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Jason Salaz


B2B Copywriter

About Me

Copywriter for B2B projects.  Would also like to do mental health works.

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On Writing

A teaching moment about the Craft. Short but powerful.



USAA Loan Processor

Typical call floor experience. Assisted customers with their USAA account, and new loans.

Company: Teleperformance USA

I worked there from 1/2019 until 3/2019

Helpdesk Support

Assisted callers with technical troubleshooting. Escalated calls would be referred to Other leads with more experience.

Company: Teleperformance USA/Dell

I worked there from 10/2008 until 12/2008

Technical Help Desk Representative

Provided professional helpdesk (Level 2) support to Marriott branches throughout the US and worldwide.

Company: Unisys/Marriott International

I worked there from 10/2007 until 12/2007

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Topology expertise

I can provide network information in a timely fashion. Network connectivity and legacy systems have been interesting, considering where we were in 1997, with NT 4.0, and Windows 98. These are the technologies I certified on. Networking Essentials was a good review of the 'bare-bones' services that were the major players of the day. I am looking to bring my certification current with Windows 2016 as well as SQ: Server 2016.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: copy, editing, writing, network, topology, OSI


What's in your food?

Do we really know what's in our food? In chicken, there can be more than 20 contaminants in a chicken, including salmonella. You have growth hormone, to bulk the chickens up and the farmers do this from their infancy. Home grown chickens without chemicals are much better for the palette. They are much healthier for you also.

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Keywords: chicken, slaughterhouse, HGH, growth hormone


Materials Management

We provide common warehouse services, such as shipping and receiving. We also provide forklift training and certification. When I worked at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, I was an Inventory Specialist. I would manage the day to day operations of various departments (from Angiography to the Admission Laboratory).

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Sorc'd Is Exacty What You Are Looking For

Informational content has risen quickly. It has overtaken the world, by making information even more viable. It makes everything sound and read well. However, what can you do to save yourself from an excess of information; there is so much to go through, and so much to save. Why not use Sorc'd as a way to capture your information. and keep it for local use? Your employees would save work hours searching items that would already be done. So0rc'd is worthwhile, because of these features.

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Increased Productivity

'Enter your business with a way forward. Most CEO's, CFO's cater to their employees. We look forward to the future with increased competitiveness. Get out there and use all the tools you can get!'

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: pbx, voip, networking, customer service


Ensurin g your Credit

Securing your credit is of utmost importance, from getting a house, and other credit services should be high on your list.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: finances,credit,motivation


Personal Finance, and Your Role

Personal finance can either drive you crazy as a subject, or it can become your best friend. Learning about your credit score should be an interest to you, and the lenders that extend credit. Enter CreditKarma.com. If you’ve watched the myriad of commercials about the company, they do in fact provide with a score. You may have excellent credit, and not even know it.

Content type: Article

Keywords: pesonal,finance,credit,credit worthiness