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Stephanie Crets


Editor-in-Chief at Retail Merchandiser

About Me

I'm a writing and editing professional with experience in researching, writing, editing, and publishing, investigative journalism, blogging, social media management, editorial management, copy editing and much more. I am ambitious, entrepreneurial, creative, hard-working, and efficient. I'm seeking new opportunities, both full-time and freelance, that match my skills and experiences.

Industries I Write About

Apparel & Fashion

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Arts & Crafts

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Writing & Editing

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Motion Pictures & Film

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Editor in Chief

Editor-in-Chief for Retail Merchandiser Magazine Senior Content Editor for Knighthouse Publishing -Creates, writes, edits, and delivers creative/unique blog content on an almost daily basis for the Retail Merchandiser blog. Coordinates with PR professionals to help facilitate blog content. -Manages social media content for all of Retail Merchandiser accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.). -Additionally, writes and edits several articles a month spotlighting the best practices of companies in the retail, food, healthcare, construction industries and more for Phoenix Media's other B2B magazines. -Coordinates with professionals in the above industries and more to deliver a successful story. -Proofreads article pages and work with designers to ensure clean and accurate copy and content. -Coordinates and edits various magazine columns across several magazines.

Company: Retail Merchandiser

I worked there from 6/2015 until now


StephaniePlusVerb.com -Generates, researches, writes, and edits content for ALL blog posts. -Generates, writes, edits, and manages content across social media platforms. -Posts content in a timely manner for immediate release items, such as comic day releases and television episode reviews. -Collaborates with other creatives, such as photographers and artists, in the US to create unique content. -Content includes, but is not limited to: television reviews, comic book reviews, fashion photography, costuming tutorials, costuming photography, convention reports, book reviews, movie reviews, video game reviews, etc.

Company: Stephanie Plus Verb

I worked there from 9/2013 until now

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