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Dawna Roberts


Owner/Senior Developer at Wireframe Media

About Me

I have years of writing experience, but I have also worked in web development, finance, and marketing. I have a tremendous amount of experience writing blogs, web, and marketing copy, social media promotion, and strong SEO skills. Writing and storytelling are my passions, and I enjoy crafting well-written, compelling content. I am an expert researcher and have a gift for finding just the right sources for information on any topic. My work is very versatile, and I have written for non-profits in the healthcare sector, legal clients, high-tech, sales, and marketing as well as many others. My writing has an energy and passion to it, which is felt by the reader and I can write on any subject, in any voice and convey a powerful message. You can review my personal portfolio site here: http://dawnamroberts.com

Industries I Write About

Alternative Medicine

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Computer & Network Security

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Computer Software

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Computer Hardware

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Information Technology & Services

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My Writing Samples

More Positive Outcomes

Inspirational blog articles to help people.


Legal Guides for the Public

I write dozens of articles for this company out of Boston.


Families For Depression Awareness

I have written a brochure and three blog articles for this company.


Marketing Blog

I wrote quite a few blog articles for this marketing company.


Tech Articles

I write all the technical news blogs for Actiontec.


Marketing Guide for B2B

This blog is to help small businesses market their offerings.



Professional Writer/Marketing Expert

Use my professional writing skills to help companies achieve marketing goals, through brand development, marketing campaigns (e-blasts and web services), SEO work and content development.

Company: Wireframe Media

I worked there from 4/2000 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

What Does it Feel Like to “Not Worry” About Your Server?

Lighthearted look at all the things an IT professional can be doing instead of worrying whether or not the server is up or being hacked (skiing, hiking, enjoying family time etc.).

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: TruePath Technologies, IT Professionals, Server Monitoring Software


Is There a Peeping Tom Watching You?

A blog article on security cameras and their vulnerabilities and how to properly secure them so outsiders do not gain access and have the ability to spy on you in your own home/business. The article could list brands and rate them for security as well and tie in the use of Pwnie's products to detect or protect against these issues.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: wireless security,hack your network,device vulnerability