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Merette Kennedy


Full Time Writer

About Me

Some people look back at their earlier years and say "I was a shy kid." Or "I was really outgoing and silly." I was a reader. My nose always in a book, and when it wasn't, the pen was to the paper. My love for literature is something I consider a trait, like handedness. 

I have a passion for all types of literary genres. Being the writer is a whole other challenge, and I love it. I am writing a book of my own which will be completed by the new year. I also write for an international education company. My articles are geared towards high school students around the world as they prepare the application process for an education abroad. This is a huge passion of mine, as I received my Masters Degree abroad in Ireland. I completed a degree in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies. This course opened up an entirely new world of authors, genres and challenged me in ways I am forever grateful for.

Creative writing, articles, blogs, content etc. I love merely love constructing words and creating something bigger. And I do hope to prove myself to many clients as I delve into life as full time writer. :)

Industries I Write About

International Affairs

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My Writing Samples

Working While Studying Abroad

This piece is aimed at informing international students of the specific regulations regarding their work options in popular study abroad destinations: the US, UK and Canada.


What Makes Ireland a Great Study Destination

As a postgraduate student who attended the University of Limerick, I was able to provide students with an experienced glimpse into student life in Ireland. This article provides information on specific schools and what can be expected from a cultural standpoint.


Writing Your College Essay

A lot of students come forward with struggles regarding their college essay. A lot of pressure surrounds the process. This article is just a brainstorm of ideas to help students through, and relieve some of the stress they may be feeling as they apply to college.



Cafe Manager

Cafe manager oversees the operation of the hospital cafe. Orders all supplies, food and drink products as needed as well as keeping track of annual inventory. Organizing daily cash inflow and weekly cash deposits. Also implements new and healthy ideas and specials to keep our patients happy and healthy. Constant customer support and assists with cafe area in preparation of food, register and keeping the area presentable. As the manager I am responsible for the daily operation of the cafe as a whole while supporting my other staff who focus primarily on food services.

Company: Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

I worked there from 9/2015 until 11/2016


I am assigned 2-3 articles weekly regarding any and all aspects of international education. These pieces are published on the SchoolApply website and geared towards students around the world looking for guidance on the application process and beyond. Having studied abroad myself for my postgraduate degree, this is a topic I am deeply passionate about.

Company: SchoolApply

I worked there from 8/2016 until now

Content I Write