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Mitchell D West


Freelance Writer and Marketing Consultant | Nonprofits and Tech Startups

About Me

I’m a freelance writer of nonprofit and tech copy—and I love my job. I can provide general copy, marketing, newsletters, and articles for journals and publications. What sets me apart from others? My passion for the industry is likely the greatest asset to you: it means I have a quick response and fast turnaround, and my writing is engaging and interesting. My experience in the industry is likewise extensive, with 2.5 years of general volunteer service, another 1.5 of food bank work, and at least one collective year of other focused service. We both know it can be hard to find a good writer, especially in low-budget and non-profit circles, so why not make it easy on yourself and hit me up? My email is mitchell@mitchelldwest.com, or you're welcome to send me an InMail. I look forward to working with you!

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics

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Find writers and ideas in this industry


Find writers and ideas in this industry

My Writing Samples

Boost Your Leads By Implementing a Basic QA Widget into Your Site

With the QA Widget, you can give your customers the trust in you that live chat provides without breaking the bank. It's the perfect tool!


Repurpose Your Exit-intent Offer to Improve Your Conversion Rates

Don't you hate when customers leave your site? It can quickly become a lead lost forever. Did you know that with a few tweaks you can retain many of them? See how!


The Teaser Follow: Keeping Your CTA Front-and-center

The Lightbox is a fantastic tool, but sometimes would-be leads close it out only to later wish they hadn't. With the teaser follow, you can provide them an easy yet non-distracting way to access it again.


Not Rich? Don't Worry, You Can Still Be a Philanthropist

Most people want to help out others, but they just don't know how they can without money. Philanthropy is doable without almost any money, though—and I'll explain exactly how.



Freelance Writer and Marketing Consultant for Nonprofits and Tech Startups

Work with nonprofit and tech clients around the globe to improve their marketing, copy, and blogging services.

Company: Home Business

I worked there from 7/2016 until now

Auditor/Evaluator (Retail/Dining)

Evaluate and audit a variety of retail and dining locations around the country.

Company: Home Business

I worked there from 2/2015 until now

Content I Write