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Nicky LaMarco


Freelance Writer at Nicky LaMarco

About Me

I've been a freelance writer since 2001 and took on this business full-time in 2004. I write articles, blogs, books, eBooks, press releases, product descriptions, sales pages, web content, and more. My topic specialties include automotive, business, career, education, fitness, health, martial arts, parenting, pets, personal finance, reviews, tech/IT, writing, and women's interests.

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Environmental Services

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Marketing & Advertising

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Computer & Network Security

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Freelance Writer and Editor

I take pride in providing high-quality work and excellent customer service. I want you to be thrilled with the work I do for you! Do you need articles, blogs, books, eBooks, booklets, press releases, product descriptions, web content, or manuscript editing? Contact me for a free, no obligation quote.

Company: Nicky LaMarco

I worked there from /2001 until now

Content Editor

My responsibilities as the Content Editor of Web Hosting Sun include: • Working with WordPress, FooGallery, Edit Flow, All in SEO Pack, and Thirsty Affiliates plugins. • Administering HTML, CSS, WordPress, and basic web design to improve formatting and structuring of the posts and pages. Liaise with WHS web developers to resolve technical issues and conduct work. • Editing, maintaining, and publishing website content. Providing technical editing (including proofreading, grammar, and punctuation) to website content. • Collaborating with authors and team members to convey requirements, updates, and improvements. Making practical recommendations for content or process improvements, and assisting with implementing any identified innovations. • Utilizing search engine optimization based on search metrics and content. Cross-linking relevant posts/pages within our WHS website and also linking to suitable external websites. • Monitoring customer feedback messages/comments on the website to correct issues and/or identify opportunities for improvement. • Coordinating with the WHS team regarding any deficiencies and unsatisfactory technical features. Participating on writing standard publishing procedures and other documentation for our authors.

Company: Web Hosting Sun

I worked there from 7/2016 until now


WagBrag.com is a website for people passionate about pets. I write articles about cats and kittens for pet parents everywhere.

Company: Wagbrag

I worked there from 10/2012 until now

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