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Melanie LoBue


Content Creator & Marketer

About Me

I am a freelance writer, editor, and digital marketing consultant living in Boston who also works full-time as Director of Digital Content Marketing for a global tech company. 

Bringing over 20 years of professional creative experience to my craft, I help businesses grow using the power of words.

When not creating content that packs a punch, I may be found singing dive bar karaoke, watching reruns of Star Trek, and practicing to be a better yogi. Please visit my website or LinkedIn page for more info.

Industries I Write About

Information Technology & Services

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Marketing & Advertising

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Real Estate

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Consumer Services

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Online Publishing

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Computer Software

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Executive Office

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Staffing & Recruiting

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Renewables & Environment

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My Writing Samples

How Many Emails Should You Be Sending Your Customers?

Seven? Maybe only five… or how about… ummm zero? Per week, month, quarter???


Clever Ways to Network and Drive Traffic to Your Website

It’s a simple formula: The more website traffic your business has, the more likely you are to make a sale.


Airbnb, Uber -- Now: The Rise of Online Lending

We can (and should) talk about passion, leadership, and full-stack/content/social marketing, but at the end of the day (and Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful would concur), cash is king.


Your Ultimate Guide to Social Media Post Ideas Part 2

Did video kill the copywriting star?!


Get Yourself a Professional Email, Already!

One of the key differentiators between an amatuer and a professional business owner, is their email address. While this may not be fair, it’s true.



Content & Social Media Engagement Manager

Manage social media plus content creation, strategy and implementation for Endurance International Group & many of its brands. This includes: content development and management, social media engagement and listening, project management, influencer strategy, analytics reporting, CRM, email marketing, design, copywriting, editing, leading focus groups, and whatever else needs to get done.

Company: Endurance International Group

I worked there from 8/2014 until now

Digital Marketing Project Lead

Work in a consultant capacity for a variety of small- to global-sized companies where I manage dedicated teams in website development, marketing, and search optimization. I specialize in social media outreach, content creation and execution. ECi Software Solutions, Endurance International Group/Constant Contact, Coldwell Banker, Service Inbound, Pixere, Tufts University, Octed, The Service Coach, Kanak Naturals

Company: LoBue Communications

I worked there from 9/2009 until now

Content & Social Media Strategist

Create and manage digital content and social media strategies and assets that align with product launches, seasonal sales cycles, and audience demands.

Company: Citizens Bank

I worked there from 5/2017 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Why I Hired Freelancer Writers (When I Wanted To Do All the Work Myself)

This is a first-person narrative about my personal experience as a content manager at a global tech company. I wanted to do all of the writing myself and get executives to write but found that hiring freelance writers was best. This post will explore each reason in depth with pics & stats: 1. It's less expensive (I'll provide specific budget info) 2. More creative pitches from multiple people & perspectives 3. Access to industry experts 3. More efficient/saves time 4. Increase influencer network

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: content marketing,freelance writing


Avoid These Common Data Collection Errors (and Make the Right Decision)

This post will discuss the data collection pitfalls to avoid and will include stats, examples, and images that support its arguments. Topics that will be addressed: beware duplication, outdated data, misleading visualizations, confusing naming standards, inappropriate time frames.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: analytics,metrics,measurement


How to Write a (Really Great) Cover Letter

This post will take readers through the overall importance of a cover letter and will dissect it paragraph-by-paragraph, providing a simple template anyone can follow. Strategies include: follow application directions, match cover letter to resume format, plus tips for what growth numbers, verbs, and language to use to help you land the interview.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: cover letter,job search,hiring,interviewing


5 Ted Talks to Watch for Career Inspiration

This post will share five (or more) Ted Talks that aim to inspire career changers and job seekers. It will include a review of each that includes speaker background and links, plus a teaser and key takeaways from each video.

Content type: Blog Post


The Case for More Diverse Teams

Sure, diversity sounds good, but what are the real-world applications and bottom-line benefits of hiring and working with diverse teams? This post will use stats, images, and specific examples that discuss benefits like: improved innovation, less "groupthink," and greater revenue.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: diversity,analytics,hiring,retaining talent,leadership


How to Get the Most from the Buy and Sell Side

For the Analytics Campaign: This post will explore how predictive analytics work to inform pricing and timing that optimizes buy and and sell side data, opportunity, and ultimately, revenue. This will start by breaking down the difference between buy and sell side and wrap up with how the two, when in sync with quality data, complement each other.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Saas,buy side,sell side,e-waste,sustainability,corporate social responsibility,mobile


Part 2: Top Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

Pitch #2 in a series for Quora, this post will focus on using analytics and setting objectives. In other words, stop guessing! Set goals and KPIs, use specific tools to know your audience, (Google Analytics, social media insights, create personas), and finally promotion (it's not necessary to be everywhere at once; focus on where your audience needs you to be).

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Google analytics,KPI,social media,content marketing,audience personas


Post 3: Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2018

Part 3 in a series, this post will primarily focus on tools that marketers can use to help them avoid errors and be more productive without breaking the bank. These include: nDash (obvioulsy), but also BuzzSummo, Grammerly, Content Marketing Institute templates, Feedly, Social Media Examiner, Moz).

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: content marketing,digital marketing


Website Copy Examples

Hi Thrive Hive! Thought it would be best to include links to sites for which I wrote and edited most of the copy. Please connect with questions! https://www.endurance.com/ https://www.reputationinstitute.com/ https://3mountainsplumbing.com/ Best, Melanie LoBue 617-717-8200

Content type: Blog Post


Avoid These Words to Get the Job

You may be a seasoned director or manager, but if you're using these words/phrases, you're likely holding yourself back from crushing the interview or getting promoted. Skip the ummms, uhhhhs, "I feel likes," and learn to be more decisive. This post will speak to what not to do (and back it up with stats), but will also suggest words and phrases that work to help people advance in their careers.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: resume,career growth,interviewing,hiring


Are You Afraid of Marketing AI? Don't Be!

This post will explore why marketers, in particular, tend to fear AI and will then break down these myths explaining how AI enhances productivity, accuracy, and efficiency that results in greater revenue. Stats to be included to back up ideas. The ultimate message is for marketers to embrace AI as part of their daily strategy.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: AI,marketing,automation


5 Apps to Give Your Freelance Writing Game a Boost

This post will include a list of immediately actionable resources to ramp up any freelance writer's productivity. It will include an explanation of why each resource is so useful and how to get it. Resources will include: Hemingway, Grammarly, Just Not Sorry, Writefull, BuzzSumo.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Freelance Writing,Content Marketing,Writers Resources