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Victoria Brock B.A


Digital Copywriter & Content Strategist

About Me

Hi! I'm Victoria - business copywriter, storyteller, and mastermind behind Mad March Hare Copy. Chuffed to meet you. 

(If you were looking for someone to protect your intellectual rights, I'd suggest contacting a law firm.)

I'm on a mission to eliminate dull copy from the Internet. Reinvigorate the uninspired, spruce the listless, and put the insipid out of its linguistic misery.

Don't get me wrong. I understand not every company can be Google, GoPro and Mount Gay Rum. You might be in an industry that errs on the side of dry or technical. 

Maybe generating the kind of "ooh" and "aah" content you dream of is tantalisingly out of reach. Maybe you think reading is just for academics in tweed outfits.

Maybe you're just too damn busy doing important things - like running your business.

There's still no need for the kind of vapid, dead inside content that makes customers...

a. fall into a self-induced coma

b. pack up and leave in search of a better life

c. (most importantly) forget all about you and go elsewhere.

Sharp, snappy and memorable content gets lurkers to become prospects, and prospects to become customers. Simple.

In real terms, stellar copy means...

You'll get click results, which means more traffic and more leads. It will be informative, succinct and compelling. It will overcome objections, steer towards conversions and establish brand authority. It shows the world (and Google) that you know your stuff and leads will break down your door to work with you.

Here's what previous clients have said about me...

Having Victoria as a contributor to our blog is an editor’s dream. Victoria’s writing is sharp, personable, and well-written, consistently going above and beyond on the topic at hand. I’m grateful to have Victoria to turn to for quality content!

Sara Frandina, co-head honcho + editor, “One Woman

Victoria writes imaginative content that not only entertains the reader, but teaches them something too. Her content is always high quality, free of errors, and creative – three qualities that are essential to content that engages and retains readers. I recommend her highly for any writing project.

Shannon Willoby, Director of Content Marketing, “Scott’s Marketplace”

Victoria was amazing – she listened to what my company does and what our aim is. She was very helpful and the finished product was better than I could have hoped. Thank you so much – I would highly recommend anyone to work with Victoria if they need help.

Lorna Markillie, Owner at "L & D Training"

Victoria was a pleasure to work with. Her writing style is witty and moreish, and the blog posts she created really hit the target. I’ll be back for more.

Andrew Bull, Founder of "Bright Arts"

We should definitely talk. Contact me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Industries I Write About

Writing & Editing

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Online Publishing

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Marketing & Advertising

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My Writing Samples

5 Brutally Honest Visual Branding Lessons From American Psycho


4 Ways For Introverted Solopreneurs To Safely Reconnect With Humanity

"People-ing" doesn't come naturally to everyone, and being a solopreneur can get very lonely. Learn how to reconnect with your peers safely, enjoyably, and without ruining your whole day.


What Alien Can Teach You About Running a Small Business

Keep calm. Plan ahead. Manage every crisis. Don't get eaten. Just another day in business leadership (or on the Nostromo.)


Unplugging: The Key to Disconnection as a 24/7 Businesswoman

Digital has taken over the world. Its' impossible to run a business without plugging in - but staying glued to it 24/7 isn't healthy, emotionally or physically. Learn how it pushed me to physical harm and how you can manage your business without going mad.


Stratospheric: Make Your Leads Feel On Top Of The World

The cost of losing customer​ trust and business is eye-watering. So how do you retain them and keep them happy without breaking the bank or selling your soul?


Treat Content Like Your P.E.T.S: 4 Steps to Personal, Trust-Building Copy

Personality, engagement, tailoring and simplification - the four pillars of personal​, unforgettable content that your customers will adore.


How To Attract Quality Investors To Your StartUp

Investors! Sounds complicated. Nail attracting quality, focused investors to your Start Up with this in-depth, comprehensive guide.


5 Reasons To Ditch Diversification And Specialise Your StartUp

Diversification is a compelling business model. Having lots of products means you've got fingers in lots of pies. But specialising in just one thing allowed Google, Dyson and GoPro to rule their industries. Learn​ how to employ focus in your business and rise above the competition.




Mad March Hare Copy was founded to spread copy you go mad for. No more limp, bedraggled, insipid content. No fluff. No jargon. Just copy brimming with verve, flair, kick and – critically – the human touch.

Company: Mad March Hare Copy

I worked there from 1/2016 until now


Before I wrote for clients, I wrote for crowds. Journalism is an exercise​ in getting to the point like nothing else. It was great. But, by nature, news is dry. I needed to spread my creative, inky wings. So I started my own company.

Company: Argus, Western Morning News, Plymouth Herald

I worked there from 9/2015 until 2/2016

Beauty Consultant

Way back when, I decided waiting tables as a student was overrated and walked straight into John Lewis to do something more fun. I worked the Southampton flagship store for just over a year making people look awesome and crushing sales targets. Is it applicable to my writing career? Yes. Make-up isn't for everyone, but I approach it as an art form. It's visual, it's tactile, it's evocative and personal. It's also a great way of topping up your descriptive skills. Somewhere between luxe and naked, and smoked while staying clean? Gotcha.

Company: Benefit Cosmetics

I worked there from 9/2014 until 10/2015

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Golden Rules For Getting Guest Posts

A quality post with six scannable subheads covering how to get guest post opportunities from beginning to end. It'll cover topics such as compliments vs creepy, saving the figurative date, why calling someone "sir" is like pitching a science whitepaper for a kid's book and Golden Google. There's tons of content out there about how to write guest posts, but getting them is another story.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: content, marketing, how, to, guest, posts


X Tricks That Will Transform Your Website's User Experience

Your website is your front line. Your 24/7 receptionist and salesperson. On a good day, they’ll usher in great prospects and turn them into conversions in a snap. On a bad, outdated, neglected day, prospects will backtrack as quick as they can. If you need a website overhaul but don’t have the budget/time/willpower to totally redesign, here are X easy changes you can use to turn your website user experience from zero to hero. We're talking white space, differentiation, lag, bullets and more.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: b2b, b2c, user, experience, web, websites, how, to, design, navigation, ux, technology, lead, generation, conversions


WTF Is Omnichannel Marketing And How Do I Nail It?

Let's face it: if you want to be a successful marketer, you need to nail your multi-tasking skills. That's all omnichannel marketing is, but don't be fooled by the simple definition. Omnichannel marketing is EVERYTHING and ensuring your customers get a consistent, high-quality experience no matter where they are is a mammoth task. In this piece, I'll cover WTF omnichannel marketing is, a few examples of brands getting it right, and how to leverage their successes for your own company.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: online, digital, marketing, omnichannel, how, to, channels, seamless, integrated, consistent


Battle of the Websites: Responsive vs. Adaptive Design

Responsive design is the big hitter that everyone knows about, and it works for most people. But there's another option in adaptive design, and they're both pretty different in the what, how and why. Do you want your website to snap into place or bend and flex smoothly? Are you aiming for one particular platform or do you need to be able to respond to everything? What's your budget? What's the load speed? In this piece I'll cover all those questions and make suggestions based on brand goals.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: digital, website, ux, user experience, responsive, adaptive, design, what


Outsourcing Writers: Finding Quality in an Internationally Saturated Market

Let's face facts. Anyone with a keyboard and an Internet connection can be a writer - including me. This means it's not uncommon to get thousands of responses to a single job ad. How are you supposed to sift through the deluge and find someone who can deliver results? This piece will cover a ton of advice for before posting the ad, writing​ it, and reviewing the applicants, as well as some insider truths about the industry.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: lead, generation, inbound, marketing, traffic, freelance, writers, copywriters, outsourced


5 Easy Ways To Dramatically Boost Your B2B Website's Lead Generation

B2B is sometimes tricky. You're so engrossed in your brand and so enamoured of your product that you pull together a website that seems perfect - until it's pulling in zero leads. Industry jargon, poor UX and unfocused copy can kill prospects. If they don't get it, they're clicking off. Here's 5 simple changes to drastically boost your website's conversion rate - it even covers free tools to get the job done.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: b2b, website, lead, generation, conversion, rate, how, to, UX, user, experience, navigation


How To Leverage Data To Cut Churn And Gain Customer Loyalty

No one wants a churner. A customer that signs up for the free trial, then skedaddles when the 30 days are up. How can you analyse and measure a customer's activity - and core personality - to retain them long term? The answer - both short and long term marketing tactics, customer segments, interactive surveys and number crunching. After all, it's far cheaper to keep a customer than get a new one. Get the data, understand it, and leverage it effectively, and you're flying.

Content type: Blog Post


Paradox: Writer's Can't Talk And Salespeople Can't Write

It's an old trope but an accurate one - writers can weave stories worthy of Shakespeare on paper but their mouths dry up for verbal pitches. Salespeople can sell ice to eskimos, but put a pen in their hand and what you get is jumbled illegibility. There must be a way of utilising these two core skills and getting marketing and sales to not only talk to each other, but improve each other.

Content type: Blog Post


Worth It: Is Making Your Retail Customer Journey Too Easy Devaluing You?

Is making the customer journey easier, in retail, actually a good thing? Obviously yes, in terms of basic UX - but when a customer works for a purchase, such as assembling it themselves or undertaking a competition, they value it more. Interacting with reveal marketing and making them work a little - but not a lot - makes the product more valuable to them. It's classic IKEA effect. But make it too easy to ghost through the purchase process and they might zone out.

Content type: Blog Post