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Alex Bauer


Writer/Editor/Creator at Not In the History Books

About Me

My objectives are to find and tell great stories, to promote conversation in the community about current events and to provide fresh angles on stories. I am dedicated person who works night and day to provide content for readers. Content for stories is researched, edited and written with care and thought. I can remove my personal thoughts about issues and focus in on the facts. View my online portfolio: http://alexbauerwrites.weebly.com/

Industries I Write About

Renewables & Environment

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Broadcast Media

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My Writing Samples

Ingrid Bergman's Search For Happiness

Ingrid Bergman was Hollywood's biggest star in the late 1940s. She left the fame for a relationship and a chance a true, personal happiness.


The Chicagoland Music Festival

A inside look at the first major culturally diverse event in Chicago's history.


The Power of Second Chances

Ryan Gosling was nominated for an Oscar, but both Gosling and Shareeka Epps deliver strong performances in a very important indie film.


Hailee Steinfeld Comes of Age

Three incredibly different roles have cemented Hailee Steinfeld as one of Hollywood’s best and brightest.




I research and write articles about pop culture, from movies to television.

Company: CineNation Podcast

I worked there from 2/2016 until now


This is the blog I created in high school. Five years later, I have experienced tremendous growth with the site. Not In The History Books is a blog about history that you will not find in a standard history textbook. It includes pictures, videos and articles about people and places of history that are not always remembered. I have received content from universities and other amateur historians.

Company: Not In the History Books

I worked there from 6/2011 until now


I wrote daily stories about the biggest news events of the day. The pieces were 500-800 words in length.

Company: RYOT News

I worked there from 6/2015 until 8/2015

Content I Write