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Edward Carr


Freelance Writer

About Me

I started taking writing seriously in my junior year of college. I learned in an essay class that good writing is better editing. Since that time I've tried to develop a casual style and conversational voice. Some of my literary heroes are Hemingway, Tennyson, Faulkner, Byron, Tolkien and Paul Simon.

I'm a musician and I love history, so a lot of my writing seems to draw something from those two subject areas. I particularly like anecdotal, or quirky history, such as eccentric figures and chance occurrences. 

I'm also an avid outdoorsman and enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, and, subsequently, the poetry of Wordsworth and Frost. 

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Marketing & Advertising

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Apparel & Fashion

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My Writing Samples

The Modern Memoir: Popular Confession and How it Sells 'A Million Little Pieces'

A look into the popular literary form of the memoir, this piece explores truth and how the confessional shapes the genre's popularity.


Glass-Steagall, Dodd-Frank, Trump-Clinton: What Donald Trump and the Democratic Party Have in Common

A blog about the 2016 US election and it's possible impact on the financial world.



The modern ad agency can learn a lot from the storytelling ads that marked the "Golden Age" of advertising.



Content/Creative Developer

Edit e-learning content provided to clients to ensure clarity and brand voice. Research the latest changes and trends in the banking industry and add relevant content to e-learning courses provided to clients. Research and write SEO-oriented blogs for the company website in order to increase company exposure to potential clients. Edit blogs written for the company website.

Company: Edcomm Banker's Academy

I worked there from 6/2016 until 2/2017


Write brand-focused, SEO-optimized blog content for client websites. Consult with clients to find the perfect topics and direction for web content. Research the latest trends and news for client content with a special focus on interesting local news and events.

Company: Commexis

I worked there from 4/2017 until now

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