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Amanda Johnson


Copy Wizard, Writing Maven, and Editing Assassin

About Me

Are you looking for a content or copywriter with edge, wit, gumption, and who maybe even uses the occasional curse word?

I can take your already written words and sprinkle awesome dust on them or whip up your heart’s desire from scratch. I can NOT produce tepid, cookie-cutter, or unnecessarily dense writing. I absolutely understand there is call for such things. I absolutely will not answer that call.

I will make your project sound like it’s written by a person, for a person. I will ensure no mechanical errors or funky sentence gymnastics distract from your story. I will make sure whatever you’re working on makes sense.

The downside? You’ll be sad when our project is over. (An issue that can be remedied by starting a new one!)

A few more details: I don’t believe in taking on as many project as possible--quality trumps quantity. "Good enough" is, ironically, not good enough. However, I also don't believe in missing deadlines or piddling about. I’m just as picky about jobs as you should be about freelancers. Not everyone is going to be a good fit for everything. And that’s okay.

Whether you know what you want or not, feel free to shoot me a message. I'm also open to part-time or full-time positions :-)

Industries I Write About

Apparel & Fashion

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Writing & Editing

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Mental Health Care

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Freelance Writer and Editor

Wrote and/or perfected a vast array of projects across a variety of media and learned obscene amounts of information and skills while “on the job.”

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from 7/2012 until now

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