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Ljubinko Zivkovic


freelance translator and copywriter

About Me

Although I started working as a freelance copywriter at the beginning of 2016, I have had extensive journalistic experience of eight years, editing and publishing a newsletter dedicated to independent press in former Yugoslavia during the wars of the Nineties. The other part of my journalistic career was devoted to writing about music. Also, during my diplomatic career, I have had extensive of writing press releases of political and economic nature. I have also had experience as a researcher, writing a detailed report on the situation in the Balkans after the wars (the project lasted almost two years).

Industries I Write About

Broadcast Media

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International Affairs

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My Writing Samples

Back to Balkan Spy Affairs

Analytical article on Balkan politics.


Timothy Nelson - Will Fly Far

A recent music blog post.


What Is The Difference Between Bitcoin and Ethereum?

A brief beginner's guide in distinguishing between two largest cryptocurrencies.


The Migrant Crisis in Europe: What Will 2018 Bring?

An analysis of the current status of the migrant crisis in Europe, with the accent on economic and political aspects/


China and the Balkans: Exploring the Relationship

The article considers all the aspects of China's economic and political investments in The Balkans.



A feature text that examines the resurgence of reissue record labels.



Freelance Copywriter

Company: - Freelance

I worked there from 1/2016 until now


Translating, preparing a variety of documents from letters and press releases to legal documents and judgements.

Company: United Nations War Crimes Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia

I worked there from 9/1996 until 6/2015


Digesting, translating, editing and publishing a newsletter consisting of articles from the independent press from former Yugoslavia.

Company: "Balkan Media & Policy Monitor

I worked there from 5/1994 until 8/1996


A thorough diplomatic career, dealing with all political, economic, informational and other aspects of international relations, with jobs in Washington DC, The Cabinet of the Minister and The Hague.

Company: Federal Secretariat for Foreign Affairs

I worked there from 9/1978 until 7/1993


music journalist (paid), during and after graduating from the university.

Company: The Jukebox, and The Rhythm

I worked there from 9/1973 until 8/1978

Languages I Write In

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Former musicians who turned to fine art and delivered quality

Quite a number of known musicians like Bob Dylan and Miles Davies have also applied their talents to visual arts. Two of them, guitarist/composer John Fahey and singer/bandleader Don Van Vliet have left their musical careers to devote themselves to visual art with considerable success. The blog post would present them and their work to wider fine arts audience.

Content type: Blog Post


How to seamlessly integrate SEO keywords into online writing

Integrating SEO keywords into text published on company sites has become a hot subject, so much so that even the potential customers are now able to recognize when the texts they encounter on certain sites becomes practically unreadable. It usually results in them simply leaving the site. The goal of the blog post would be to present ideas of how to integrate keywords and at the same time make online texts easy and fun to read.

Content type: Blog Post


Translating Documents for International Organizations

International organizations like the UN, require translations of a wide range of documents that requires the use of terminology that is at the same time subject specific, but also understandable to an audience that is often not comprised of native English speakers. On the other, hand, the same requirements apply to translations from English into any other required language. The article would be based on 19 years of translating experience for the UN.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: translation,UN