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Karen Smith


Freelance Writer & Editor

About Me

With my 25 years of writing and editing experience acquired through positions in marketing and administrative management, you can be assured of professional communication, thorough attention to detail, and prompt and courteous service. Project experience includes proposals, manuals, marketing materials, email campaigns, press releases, manuscripts, and event programs. Recent projects include writing the first installment of a serial romance for Rachel Powers (published in April 2016), editing books and screenplays, editing and contributing content to a strategic plan for the Chord Group, editing a financial paper for Laurent Koch, and writing a sponsorship proposal for an eastern New York street festival, and so forth. I also write and publish fiction under the pseudonym of Holly Bargo. Years of project management have taught me that coordination and completion of projects need not be complicated, just rigorously managed. Additional skills include event planning and meeting management, quantitative data analysis, and light graphic design primarily for documents (brochures, programs, magazines, etc.). Contact me for projects and/or to request proposals: Fiverr (https://www.fiverr.com/poplarflatsfarm) Outsource (https://outsource.com/freelancer/Writing-Translation/118376/0)

Industries I Write About


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Alternative Medicine

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Events Services

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Online Publishing

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Writing & Editing

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Management Consulting

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Business Supplies & Equipment

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Market Research

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Nonprofit Organization Management

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My Writing Samples

50 Shades of Gray on the Moral Spectrum

This is the uncut version of the article published on the Red Sun Magazine website in July 2016.


The Hidden Thorn

This is the whole short story published in three installments in Red Dwarf newsletter, August, October, and December 2016.


Underemployment: A Middle-Aged Perspective

This article was published by The Underemployed Life in October 2016.


Blog Articles: The Heggen Group

I ghostwrite the blog articles for management and business process consultant Jayne Heggen.


The Silverstrom Group Makes Your Smile Great Again

I wrote the Expert Profile article for the September 2016 issue of Vicinity Magazine.


Amazon Author Page: Holly Bargo

Since 2014, I have published 12 fiction books under the pseudonym of Holly Bargo.


Birth of a Superhero

I am the ghostwriter for author Michelle Nold's motivational self-help book published in November 2016.


Black of Heart: Part I

I am the ghostwriter for Rachel Powers' paranormal romance serial, published in April 2016.


Blog Articles: Denver Website Design

From March through May, 2016, I was subcontracted to write blog articles for Denver Website Design and their clients: Premier Limousine, Altitude Dispensary, Big Creek Roofing, Attorney Mark A. Simon, NuBilt, T&G Hardwood Flooring, American Arbor Care, Cherry Creek Wellness Center, and more.



Freelance Writer & Editor

I have over 25 years of business writing experience, primarily acquired in marketing and administrative management roles with private sector and nonprofit organizations. My project experience encompasses proposals, newsletters, blogs, white papers, website copy, email campaigns, and more. My ghostwriting projects include both fiction and nonfiction. I am a member of the International Association of Professional Writers & Editors and a published author.

Company: Hen House Publishing

I worked there from 12/2015 until now

Editor - Fantasy

I read and evaluate story submissions for publication, then edit accepted stories for clarity, grammar, and flow.

Company: Red Sun Magazine

I worked there from 6/2016 until now

Quality Assurance

I reviewed and edited contact records for B2B leads.

Company: Acadia Lead Management Services

I worked there from 4/2016 until 10/2017

Managing Editor

I manage a small staff of writers, identify and assign topics for issues, edit content, write content, source images, and design each monthly issue of this newsletter circulated to 50 million subscribers.

Company: World Library Foundation Newsletter

I worked there from 2/2017 until now

Managing Editor

I write and edit content for The Hopper, a bimonthly newsletter published by the North American Power Sweeping Association.

Company: North American Power Sweeping Association

I worked there from 2/2017 until now


I edit contributed content for The Installer, a bimonthly newsletter produced for the Wallcovering Installers Association, formerly the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers.

Company: Wallcovering Installers Association

I worked there from 1/2018 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Blog Editing

I have over 25 years of business writing and professional editing experience that encompasses newsletters, proposals, brochures, blogs, and other business documents and marketing materials. Your profile shows you are seeking someone to edit your blogs. My editing service goes beyond proofreading: I will strengthen the writing, identify flaws, and suggest improvements to enhance reader engagement and comprehension. My rate is $25 per 1,000 words.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: business writer,business editor,blogs,articles,newsletters,content editor,proofreading


Kitchen Preferences in Celebrity Renovation Shows

From This Old House to Holmes on Homes to Fixer Upper, home remodeling shows have become popular entertainment. Nearly every home renovation project includes the kitchen. What appliances and products do these celebrity contractors install in their publicized renovation projects and why?

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: home remodeling shows,kitchen equipment


Bad Bosses Don't Care

Job satisfaction statistics don't support the huge rise in media awareness regarding toxic workplaces and "bad bosses." The advice offered to suffering workers in such articles directly conflicts with employment reality. This leads to the conclusions that the articles aren't be read by the people who need to read them or that the managers who read them don't care about their workers. It's time for an article that correlates such information with workplace reality.

Content type: Blog Post


Journeys Paved with Tears

Periodic attempts to subdue, relocate, and conquer often take the form of forced marches. The U.S. government relocated indigenous tribes to reservations to confiscate their lands. The modern country of Israel arose from the displacement of the Palestinians whom neighboring Arabic countries declined to allow within their borders. The Bosnian War resulted in the forced relocation of people from their homes in what was then called "ethnic cleansing." WWII had the Bataan Death March.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: WWII,World War II,Bataan Death March,Cultural Displacement,Forced Relocation


Experience vs. Potential

Every business and every applicant engages in the struggle between experience and potential. Businesses want an 18-year-old with an MBA and 10 years of experience who will work for minimum wage. Recent graduates and young professionals seek businesses that will recognize their potential and give them the opportunity to prove themselves. Older, experienced workers want to be valued for their hard-won expertise. Which is best? Is there a best decision?

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: hiring practices,talent management,age discrimination,millennials,GenX,human resources


The Customer Is Not Always Right

Since the 1970s, "the customer is always right" mantra has served consumers and proved a disservice to customer-facing retail sales staff. Marketing gurus tout the Voice of the Customer as one of the best methods for discerning market opportunities. But what if the customers are wrong? What implications does that have for businesses that forge ahead with products or services that go against customer opinion or that customers don't yet know they need?

Content type: Article

Keywords: Voice of the Customer,market share,innovation


Ditching a difficult client

No matter the business, everyone encounters and works with a difficult client who changes direction, demands free service in excess of the agreement, and otherwise makes himself a pain in the neck. You may have begun the working relationship with high expectations, but now you resent everything having to do with that client. In order to save your peace of mind and pocketbook, it's important to know how to gracefully terminate a contract. (approx. 1,000 words)

Content type: Article


Rectifying a bad design trend: The open office plan

Science has debunked the supposed advantages of an open office plan. However, many companies with open office floor plans lack the budget to install walls. What can they do to ameliorate the problems and restore employee productivity in lieu of relocating and rebuilding?

Content type: Blog Post


Great employees are farm fresh

Farm kids often encounter corporate prejudice, being judged as unsophisticated due their rural backgrounds. However, anyone hiring a young person who grew up on a farm brings valuable traits to the corporate table: a strong work ethic, a sense of responsibility, and resourcefulness. (500 - 700 words)

Content type: Blog Post


Is video marketing for you?

This document will touch upon the concept of digital video marketing, then explore reasons for embarking upon this practice, and finally go into brief stories of some people who have done so. The stories will record their insights and lessons learned. The content will also include cited, authoritative quotations and links to source materials.

Content type: Whitepaper

Keywords: video marketing,lessons learned,reasons to promote via video


Content Available for Purchase

Business today values specialization to its own detriment. Specialization misses the insight afforded by those outside the confines of the topic. Nowhere is that more obvious or evident that in written content.

Ideally, each team member contributes an equal amount to a project; however, that's not reality. In actuality, a team operates more like an equine hitch with the team as a whole capitalizing on each member's separate role and capabilities.