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Brian W. Wu, PhD


MD Student, Founder Health Stories For Kids, Owner of Awesome Writer, Freelance Writer, Editor, and Advisor

About Me

I'm always looking to make my next big idea a reality and looking to help others with their ideas. I currently hold a PhD and I'm a MD candidate in Integrative Biology and Disease at the University of Southern California performing exercise physiology research. I have extensive experience in research, writing and editing in the medical area. I am an author on multiple scientific papers and in the process of submitting more. My specialties are: Writing, Academic Writing, Research, Clinical Trials, Advising, Presentations/Speaking, Editing, and Dreaming Big As part of my achievements, I am first author on 2 oral presentations at national conferences, Experimental Biology and American College of Sports Medicine, and published over 5 poster presentations including USC/Caltech and American Physician Scientist Association along with 11 publications and more in preparation and submission. Networking is always welcome. I am looking for a freelance writing or editing positions where I can implement my expertise, knowledge and skills. I currently work with SwimUniversity, LA Times, Studentdoctor.net, Healthline, MedSchoolCoach, and Wolters Kluwers. Feel free to contact me at: www.brianwwu.com facebook.com/brianwlwu hello @ brianwwu.com

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Find writers and ideas in this industry


Find writers and ideas in this industry

My Writing Samples

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting an IUD

Choosing a method of birth control is a big decision. The more you know about different methods, the more likely you are to choose one that is right for you.


Diet Tips for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in the knee. The condition damages cartilage, the tissue that acts as a cushion at the ends of bones within joints. This damage causes pain and mobility problems in the joint.


Free Alveolar Gas Tutor App helps with understanding ventilators and arterial blood gases

We recently reviewed a Pediatric fluid calculator app, Rx Pediatric Dehydration. Our physician editor, Dr. Doug Maurer, came away impressed. The same team has now launched another medical app, called Alveolar Gas Tutor app — that helps with ventilator management and critical care medicine.


How Setting Up an EHR System Can Save You Money

According to Healthcare IT News, electronic health records (EHRs) are becoming more ingrained in American clinical practice. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT says that, as of 2015, around 83 percent of doctors across the country have adopted EHR systems.




In 2016, Brian Wu joined the team as the new owner. Aside from having a PhD, he has been writing for the likes of the LA Times, the Motley Fool, LifeHack, Healthline, and a host of other top publications. He leads an “awesome” team of writers, editors and designers to help small and large businesses with their marketing projects.

Company: Awesome Writer

I worked there from 4/2016 until now


I believe in the power of stories. When creating the Health Stories for Kids, my objective was—and still is—to help children understand the medical conditions they acquire, so that they can take good care of themselves and live a happy healthy life. HSFK was a semifinalist on the New Venture Seed Competition 2016 -- nvsc2016.startupcompete.co Please visit HealthStoriesForKids.com for further information.

Company: Health Stories for Kids

I worked there from 1/2014 until now

Content Manager, Writer

Create content and manage the online content for http://www.swimuniversity.com/

Company: Swimuniversity

I worked there from 8/2014 until now

Freelance Writer

Pitch and create content for the Mind & Body vertical

Company: Los Angeles Times

I worked there from 12/2014 until now

Medical Writer

Perform medical and technical writing on dermatology topics

Company: Dermnet

I worked there from 1/2015 until now

Editorial Review Board

I have edited and proofread textbooks and material as student ambassador in LEARN (Lippincott Editorial AMSA Reviewer Network) Program.

Company: Wolters Kluwer

I worked there from 5/2014 until now

Co-Director MD/PhD, Advisor

I am the co-director of the MD/Ph.D. advising program. Additionally, I helped broker the partnership between AMSA and MedSchoolCoach, offering benefits to both groups. I have also co-authored our guide to the interview and help run webinars and additional programs. If you're interested in receiving advise, please feel free to write to bwu@medschoolcoach.com

Company: MedSchoolCoach

I worked there from 6/2012 until now

Freelance Writer

Pitch and writer topics on health, relationships, fitness, diet, and nutrition. 4557 influence, 12 posts. Over 3000 shares. http://www.lifehack.org/author/brian-wu

Company: Lifehack.org

I worked there from 6/2014 until now

Health Writer and Editor

Create medically sound and informative articles or edit them to the same quality

Company: Healthline Networks, Inc.

I worked there from 6/2015 until now

Health Writer

Create useful and fun content for medical professionals

Company: Student Doctor Network

I worked there from 6/2014 until now

Freelance Writer, Analyst, and Video Creator

Produce content, video and written, on stock and market analysis

Company: Amigobulls Inc

I worked there from 5/2015 until now


• Kay Jeweler's Actor • MoMo Print, http://www.momo.us.com/ • Chris Lake- Stand Alone Music Video, http://youtu.be/u1c8WnOk2s0 • Hangover 3 Extra • Wally Lopez w/ jasmine v music video • Fiat Diddy commercial background • Lincoln print • The King's Rook background

Company: Sherri Lynn Talent Management

I worked there from 1/2012 until now

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