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Dawna Jarvis


Owner at Aesop's Marketing and Glass Artist

About Me

Content Writer and Strategists with proven results in developing internal and external campaigns using content marketing, social media, e-newsletters, video, SEO and SEM. Build consensus among senior leaders, executives and across complex organizations to develop a cohesive strategic plan for digital content marketing initiatives. Education includes Bachelor of Arts Journalism from Texas Tech University. Industry Experience: healthcare, insurance, higher education and entertainment. • Content marketing transformation • SEO management • Social media management • Digital advertising campaigns using SEM, retargeting, video and digital media

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Symbolism in a Dragonfly

Often I would see dragonflies flitting about the lilies. Their movement always astounded me because they could hover in mid-air and then quickly dart in any direction. They were like tiny ballet dancers leaping and twirling in their outdoor stage. To my great enthusiasm, I began to see the most vibrant red dragonflies and each time I was in the kitchen I would peek out the window hoping I would see one perched on my lilies. They weren't great in numbers, but they were great in my appreciation of their color.


Dealing with the inner gremlin

Funny how we let our inner voice talk to us in ways that we would never allow anyone else. We teach children to be kind, considerate, yet we allow this inner voice to abuse us within our psyche. In some ways, the mind rationalizes that this ‘gremlin' is there to protect the body from harm. The mind seeks the known and familiar, and everything else is considered risky or too challenging. But is the inner voice really harmless and protective?


Time: As a marketer are you adding or taking

As a marketer I asked my collegues, “How valuable is the two-minutes we are asking our potential clients to watch a video, read a white paper or talk to us on the phone?” “What value are we providing in return for those two precious minutes and will they ever give us the two minutes again?”


Ode to innovators

The innovators are those individuals sitting in cubicles noticing business trends and considering how to drive companies to meet the future. They connect trends no one else seems to notice and arrange them in patterns and strategic visions. They are the ones seemingly allergic to flow charts, processes and often rules.




Partnering with business owners and marketing/communications executives, Aesop's Marketing determines company's digital content marketing needs and develop strategies for driving traffic and increase sales using relevant and compelling content, social media strategies and SEO (search engine optimization) tactics. Today’s marketing strategies demand transparent communication, integrity and a fundamental appreciation and understanding of the business owner. My goal is to educate and counsel clients in the best use of online tools. Strategy and Tactics include content marketing, social media, brand journalism, email marketing, and SEO/SEM.

Company: Aesop's Marketing

I worked there from 1/2015 until now

Director, Digital Marketing

Develop digital marketing team and establish digital strategy for $1.1B, 5-hospital system in north central Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Increase brand preference and consumer/patient loyalty through the use of content marketing across blog, websites, advertising, social media, mobile and video marketing tools. Work collaboratively with marketing managers and executive leadership to deliver data-driven strategies and quantifiable results for marketing investment. • Developed video marketing team and strategy resulting in 560% increase in viewers to Norton Healthcare branded YouTube channel resulting in brand reach worldwide. • Increased social media interactions to an average of 21,000 per month across multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts serving both adult and pediatric audiences. • Conducted Twittercasts to drive brand awareness, health and wellness content and establish Norton Healthcare physicians as trusted health professionals. • Collaborated with creative and communications team to develop health content to repurpose across multiple internal and external vehicles to brand and market Norton Healthcare as a trusted health partner.

Company: Norton Healthcare

I worked there from 9/2012 until 3/2015

Digital Director

Develop and set strategic direction for digital content marketing and website development for the largest health system in Kansas (12 hospitals, 16 senior communities, and 300 physicians). Increase consumer use of services across the health system by creating content marketing campaigns, social media initiatives and mobile market advertising. Develop social media policies, guidelines and strategy both at the corporate and individual levels. • Assessed website deficiencies to redesign and redeploy the main website resulting in monthly increase in web traffic and consumer engagement. • Implemented the first-ever fully integrated print and digital marketing campaigns resulting in a 57% increase in orientations and 44% decrease in marketing costs. • Implemented mobile-optimized site for increased mobile usage of the main website. Developed several social media resources and implemented metric software to promote services, health information and establish health system as the local health authority.

Company: Via Christi Health System

I worked there from 9/2010 until 9/2012

Associate Director, Web Marketing

Develop and deploy website improvements and strategic plans for customers and consumers for $7.4B insurance company. Develop digital strategy for the corporate, international and subsidiary websites. Supervise internal web and publication staff and manage outside agencies for web development, market research and communications activities. • Content, navigation and search engine optimization initiatives resulted in a new marketing channel with January – December 2008 online sales reaching $757 M. • Site redesign, information architecture enhancements and content improvements based on market research and usability testing resulted in site traffic increase of 50 percent in 2009. • Led large consultancy project for company-wide digital assessment that resulted in the development of the company’s first ever web strategic plan.

Company: AIG American General Life Companies

I worked there from 4/2007 until 7/2009

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