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Kim Auker


Writer at Freelance Copy Consulting

About Me

Writing is my hobby turned passion. Conversational and humorous writing is my favorite. Using these styles for writing blog articles and product descriptions is at the top of my list of "fun things to do.". 

While I was in college I discovered fiction writing was a blast. How else can you rule over a world that you create? I have two daughters, I need to find control where I can get it.

My writing experience is pretty wide. From writing a 6-week instructional course, which I also taught, to publishing a children's book. "Professor Panda and the Punctuation Station, an Apostrophe Catastrophe." 

Eventually I will narrow my writing field, but for now I'm open to trying new niches. Learning is my second favorite.

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My Writing Samples

Writing Samples: Ad Copy, Tourism Ad, Press Release

This site requires a link, currently I'm working on my website so I don't have a link other than Upwork (from which I don't take offers). However, it serves its purpose in holding my samples. Feel free to contact me for other copy/content work.




Company: Freelance Copy Consulting

I worked there from 11/2012 until now

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