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LJ Sedgwick


Copywriter & Blogger for Tech Startups & Software | Advertising Lecturer

About Me

In a nutshell, I write the words so you don't have to. In a bigger container (let's call it a mixing bowl), I'm a copywriter, creating shareable content for software companies and tech startups. I specialise in software for creative practitioners - the point where technology and creativity meet! I produce content that engages and informs. And sometimes entertains! Need someone who can use Wordpress? No problem. I'm experienced in maintaining blogs on the Wordpress platform - and every post is properly formatted. After all, no one wants to see a wall of text, do they? I'll also promote your targeted content using social media, and I'll SEO the hell out of whatever I write, providing alt-tags, meta descriptions and optimised images. You might have a house style you need to work to. No problem. I've got 4 years' experience of editing book reviews for the Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies, which comes with its own house style! I also teach advertising and practical design skills in Adobe Creative Cloud - I've got 13 years' experience in Photoshop alone! I integrate digital skills with studio based delivery so the focus rests on the idea, not its final execution. We want creative and experimental work from our students, not copies of existing work! And if you need technical documentation, no problem. I've got experience in translating architectural and engineering information into understandable content to be used in store design guides for M&S. Making technical info approachable is my thing!

Industries I Write About

Online Publishing

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Marketing & Advertising

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Writing & Editing

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Graphic Design

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My Writing Samples

Will 2017 see greater security for IoT users?

In this ghostwritten piece, I discuss the need for newer security protocols to cover IoT devices and users.


How to improve your email marketing automation using video games

This pieces discusses the metaphor of video games as a means of explaining, and demystifying, email marketing automation.


7 Easy Ways to Use Social Marketing Posts to Improve SEO

This ghostwritten piece looks at the important of social media marketing to SEO.


What are your publishing options?

Which publishing options are available for fiction authors?


Mobile Popup Update: Google To Punish Sites With Intrusive Interstitials

This ghostwritten post looks at the new penalties for pop up ads on mobile devices.



Book Reviews Editor

I organise, manage and edit book reviews for the Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies. So I have plenty of experience in liaising with both publishers and reviewers, as well as maintaining a vast database of the books that are in circulation. I also identify new titles which may be suitable for review, and I edit reviews before they're published, according to the house style of the journal.

Company: Journal of New Zealand and Pacific Studies

I worked there from 8/2012 until now

Lecturer in Digital Arts

I plan and deliver sessions on the FdA Advertising course, and I'm also the Dissertation Supervisor for the BA (Hons) Creative Practice degree. Within my delivery, I focus on creative thinking, idea generation, art direction and copywriting, as well as digital skills using the Adobe Creative Cloud software. It is vital to embed idea generation and experimental mindsets within the students before they begin to realise their designs using software! I also deliver sessions on Contextual Studies and Professional Development to FdA Graphic Design and Advertising students.

Company: Newcastle College

I worked there from 10/2011 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Does your brand need a cause to compete in 2017's marketplace?

The political landscape in 2017 has seen brands such as Facebook, Microsoft, AirBnb, and Lyft associate themselves with social causes, such as providing assistance to refugees. With Nike now aligning themselves with movements such as #ThisGirlCan through their release of plus-size fitness clothing, do brands need a social or political cause to stand out in 2017? Is it worth alienating a customer base to connect with others on a more heartfelt level?

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: advertising,social advertising,marketing,branding


3 things you might not notice at Starbucks that make you love the company even more

Starbucks are kings of branding, with their subtle shifts in direction in the last few years. Tech startups can learn a lot about marketing and building relationships from their subliminal cues, including the messages they share on their community boards, the conversational tone of their POS upsell opportunities, and even the names written on the coffee cups. The post will explore 3 such strategies to help startups build a sense of community around their products.

Content type: Blog Post