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Ben Schultz


Writer and Proprietor at Deluxe Copywriting

About Me

Ben is a freelance writer, voice-over artist, and audiovisual producer. He currently owns and and operates Deluxe Copywriting, and he works on a freelance basis for a marketing company called Red & Black Solutions, a green-energy company called Energy Central, and an AI company called WorkFusion, among others. He has previously written for the US-based David Feldman Show and the Australian-based Forte Magazine; additionally, he has had protracted stints working for DJ websites and car companies. His debut novel, Counting On Silence,​ is due for release soon. He also runs a blog of the same name. As well as his zest for the English language, Ben also has polished audio- and video-editing skills, editing several episodes of the David Feldman Show, which additionally included the compilation and production of a full-length album. Ben has also previously produced videos for Bravehearts (a children's charity), the ACS Foundation, and music videos for various musicians. He is currently recording and co-producing the audio tracks for a number of industry-based training videos.

Industries I Write About

Information Technology & Services

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Oil & Energy

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My Writing Samples

Passive Charging: The Logical Next Step in the Evolution of Wireless Charging

An article describing the future of wireless charging.


How a chess program called ‘Leela’ is breaking new ground in chess and AI

An article that describes how deep learning is revolutionizing everything from chess to running a successful business.


Wellam Constructions

A landing page I wrote.


2017 Nissan Qashqai Review

A car review.


How to create shortcuts for the en and em dash on Windows 8!

A technical guide.



Writer and Proprietor

Company: Deluxe Copywriting

I worked there from 6/2016 until now

Freelance Copywriter

Company: Freelance Copywriters

I worked there from 8/2014 until now


Writing articles, assessing potential candidates, instructing new employees

Company: Inventiva Marketing Ltd

I worked there from 7/2015 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

A 1,000-word article about the implications of Google Assistant's new upgrade.

Give an in-depth account of what this means for a wide array of companies and individuals.

Content type: Article

Keywords: ai,google assistant,future


How blockchain is going to revolutionize the energy sector

I plan to use my blockchain and energy expertise to talk about how energy companies will be held more accountable to provide customers with sustainable and affordable energy. I've also previously written dozens of articles for Energy Central prior to this!

Content type: Article


How to counter disinformation attacks from competitors

Hi there! I'd like to do a long-form article about what companies (and, to a lesser degree, individuals) can do to fight fake news and attacks from outsiders, including competitors, pranksters, or parties with vendettas (such as a fired employee). Here's a sample of my writing first and foremost: https://medium.com/@benschultz_57614 My quote is for an article of around 1,500 words, and it includes images and citations where necessary. Attribution is optional. Thanks!

Content type: Article

Keywords: disinformation,fake new,hackers


One-fifth of US energy now sourced from renewable energy

Write a 500-word blog post about the United States' growing use of renewables. Also talk about the work still to be done. For example: "In 1987, 81% of our world’s energy consumption came from oil, natural gas and coal. Thirty years later, it is still 81%"

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: solar,united states


A personal essay about my late grandfather, who had dementia.

I've written an essay about the personal approach to dementia and why it's imperative to be informed and thoughtful. Intro below: There’s no real easy way to talk about dementia. Bringing it up in conversation usually makes people uncomfortable, but I’d like to focus on the positives, because we all know about the negatives. For me, my late Grandpa Bill lived with dementia for years before his passing at 91 years old. This is obviously a very personal and delicate topic to write about...

Content type: Guest Post

Keywords: dementia,essay,personal


The X Best programs for DDoS protection

I'll cover the best programs for DDoS protection, and I'll do a write up for each.

Content type: Article

Keywords: DDoS,protection,list,best


Four Opt-In Ideas to Grow Your Email List

Here's my first one, so you can have a taste: 1. Free eBook/audiobook What I love about the idea of giving away a free eBook for people who sign up to an email list is the psychology behind it. For example, if you just have the eBook/audiobook available for free with no strings attached, they might just ignore it; however, if they get it as a reward for signing up to a mailing list, they will be more inclined to check it out. Essentially, it’s a win–win situation.

Content type: Article

Keywords: email list,growth hacking


Toyota's quest to make cars run forever

Toyota is currently working on making a car that won't require any charging stations whatsoever. I want to look at the facts and show the potential of this potential breakthrough. Relevant samples: https://www.energycentral.com/c/cp/egypt-building-one-largest-solar-parks-world https://www.energycentral.com/c/iu/does-america-have-sufficiently-hardened-electrical-grid

Content type: Article

Keywords: solar,car,electric vehicle,electric car,toyota