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Eric Michelson


Editor/Writer/Creative Professional

About Me

I seek to help and be of value in any way that I can. In particular, if I have a specific skill set that someone can value, I especially enjoy fostering these symbiotic partnerships.

I have been a creative individual all of my life. I enjoy writing, learning, and growing. I enjoy examining the follies of mankind in cerebral and often humorous ways. That said, I'm also skilled in writing formal pieces for businesses and website copy. I have a knack for highlighting emotional triggers and can use that target an audience's needs. I tend to only work with companies whose business model/practice I agree with, so using my empathic powers for devious means is not something I am willing to do. 

Please send me a message and let me know if you think we can work together.

Industries I Write About

Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Religious Institutions

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International Affairs

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Leisure & Travel

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My Writing Samples

6 Types of Jobs for People Who Want To Work and Travel in China

Content piece for popular language learning app in their travel blog section with the keyword "work and travel China".


Beer and Bratwurst: The 5 Most Underrated Places to Live in Germany

Blog post for FluentU travel blog


5 Debunked Myths about Being a Digital Nomad

Blog post for ShoutMeLoud about being a digital nomad.


The Mold: How Society Thinks We Should Be

Long-form piece for personal development niche.



Editor and Proofreader

Correct grammar/usage/syntax errors for mostly non-native English writers.Edit and proof all outbound blog posts.Edit and proof advertising, marketing, and outbound copy.Contribute written guest posts as needed.

Company: ShoutMeLoud

I worked there from 4/2016 until 12/2017

Editor/Writer/Creative Consultant

Execute creative writing and editing for blogs, websites, and various publications, as well as informative writing for business websites and advertising copy. Perform editing duties for thesis/research papers, articles, advertising copy, and creative writing pieces. Seek to maintain the author’s original voice and ideas while correcting the grammar, spelling, and usage errors. Worked on/with Domainite, TextBroker, Scribendi, Wordy, Upwork, Freelancer, and others. Maintain privacy and confidentiality with regards to ghostwriting and ghost editing. Contracted as proofreader and editor for native and non-native English speaking businesses, websites, professionals, writers, and students. Give creative feedback and consulting services to businesses.

Company: Freelance Writer, Editor, and Creative Consultant

I worked there from 1/2008 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Why Meditation Will Make You A Better Person

Many people have misconceptions about meditation. While it is associated with Indian spirituality, it is not akin to witchcraft (nor is it inherently religious). Being able to simply sit still with your own mind will increase your intuition, empathy, and compassion while giving you a sense of peace that you can use to face the many (...many) challenges of life.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: meditation, mindfulness, how to meditate, increase compassion, increase intuition, spiriuality, buddhism


How To Take A 1 Month "Remote Working Vacation" In Bali

Apart from its amazing beaches, Bali is also one of the best places in the world to be a remote worker. I'm a digital nomad who has lived and worked in Bali on and off for the last two years. This article will lay out a perfect plan of action for all who want to ditch their stationary life and take a one month "working vacation". This article will detail the best work spots, travel spots, and Balinese must-dos complete with housing recommendations, budgeting requirements, and expert expat tips.

Content type: Article

Keywords: Bali,Indonesia,digital nomad,remote work,working vacation,internet,beach


15 On-The-Go Meditations For People Who Are Too Busy To Meditate

While sitting meditation is a great practice, not everyone has the time to commit to a daily practice. I am a long-time meditation advocate with a decade of experience coaching busy individuals whose main gripe with meditation is that it takes up too much time. But fear not! There are ways of increasing meditative awareness without "wasting" any time. In this article, I will give 15 examples of how busy people can incorporate meditation into any activity.

Content type: Article

Keywords: meditation,mindfulness,busy,work,work-life balance


5 Ways The Modern Education System Continues To Stifle Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are the very reason that innovation and progress happen. But the forward-thinking entrepreneur was not taught this prowess in school; in fact, modern education is the very antithesis of entrepreneurship. Here are 5 ways that modern education still fails entrepreneurs: 1. Competition over Collaboration 2. The "Arts" Are Not Important 3. But "Grades" Are Important (No Tangible Goal) 4. The Best Way Is Society's Way (Follow The Pack/Be Obedient) 5. Theoretical Knowledge Is Not ACTION

Content type: Article

Keywords: entrepreneurship,entrepreneur,education,failure,learning


5 Reasons Why Being Weak Makes You A More Powerful Leader

This article is designed to flip the perspective that leadership only means strength. In fact, leadership means accepting and being in control of your inherent weakness. Because: 1 Being weak teaches empathy, which is great to understanding motivation 2 Morality is based on "wrong actions not taken" 3 Vulnerability encourages growth 4 Authenticity is more model behavior than trying to look strong 5 Accepting flaws is a sign of self-awareness

Content type: Blog Post


5 Ways to Become a Powerfully Effective ESL Teacher

Being a teacher can be an extremely rewarding experience, but if it's done wrong, it can suck up all of the joy of living. This article gives 5 ways to help teachers become powerfully effective when teaching ESL students. 1 Understand and care about your students. 2 Prepare like you've only got one day to teach. 3 Create in-class ways to make students learn outside of class. 4 Use the power of technology to help facilitate excitement. 5 Set realistic expectations and goals.

Content type: Blog Post


5 Hidden Gems of Kuala Lumpur That You Need To See

After working in KL for the past two months, I began to stumble across the hidden wonders of Kuala Lumpur. Within the town's limits exist: 1. A gorgeous Buddhist monastery steps away from the Petronas Towers (with a vegetarian lunch buffet). 2. A serene lake/park (Titiwangsa) 3. A littler Little India 4. The stunning National Library of Malaysia 5. An egregiously underrated (free) museum detailing the rich musical history of Malaysia.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Kuala Lumpur, travel, explore, hidden gems, Malaysia, tourism


5 Blog Post Series - 5 Practices to Nurture A Healthy Mental State

Each blog post will be 500 words about a practice which will help develop a healthy mind. These will be great adjuncts to the healthy body practices your clients are practicing. The 5 mental practices are: 1) Meditation 2) Journaling 3) Gratitude 4) Compassion 5) Artistic Expression I am experienced and trained to give insight into each one of these practices. I can write in a funny or serious way, depending on your preference, but always professional! Please let me know!

Content type: Blog Post


5 Crucial Things to Remember When Writing for the Web

Writing for the web is a lot different than writing for print. In general, the audience wants a wealth of information, and they want it fast. This article will explain 5 critical things that all writers need to keep in mind as they craft written articles for the web. You can see similar articles I've written here: https://www.shoutmeloud.com/write-irresistible-blog-posts.html https://www.shoutmeloud.com/writing-unforgettable-article.html

Content type: Article


5 Managerial Qualities Which Turn a Loser into a Leader

This piece will take an edgy but informative approach to compare and contrast the different qualities of losers vs. leaders. Everyone knows what a bad manager looks like, but they often don't recognize those qualities in themselves and what they can do to change. This article will highlight pathways for change so a good manager can find his/her way to the light. I can write this with humor or with a serious tone, depending on your preference, but always professional! Please let me know!

Content type: Blog Post