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Nancy Mueller Empowerment Sensei


Empowering Professionals to move past their obstacles or challenges

About Me

Why do you make the choices you do? What makes one person struggle in an area where others seem to succeed? Whether you have been passed over for that promotion (again), you are attracting the wrong people into your life, your health is suffering or you can’t seem to keep up with others in your industry; your breakthrough will happen once you understand why you make the choices you make. People often struggle because of limiting beliefs and these beliefs usually begin in childhood. When a child is told something often enough, soon he or she believes it to be true. These truths are carried with us into our adult lives and become our habits of thinking. Every choice we make is based on what we believe to be true. Once a person is ready to look at his or her beliefs (what they believe to be true) and give themselves permission to let go of these limiting beliefs, the old obstacles and challenges can be removed. The title "SENSEI" comes from my days as a student, competitor and teacher in the Martial Arts. I incorporate the philosophies I learned in the Martial Arts into all of my teaching, coaching, speaking, mentoring and writing. Nancy Mueller ~ Connect with me at www.nancymuellerglobal.com Speaker / Best Selling Author / Empowerment Sensei Coaching / Podcast Host

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Professional Training

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Healing The Child Within, Life Is All About Choices

Teaching mothers and daughters how to eliminate the gaps in their relationships



Speaker & Best Selling Author of "Healing The Child Within, Life Is All About Choices"

Believing there is a Warrior within every woman, Nancy Mueller teaches women the way to access the Woman Warrior within. Roughly translated, the title “Sensei” is used to describe a teacher sharing his or her knowledge and is based on her years as a student, competitor and teacher in the Martial Arts. Nancy credits the Martial Arts as her path to her personal spiritual development that helped her examine her life experiences. This ultimately led her to teach women to live an empowered life by showing them how to avoid the detours, roadblocks and self-sabotaging choices women often make that keep them from facing their obstacles or challenges.

Company: Nancy Mueller Global

I worked there from 7/2015 until now

Show Host

I am always working on opportunities to help women lead an empowered life so when you visit my website you’ll find information that includes everything from FREE podcasts to self-help tools to one-on-one coaching. Whatever your needs, I can meet you where you are!

Company: Choices 4 Women Podcast

I worked there from 5/2015 until now


Bestselling Author of Healing The Child Within, Life Is All About Choices "Chocolate or Vanilla, Life is All About Choices is a very inspiring book!" - Jack Canfield

Company: Chocolate or Vanilla, Life Is All About Choices

I worked there from 3/2010 until now


As a motivational speaker, I motivate and inspire women to see their future in a positive light and encourage women to pull together to live their dreams. My Mission: To empower women to improve their "health", value their "self", & in turn increase their "wealth." I am the author of Chocolate or Vanilla, Life Is All About Choices; available on amazon.com as a hard copy or Kindle download.

Company: New Beginnings With Nancy

I worked there from 2/2009 until now


Motivational speaker and accomplished writer who empowers women by incorporating self defense techniques into speaking presentations to show women the Inner Strength they possess.

Company: New Beginnings With Nancy

I worked there from 6/2006 until now

Motivational Speaker

I am a Sensei for New Beginnings and I am the most positive person I know! I am a Long Beach California native, with a passion for sharing health, wealth and self. If you could have a “New Beginning” in these 3 areas of your life, where would you begin? I started New Beginnings because I believe that balance between health, wealth and self is the key to success!

Company: New Beginnings with Nancy

I worked there from 5/2006 until now

Empowerment Sensei for Women

CPR gives life to a person in need. I give Empowerment CPR to women who have experienced a gradual disempowerment in their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth which in turn can affect their relationships, career, finances, and how they show up in their life.

Company: Nancy Mueller Global

I worked there from 3/1994 until now

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