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Morwenna Gould


Wellness and Nutrition Specialist (Freelance Writer)

About Me

My vision is to empower people with actionable information about natural ways to improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. My personal experience of totally transforming my health fuels my desire to support others to do the same.

Industries I Write About

Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Consumer Electronics

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Hospital & Health Care

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Writing & Editing

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Civic & Social Organization

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My Writing Samples


All Natural Sugar​ Detox (5 star feedback)



Is your toothpaste safe? (2.1k shares, 30 comments)



Best and worst bedtime snacks (1.1k shares)


Scientific Interpretation

Nutritional Supplement Could Reduce Autism Risk



Wellness and Nutrition Specialist

- Researching and interpreting scientific studies into consumer-friendly content. - Ghost writing blogs, eBooks, reports, training manuals and articles about wellbeing.

Company: Freelance Writer

I worked there from 3/2016 until now

Content Manager

Managing the content (curation, writing, editing) of Qatar's​ premier health and wellbeing magazine.

Company: Health and Life Magazine

I worked there from 2/2015 until 3/2016

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Nutritional Supplement to Reduce Autism Risk

Researchers at Texas University have published a groundbreaking study demonstrating the positive impact of carnitine supplementation on a gene mutation common in Autism. The results specifically advocate taking the amino acid supplement during pregnancy to protect the delicate embryonic neural structures. The research adds to the growing body of evidence that Autiusm risk and symptoms can mitigated with dietary changes.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Autism, Carnitine, Supplement, Nutrition, Pregnancy


The Cost of Back Pain

The financial implications of back pain and poor posture on employers (reduced working hours, lower productivity, impact on mental health, insurance and medical costs). The impact of sitting for long periods (sitting disease, reduced concentration, impaired lymph flow, poor health outcomes). How to get your staff motivated to move (minimal movement exercises, risk/benefits communication). The future of sitting (standing desks, movement breaks, in-chair movement, posture training).

Content type: Article

Keywords: Posture, sitting, movement, back pain


The Correct Posture For Success

Physical posture and how it influences state of mind; what is posture, the effects of supportive and unsupportive posture, a historical look at why we have bad posture, practical solutions to improving posture and experimental results demonstrating what posture to adopt to be successful in a job interview or other high stress situations.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Posture, Success, Physical Health, Mental Health


Using Technology to Improve Patient Safety

Prescription and medications errors account for significant costs and loss of life and many are due to inaccruate knowledge, for example of concomitant medications. Technology can help prescribers and caregivers ensure that medicines are provided safely. Community carers are front line in receiving valuable patient data. By using systmes which allow accurate tracking and reporting of medications and physiological data better decisons can be made leading to enhanced patient care.

Content type: Article

Keywords: Medication errors, patient safety, prescribing information


Finally some technology designed for me!

Freelance writers experience of using your software to collate content and write articles. Overview of current paper process, adapting to the new technology and benefits it brings.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: freelance, writing, article curation


Handwriting or Typewriting - which is better for learning?

Children today spend more time writing with computers than by hand - are they missing out? Exploration of the physical and mental differences between the two methods of writing. Handwriting is better for creativity, exploration of new ideas and learning. Typing is good for speed and accuracy. The key difference is engaging multiple parts of the brain, which you can also do with learning apps which stimulate more of the brain and sensory system.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Handwriting, technology, learning


Medicines or Essential Oils - what do people want?

There has been a 5 fold increase in searches about essential oils (using google trends). People are rapidly waking up to the benefits of these safe and natural medications. Just a few oils can replace a plethora of medicines. Cheaper, safer and more effective - could the spa replace the emergency room for heachaes, upset stomaches, asthma, eczema, coughs and colds? What do you need to stock for a home first aid kit. Top oils for multifiunctional uses.

Content type: Article

Keywords: Essential oils, spa, medicines


Are you thinking clearly?

The relationship between mental clarity, mood and diet. A review of the impact of specific foods (sugar, wheat, fried foods) and food deprivation on mental health (depression, anxiety, brain fog). Presentation of foods and dietary choices which can increase mental wellbeing. All backed with scientific studies.

Content type: Article

Keywords: hunger in america, depression, anxiety, mood, food, nutrition


Grow your own way to food freedom

Access to fresh food is difficult in the current food bank paradigm due to storage and shipping requirements. Permaculture presents a viable alternative, teaching people how to reclaim land and use the smallest spaces, even indoors, to produce healthy food for free. The UN stated that food shortages and the lack of nutritious fruits and vegetables cannot be resolved by industrial (toxic agriculture), the solution is small scale organic food. Teach a man to grow his own freedom with dignity.

Content type: Article

Keywords: Food shortages, hunger, aquaculture, permaculture, alternative systems


Can technology reduce food waste?

A review of the current food waste in America and how the use of technology can minimise waste. Including the reasons why so much food is wasted and the public re-education needed. Presentation of the app developed by a student which feeds 600,000 homeless per year.

Content type: Article

Keywords: food waste, technology


Are food banks the way forward?

Food banks have been criticised for providing only pre-packaged and processed foods which lack quality nutrition. What are the alternatives? This article reviews other solutions including: community gardens, subsidised kitchens, community food centres and more. We need to address the systemic problems and see the issues more holistically to find solutions.

Content type: Article

Keywords: Food banks, gardening, hunger


Hunger by design

How the current food and pharmaceutical systems are engineering poverty and disease. The relationship between low-quality nutrition from processed food and the rising health care costs. Food companies and the pharma giants are keeping people sick and addicted to processed foods. The same companies are fueling sickness and profiting from disease. We review the remarkable relationship and present holistic and healthy solutions.

Content type: Article

Keywords: Disease, nutrition, poverty


Do medicines need to be expensive to work? [draft title only]

Consumers typically associate price with quality. This blog and data-graphic will succinctly present the reasons generics are cheaper but maintain quality. This will include the immense pharma profits and the recoup they need to make on the drug discovery process. This will be a short post and powerful graphic to illustrate the REAL reasons medicines are so expensive, including a lack of negotiation by insurers and medical providers. It will convey the truth "generics are cheap and effective"

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: pharmaceuticals,generics,cost,effectiveness,health,wellbeing


How much do you need to pay for success? [draft title only]

A short blog and data-graphic highlighting the benefits of personal training and gym membership with standard gym packages (in Boston) versus your splitfit package. Comparing the typical results of: training at home/alone, versus training in a gym with a trainer and training in a group. Highlighting that 1 : group training can be more motivating and, with you, cheaper! The power of this article is in the graphic which lays out success metrics versus cost of various styles of exercise.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Cost,effectiveness,health,exercise,performance