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Jessica Moran


Content Creator

About Me

An energetic and motivated young marketing professional with over seven years of experience creating content for brands in the retail, consumer packaged goods, education, and non-profit sectors. Highly focused and committed to writing original and engaging content for the individuals your company is seeking to reach.

Industries I Write About

Alternative Medicine

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Marketing & Advertising

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Food & Beverages

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Apparel & Fashion

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My Writing Samples

The Soul of Social Media

Written in first person regarding the emotional feelings taken upon those who are the "voices" of diseases (in this case ALS) on social media.


13 Life Lessons a Cancer Diagnosis Will Teach You

At the age of 25, the last thing on my mind was life-threatening illnesses. And then I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and my life was instantaneously changed forever. A short list of lessons I have learned on this journey.


Grateful for the Now

In today's world, many of us are guilty of wishing for the next thing and not fully appreciating the day upon us. This article shares three simple ways to stay grounded and stay in the present moment.



Digital & Social Media Specialist

Responsible for managing and creating content for all digital and social media efforts for the Institute including website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Content categories include research happening in our labs and the ALS community, fundraising events, patient stories and general disease awareness. Additional responsibilities include management of Google AdWords account, creation of analytic reports of online efforts, execution of email campaigns by creating content as well as managing schedule and working with additional team members responsible for specific events.

Company: ALS Therapy Development Institute

I worked there from 11/2015 until now

Interactive Marketing Specialist

During my time with the TJX Companies, I was able to work on each of the three iconic brands; Marshalls, HomeGoods and TJMaxx. Most notably, I created the first influencer program for HomeGoods which was promoted within every store nationwide. I also successfully ran all activity, including content creation, for the TJMaxx and Marshalls Instagram and Pinterest channels. Additionally, helped to implement and spearhead TJMaxx's first social ecommerce program called 'Like2Buy.' On all three brands, I was also responsible for managing email campaigns and website management.

Company: TJX Companies

I worked there from 8/2012 until 11/2015

Social Media Coordinator

Responsible for all content creation, campaign strategy and management, daily moderation and analytical reporting for agency's clients. Brands included Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce, Moxie Soda, Stamford Hospital, and Bauer Hockey.

Company: GYK Antler

I worked there from 5/2011 until 8/2012

Office of Student Leadership & Engagement Coordinator

Responsible for creating social presence for the University as well as maintaining and making updates to website. Worked with student organizations to aggregate pertinent and relevant topics that needed to be promoted throughout the online channels. These channels included a weekly email, campus signage and Facebook.

Company: University of Tampa

I worked there from 4/2010 until 5/2011

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Valentine's Day Before, During & Present

A look back at the origin of Valentine's Day, the repercussions it has in our society today and a suggestion about how we can make it a positive day for all in the future. By shifting our mindsets from romance to the essence of love, any and all can participate in this holiday, not simply those who are "in love" with another person.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: valentines day, love, valentines, vday, relationships, sad, happy, feelings, hallark, cards, gifts,


The Realities of a Social Media Marketer

An opinion-based article written on the "always on" mentality of a social media marketer and the implications it has regarding the employee's personal life. Written in first-person by a professional who was on the forefront of social media marketing and community management, it will be a conversation starter regarding the glorified myths about this industry and it's realities.

Content type: Article

Keywords: social media, social media marketing, community management, facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, always on,


Drinking Your Way to Health With Herbal Teas

An informative blog post talking about the benefits of herbal teas. It will call out common ailments such as low immune system and give multiple options for readers to choose from. Herbal teas are rapidly growing health and wellness industry currently and thus are becoming increasingly available at major retailers. This piece would help consumers navigate the growing market.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: health,wellness,eastern medicine,herbs,herbal,herbal teas,healthy living,healthy eating,natural


6 Ways to Integrate Yoga In Your Life & Improve Your Health

This piece would discuss the simple ways to integrate yoga practices and poses into daily routines in order to increase flexibility, reduce stress, rev your metabolism and improve sleep patterns. Article will be structured in a list with tips being based off personal learnings as well as yoga journals and publications. These will be tips that do not require readers to set aside much additional time in their days but rather ways for them to utilize yogic teachings to improve their health simply.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: yoga,health,wellness,sleep patterns,metabolism,weight loss,stress,healthy living


Tips to Creating Engaging Content

This article will be in a list format sharing insights of how to create content that resonates with your target audience. It will provide readers with ways to analyze and gauge follower response and optimize the content moving forward. Will be written for brands of all sizes and for all industries to benefit from.

Content type: Article

Keywords: social media,social media marketing,content,content creation


7 Tips to Create Engaging Content

This article will be in a list format sharing insights of how to create content that resonates with your target audience. It will provide readers with ways to analyze and gauge follower response and optimize the content moving forward. Will be written for brands of all sizes and for all industries to benefit from.

Content type: Article

Keywords: social media,marketing,social media marketing,content creation,facebook,twitter,instagram


How To Grow A Loyal Blog Following

A look into the ways to create engaging content specifically for a blog. The piece will focus on how to create relationships with your audience and the importance of being authentic. Will be written in first person based off experience managing and growing personal blog for four years. It will also include information and tips sourced from other bloggers.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: blog,content creation,blogger,blog following,digital marketing,social media marketing,content,content marketing


Utilizing Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

This piece will focus on the 'new to social media' business owner. It will include tips and suggestions from a seasoned digital marketing expert on how to drive traffic to your blog or website using the various social media channels.

Content type: Article

Keywords: social media,website,blogger,blog,social media marketing,content creation,advertising,marketing


How Hair Stylists Are Growing Their Client Base Using Social Media

As social media becomes a vital part of almost every business, it is becoming increasingly important for stylists to advertise their services so potential clients are able to view their offerings prior to coming in for a visit. This blog post will offer tips and suggestions on how to engage consumers on the channels and how to attract new followers.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: hair,stylists,stylist,hair stylist,hair design,behind the chair,social media,haircut,hair tutorial