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Daniel Mattia


Freelance Writer and Editor

About Me

My name's Daniel Mattia and I'm a US-based content writer with a passion for writing engaging and data-driven content. I write primarily in the insuretech, small business/solopreneur, and startup fields, but am always happy to consider work in other fields.

In many ways, writing has been my life. Prior to becoming a professional writer, I spent years honing my craft through fiction writing and blogging. I also blended my interest in writing with my love for gaming in an endeavor I pursued in the mid-2000s: a gaming news and reviews website called Game Overdrive.

I take great pride in using my writing ability to contribute to the success of my clients. When you work with me, I make it my business to help your business succeed. My goal for each project is to inform, inspire, persuade, and tell stories to drive more traffic to your site, convert leads into sales, and to grow your business.

In my free time, I can usually be found working on my fiction projects, gaming, or picking things off the floor after my cat's most recent act of rebellion.

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My Writing Samples

Hacks, Hints & Hotdogs: What You Need to Know About The Most Popular Food Delivery Apps

This is a research-intensive article which made great use of primary sources in the form of interviews and surveys to compare the four most popular on-demand food delivery services.


Can You Rely on Crowdfunding for Healthcare and Funeral Costs?

How effective is crowdfunding for healthcare and final expenses? Can people rely on crowdfunding for healthcare and funeral costs, or is an insurance policy a more reliable option?


How to Choose a Life Insurance Beneficiary

An overview that defines what, exactly, a life beneficiary is, and how life insurance customers can make an informed decision when choosing one for their policy.


Do Keyless Ignitions Actually Put Your Car – and Your Life – at Higher Risk?

People are stealing cars...without breaking into them. A look into the risks associated with keyless ignitions.



Freelance Content Writer

I write effective and quality content for individuals and businesses, utilizing SEO best practices, heavy research, and properly-sourced data. I have experience writing blogs, articles, journalism pieces, marketing materials, correspondence, and web copy.

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 12/2016 until now

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