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John Ross


Technical Writer and Editor, Business Process Specialist

About Me

I work as an independent technical writer, editor, and owner of "The Soaring Scribe Productions" and as a Business Process Specialist for Sunflower Electric Power Corporation. My emphasis in writing includes strategic risk management, compliance, industrial technologies, electronic devices, computers and networks, and telecommunications technologies. My work includes books, manuals, articles, white papers, and blogs for national and international clients. In addition, I teach English Composition 101, English Composition 102, and Political Science in the virtual environment. My work as a Business Process Specialist covers strategy mapping, process workflows within the energy utility industry, application of the Balanced Scorecard approach, the use of metrics and key performance indicators, and technical documentation. During July 2014, I concluded 25 years of service to Fort Hays State University. Within that service to the institution, I worked in a variety of progressively complex upper administrative positions and led several large-scale projects. I also provided leadership for twelve different higher education accreditation teams through the Higher Learning Commission. My educational background includes a Master of Science Degree in Political Science with an emphasis on Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. I have an extensive background in electronics theory and an Associates Degree in Electronics from Devry. I have also completed the MIT OpenCourseWare Energy courses that cover power transmission systems, alternative energy systems, and energy market policy and regulation.

Industries I Write About


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Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

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Consumer Electronics

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Industrial Automation

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Information Technology & Services

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My Writing Samples

PCB Design and CAD Software

"PCB Design and CAD Software" discusses the use of design rules in the PCB design process.


Using 360-Degree Cameras to Boost Productivity

This article discusses the use of 360-degree cameras in the construction industry.


DDR3 Memory Interfaces and Topologies in PCB Design

This article discusses the impact of DDR3 memory interfaces on PCB design.


Transforming the Electrical Power Industry with Predictive Analytics

This article discusses the impact of the Internet of Things and predictive analytics on the maintenance operations of electric utilities.



Technical Writer and Editor

I have authored books, articles, white papers, blogs, and content for online texts and courses. Much of my past work focused on technologies from the component level of electronics to the systems level. My recent work includes articles about industrial technology topics, case studies, white papers about the impact of strategic risk management on people and policies, a white paper about the implementation of predictive analytics for an energy utility company, an internal audit manual, and a software users guide. I also provided expertise as a senior editor on the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise re-branding project for Cohesion, Inc.

Company: self-employed

I worked there from 12/1999 until now

Adjunct Faculty - English Department

Instructor for virtual English Composition 101 and English Composition 102 Students include traditional university age learners and adult learners Student demographics include domestic and international learners

Company: Fort Hays State University

I worked there from 8/2005 until now

Business Process Specialist

I work as a member of the Strategic Projects Group and contribute to the Corporation's ICARE2020 strategy with review and suggestions for objectives, objective measures, initiatives, and prioritization. Within this interaction, I have the opportunity to interact closely with the Executive Team and with the Palladium Group. In addition, I provide expertise for business process analysis and participate as a member of the Change Management and Resource Management Teams. I also provide writing and research skills as I attempt to align corporate policies and procedures with the APQC process framework. One of my projects involves the use of the balanced scorecard concept and the cascading of the balanced scorecard approach throughout the corporation. The work with the balanced scorecard has also allowed me to focus on short- and long-term key process indicators. While assisting with the implementation of the Sunflower strategy, I also assist the External Communication group with strategic communication.

Company: Sunflower Electric Power Corporation

I worked there from 7/2015 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Learning About LEDs

Consumers have quickly learned that the transition from incandescent lighting to LED lighting yields many different benefits. Aside from energy savings, the operating life of LED bulbs has caught everyone's attention. Now that LED bulbs have become part of the conversation, consumers want to understand why "lumens" have become important and why knowing about "color temperature" can lead to wise purchase decisions.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: LED, consumer, bulbs, lighting


Working Title: LED Fixtures

Thank you for your very quick response! I apologize for not following my own best practice and checking the XtraLight product line. The topics and length of articles look good. I'll start on the first title this weekend and hope to have at least two ready for your review next week. Are consumers the audience or should I write from a more technical perspective?

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: LED fixtures, lighting technologies


Industrial Technology Blogs

I have experience writing articles and case studies about industrial technologies such as pumps, motors, bearings, and safety for Motion Industries and Plasson. My case studies have covered wastewater systems as well as different types of pipe and fittings used in those systems. If possible, I would like to work with you to develop blog topics. In terms of fees, I typically charge $75 for a 300-word blog. The cost for longer articles or studies increases according to word count.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: industrial technologies, motors, pumps, semiconductors, circuits, bearings,


Selecting the Correct Proportional Valve

Selecting the correct valve for an application provides better control over the valve and the process. The selection of a proportional valve depends on the application and the type of media delivered throughout the system. Static applications have a set point of desired pressure or flow that remains fixed and does not require the repeated opening and closing of the valve. With a dynamic operation, the set point changes frequently and the valve continuously opens and closes.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: valves


Learning About Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics utilizes a combination of historical data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning to identify the probability of future outcomes. With this approach to applying business intelligence and business process management, an organization uses historical data to understand why events occurred and to prepare for the next occurrence of the event. Applying analytics describes meaningful patterns. Analyzing the patterns provides insight into patterns that could shape strategy.

Content type: Article

Keywords: Information technologies, predictive analytics, Internet of Things, sensors


Deluge Valve Operation

Fire protection systems and special hazard systems require the delivery large amounts of water within minutes. A deluge system remains empty until some type of detection system causes the deluge valve to open and allow water to flow throughout the system. Releasing the large volume of water allows sprinklers or spray nozzles to simultaneously discharge. Deluge valves consist of quick opening differential diaphragm valve that has an inlet chamber, atmospheric chamber, and priming chamber.

Content type: Article