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Quynh Nguyen


Content Marketer | Brand Strategist

About Me

I work with companies to develop their communication strategy and help them implement outreach plans. I like to tell inspiring stories, whether they are in the form of a blog post or press releases. I provide content specialising in personal development: productivity for individuals and teams. I am also interested in writing about sustainable development - everything related to farming and consuming. Check out my website for the portfolio: http://quynh.nl/portfolio/

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Human Resources

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Renewables & Environment

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My Writing Samples

Motivate Employees With Perks That Scream Your Culture

A Blog Post, aiming at HR professionals, provides tips to motivate employees with perks


How to break down barriers to give more feedback at work

A Blog Post, aiming at HR professionals, provides tips to improve feedback practice in the workplace


20 life-saving time management tips for event professionals

A Blog Post, aiming at Even Organisers, provides tips to better manage time.


The Ultimate Guide for Managers: Connect, Collaborate and Coach

An eBook, aiming at HR professionals, provides guidance to work with millennials.


Room Collateral

Sales Collateral for the JW Marriott hotel in Hanoi


Quarterly Newsletter

Newsletter to Fargreen's subscribers


Website Copy

The copy for a company website, with several landing pages.


Facebook Fan Page

Multiple posts on the fan page that I currently manage.


Full Portfolio

Full portfolio of previous works



Content Marketer | Brand Strategist

I pride myself on the copy that I write, and I love to talk to clients who are passionate about their work. Passion is where all inspiring stories start. Check out my website (quynh.nl) for more content marketing services.

Company: Content by Quynh

I worked there from 6/2015 until now

Communications & Community Manager

Fargreen is a social enterprise working with a purpose of building prosperous and sustainable farming communities in rural Vietnam and around the world where no such environmental damaging practices like open burning of straw exist and no farmer left behind in poverty for choosing to stay with their land. What I am doing at Fargreen - Communications & PR Planning - Copywriting

Company: Fargreen

I worked there from 6/2015 until now

Vietnamese - English Ad Translator

Responsibilities: - Translate and trans-create ads from Vietnamese into English: 500,000+ words Skill set: - English writing - In-depth knowledge of cultural references

Company: Ebiquity plc

I worked there from 12/2010 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

How to nail breaks to improve productivity at work

Short breaks increase the ability to stay focus on a task and bring in a new perspective. What kinds of breaks: Stretches, Read something unrelated to work, Go for a walk, Take a nap. How frequently: Every hour or more often. How long 5 to 20mins, The Keys to Taking Good Breaks: Detach from the work and the workplace (CTA to sleepbox), Leave your phone behind, Create a routine that works for you

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: productivity


These 5 Awesome Music Festival Are Worth a Trip to Europe

Highlight the top five music festivals which take place in an exciting​ country, so music lovers can combine the exhilarating festival experience with visiting a fascinating country. Amsterdam Dance Festival (The Netherlands); Iceland Airwaves (Iceland); Roskilde Festival (Danmark); Soundwave Festival (Croatia); Sziget Festival (Hungary)

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: music festival,Europe trip


Dealing with the Dutch ways: Prepare to do These 5 Things in The Office

This article contains practical advice to non-Dutch managers who work in an office in the Netherlands and manage Dutch (and international) workers. Five tips include: Hold long-hour meetings; Schedule meetings way in advance; Get a lunch table and a lot of sprinkles; Brace yourself to direct comments; Respect off-work time

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Dutch office culture