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Victoria Hewlett


Freelance Writing at Self-Employed

About Me

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Victoria Hewlett, and I am a student, freelance writer and volunteer community/political organizer. I'm here to seek out writing gigs and network with fellow progressive activists, especially in the Appalachian/Southeast US region.

Industries I Write About

Writing & Editing

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Civic & Social Organization

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Program Development

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My Writing Samples

Progressive Mentality

A blog/portfolio of my work and style. Check the right side bar for the author, the vast majority of articles are my own work.



Founder, Writer, Editor

Social/political commentary website.

Company: www.ProgressiveMentality.com

I worked there from 5/2015 until now

Freelance Writing

I have been working as a freelance writer for about two-and-a-half years. My chief niches are progressive political commentary and society/culture.

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 10/2014 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Food Insecurity And Society: How Food Is At The Center Of Our World's Biggest Issues

This would be an article that shines light on how food insecurity is tied into major societal issues such as economic inequality, global health, cultural crisis and climate change. The big idea is to show holistically how food ties into our everyday lives and habits, and how a lack of access to healthy food can lead to problematic societal patterns.

Content type: Article

Keywords: food insecurity, healthy food, food security, local food


4 Essential Steps To Growing Your Youtube Audience

This article will give and explain the following four steps to growing a youtube audience: 1. Engaging with related online communities (i.e. forums) 2. Networking with other related Youtubers 3. Extended social media reach 4. Keep the content flowing

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: how to grow a youtube audience


3 Tips For Doing Online Research Without Drowning In Open Browser Tabs

This will be an article with an engaging, personable tone that offers the following three tips to conducting online research: 1. Get focused (pick a definite research question(s)) 2. Copy/Paste is your friend (copy and paste URLs and quotes/info that you may want to use, keep in separate file) 3. Beware of too much information (make sure info you're looking for relates explicitly to research goal)

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: how to do research, how to research online, researching online