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Laure Justice


Content Marketer and Copywriter

About Me

Laure Justice Is a freelance copywriter and content marketer from Ohio - specializing in writing for websites.

With a widely varied set of interests, she frequently writes about cars and trucks, personal finance, pets, crafts, home care, business issues, remodeling, and health issues.

As a professional writer, with three e-books and several thousand unique pieces of content to her credit, Laure brings writing experience and her enthusiasm for a wide range of topics.

While not an all-inclusive list, some companies Justice has prepared content for include:

During her time as an upholsterer and small business owner, Laure specialized in custom automotive upholstery.

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My Writing Samples

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

This is an article I prepared for BankRate to help make people shopping for liposuction aware of the costs associated with the procedure.


Composting in 5 Easy Steps

This Kudzu article shares information on the eco-friendly practice of composting.


How to Care for an Eastern Fence Lizard

This simple tutorial details how to provide basic care for an Eastern Fence Lizard.


4 Steps to Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

If you want to create special memories this holiday season by driving to visit family instead of flying, do some simple things ahead of time to ensure a smooth ride... Prepping your car before you begin a road trip makes the journey safer, special, and memorable.


Why Social Media Posts Should Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

While fact-based articles are vital parts of a successful content marketing strategy, social media posts also play an important role in an effective digital marketing strategy.


Why Your Business Website Needs a Blog Page

You have a great website and it’s filled with all kinds of facts about your products or services, isn’t that enough? Do you really need a blog page, too?


Tips for Choosing a Copywriter

Have you ever needed website copy but didn’t really know what to skills or abilities to look for in a copywriter? When you’re looking for a copywriter, whether you choose to hire me or look elsewhere to find a writer, there’s more to consider than just the writer’s ability to string words together to make some sentences.


6 Tips for Making Your Professional Nurse LinkedIn Profile Shine

If you're looking for your next nursing job, this is a great time to polish your professional nurse LinkedIn profile. Make sure your profile shares your story and specific information about your career and accomplishments. This gives recruiters a sense of who you are and your capabilities.


What HIPAA Violation Are You Making Regularly as a Nurse?

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and it's crucial for nurses and other medical professionals to avoid a HIPAA violation. HIPAA regulations are quite detailed and complex, and that complexity makes it easy to break the rules without even realizing you're doing it.


4 Ways Nurse Managers and Supervisors Can Make Nurses Week Special

Nurses Week is held each year from May 6 through May 12, and its purpose is to celebrate and lift up the nursing profession. This week is all about commemorating the nurses in your life and on your team, and it's scheduled to end on the 12th in honor of the birthday of a famous nurse from history — Florence Nightingale.


5 Factors to Consider Before Deciding on Your Next Travel Nursing Location

As a travel nurse, you gain the opportunity to explore new travel nursing locations in exciting new places, enjoy unique experiences and meet new people. All these things are exciting and add to your quality of life by creating the chance to see more of the country. In addition to choosing a job in an area of the country that interests you, consider factors like cost of living, local activities and the crime rate that will have an impact on your lifestyle when you get your next job.


7 Things That Might be Hurting Your Nursing Career

As a nurse, you provide nurturing care and support to others, but you might not offer the same degree of attention and devotion to your nursing career. In fact, you might be doing a few things that keep you from advancing in your career in nursing without even realizing it.


Are Your Teeth Bleeding? No, Your Gums Are

When you think you see your teeth bleeding, your gums are the actual source of the problem. Several causes can contribute to your gums bleeding, including a sudden impact when you fall down or your tooth or gums are impacted by an injury.


Coffee Stained Teeth and How to Fix Them

There was a time when coffee lovers had to either accept coffee stained teeth or give up the beverage. Now, thanks to tooth whitening products, you no longer have to choose between enjoying your favorite morning beverage and maintaining a bright smile.


4 Steps to Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

If you want to create special memories this holiday season by driving to visit family instead of flying, do some simple things ahead of time to ensure a smooth ride. First, make sure the car is mechanically ready for a long trip, and then pack a few things in the car so everyone stays comfortable and safe. Prepping your car before you begin a road trip makes the journey safer, special, and memorable.


Car Expenses First-Time Car Buyers Need to Know

There are expected and unexpected car expenses for first time car buyers. Here’s what you need to know.




Company: Crowd Content

I worked there from 4/2016 until now

Writer and Editor

Company: ZenContent

I worked there from /2016 until now

Writer and Concierge

Company: NerdyGirl.co

I worked there from 7/2015 until now


Company: Skyword Inc.

I worked there from 4/2011 until now

Freelance Writer

Company: Laure Justice Copywriting and Blogging Service

I worked there from 8/2009 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Easy and Tasty Ways to Add Fiber to Your Diet

Increasing fiber intake can make it easier to lose weight (because it makes you feel fuller) and it's so easy to increase the amount in your diet without giving up the foods and flavors you enjoy.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: weight loss, nutrition, healthy eating


Review of Sorc'd Basic Membership

This review would cover the experience of using a basic Sorc'd membership for a week. It would detail how much it simplifies my work as a writer, calling out the experience of being able to access snippets from anywhere, using a Library trip and different computer as an example. It would detail the time saved by reviewing digestible bits of information rather than spending hours reading full articles for research. Finally, it would mention my experience with the collective insights of others.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: article research,saving time,time is money,research assistance


Neutral Shades or Bright Colors in the Home, Which Is Better? How About Both?

Add bright and unexpected colors to a room without making a permanent or semi-permanent commitment to the hues. Do this by adding easy-to-change details like curtains, artwork and throw rugs. This lets you enjoy your time in the home without sacrificing your personal style. Then, if you decide to move later, you don't have to repaint to a neutral shade to maximize your home's resale value.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: home resale values,paint,home staging concepts,color scheme


Deck Out Your Toyota Sequoia With Stylish and Practical Accessories

This would introduce the Sequoia in a casual way, mentioning cargo capacity, towing capability, 4WD for offroad fun, seating, and technology like the backup camera and 3-zone climate control. Then, it would go on to mention the featured accessories offered. In addition to mentioning the details, though, I would add an experience for each one. For example, a mention of the cargo liner would be followed by something about how much easier it is to clean if your dog gets muddy and hops in the back.

Content type: Article


Packing a Road Trip Goodie Bag to Keep Kids Entertained

Snacks, gizmos to play with, and reading material for quiet times make a road trip go smoother. Pack some travel-friendly treats and entertainment to keep everyone entertained on long road trips. Non-perishable (and non-messy) snacks help keep everyone from getting cranky from hunger. Browse through this list of easy tips for some fresh ideas of things to include when you're packing your Toyota for your next road trip.

Content type: Blog Post