy foods not only increases your health and fitness quotient, but improves your overall quality of life. In this post we will discuss four foods that would boost your fitness levels. So sit tight and let’s get started: Avocados Sometimes called the “alligator pear,” these fruits are packed with nutrients, carotenoids and unusual but health promoting fats. Dietary fat is important for the production of testosterone and estrogen, which assists in muscle development and stronger bones. Did you know? Over half of the total fat present in avocados is also present in the form of oleic acid, similar to those, found in olives and olive oil. Avocados help in building muscles, have wide ranging anti-inflammatory benefits, support cardiovascular health and promote blood sugar regulation.


How Tai Chi Helps You To Be Fit And Healthy

Think of a scenario where you experienced a hectic day in the office, got caught in the traffic jam, came home, taught your kids homework along with fixing the dinner. The last thing you would want to do is exercise or run away for an energetic walk. Right off, you may be tired, fatigued and just want to relish in some comfort food, and curl up on your sofa to watch a good movie. But there is an alternative: Tai chi, which, in my experience, is not at all tiring. In fact, it gives you stress relief, enhances sleep, fitness and peps up your overall well-being​.


Why Should Breast Cancer Survivors Practice Yoga

Yoga had its roots in ancient India. It is the physical, spiritual and mental disciplines to attain peace of mind. In general, yoga improves flexibility and strength, posture, reduces stress, increase concentration and mood. Above all, it is very beneficial for the heart. Problems faced by breast cancer patients Breast cancer patients may suffer from mental cloudiness and stress, which interferes with their ability to think clearly. The patient may have a fear of recurrence of cancer. They may experience uncertainty, grief, sadness or anger. They may feel vulnerable, insecure and have body image concerns. Here is where yoga comes into play and gives them a hand. So how does yoga ​help them?


7 Healthy Mother's Say Gift Ideas

Happy Mother’s Day” to all the mommies out there! A great English poet has rightly said: “The love of a mother is the veil of a softer light between the heart and the heavenly Father.” The love of a mother does not equate with any practical gifts that we may give her. But to show our love and devotion here are some thoughtful gift ideas for you to ponder. To come up with these incredible gift ideas, I made a simple questionnaire and gave it to my mom and some of my friends. They had some ​cool ideas. I took some of them added my own and presenting it to you. So sit tight, here we go…


The Health Perks of Roasted Turkey

There is the spirit of joy, forgiveness and happiness in the air during December. There is also the lovely aroma of herbs and roasted turkey and holiday foods wafting in the air from restaurants and homes which kindle​ your taste buds to life. Turkey is my favored choice of protein for the holidays. I remember when I was a child, an aunt of mine who lived on a farm decided to roast a turkey for Christmas.


Stunning Health and Beauty Benefits of Papaya Unlocked

"Fruit of the Angels​" -this is what Christopher Columbus nicknamed papaya. This tasty fruit has a soft butter like consistency and has musky undertones.


Top 5 Foods to Enhance Your Baby's Gut Microbiome

The researchers from the American Society of Microbiology say, at nine months of age the development of the infant gut microbes, are influenced by the foods that we give the baby. It is not influenced by maternal obesity as believed earlier. So what is gut microbiome? It is the complex community of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract. It is believed that children are born with virgin gut. It becomes colonized immediately after birth. The array of microbes present in the digestive tract either keep us healthy or make us sick. So it is essential we have the right microbes which will boost our health.​


5 Foods That Reduce Stress And Boost Performance



Can Sleep Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Slep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” -Thomas Dekker, English Elizabethan dramatist writer There is no doubt about it: you must sleep for a healthy mind and body. Sleep is also crucial for your workouts and your physical health. Proper sleep has significant benefits for your mental and physical health. How are sleep and obesity connected? Scientists say that too little sleep say 6 hours and too much sleep say 10 hours or more can have a link to coronary heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, ​and obesity. Studies show that insufficient sleep increases the risk of gaining and developing weight.



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