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Sara Edlington


Software and security technology audience specialist

About Me

Enterprise and security tech are complex topics. Your customers and staff would like to know how to make the most of these technologies.  

If your customers want to understand how an enterprise risk management system can benefit their company or your staff need to learn security procedures for BYOD, I can help.

I write web content, blog posts, newsletter content, instructional materials, and e-Learning storyboards.

I’ve written about:

• Property management systems for hotels
• Enterprise risk management systems
• Human resources software
• Customer relationship management software
• Protecting data from hackers
• IoT security
• Interactive eLearning course on payroll software training
• Instructional documents for operating machinery

I’ve developed my skills over many years as a writer for top trade publications, as a non-fiction author (14 books and counting), from training how to teach and writing instructional material.

Industries I Write About

Information Technology & Services

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Marketing & Advertising

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Higher Education

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My Writing Samples

Are you safe from hackers?

This article looks at how hotels can protect their data and networks from attacks.


Preventing Customer-Not-Present Fraud

With credit and debit card fraud a constant headache for retailers, this article looks at how it can be prevented and new ideas to tackle the problem.


Storm on the horizon - future technologies for enterprise risk management

This article looks at the changes we could see in risk management technology over the next decade. This article is behind a subscription paywall, if you would like to see a PDF of the piece, please email: sara@saraedlington.com


Future of Enterprise Risk Managment Systems

This article looks at how companies can make the most of their risk management data. This article is behind a subscription paywall, if you would like to see a PDF of the piece, please email@sara@saraedlington.com


Help is at hand - property management systems for hotels

This article looks at how a property management system can help hotels with cost effectiveness and management of their buildings.


Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence software can give retailers a competitive edge. This software can provide the right data, at the right time to help decision makers make critical decisions about sales, inventory and so on.


Searching for security - software and hardware

As well as value for money and excellent service, the added extra that hotel guests are looking for is security. This article looks at how to improve hotel security from locks to safes.


The personnel touch – human resources software

A human resources software package can help you with labour scheduling, productivity, and appraisals. With a case study.


Customer relationship management software

Customer relationship management software can reveal hidden gems of data that can be used to help a company market itself more effectively. This article looks at how cruise owners can use customer relationship management software to their advantage.



Freelance writer for software and security tech

What I do: I help your company connect with your customers by providing a content writing service. I work with: I work with brands wanting to connect with software and security technology companies audiences in the B2B sector. Why it works: When you work with me, you get the most effective and affordable content writing service that brands are looking for right now.

Company: Sara Edlington

I worked there from 8/1989 until now

Freelance trade magazine writer

What I do: I write well-researched articles and features for trade magazines and newspapers in the UK, Europe and, the U.S.A. How I do it: I provide editors with ideas for articles and features for their publication. I do thorough research, interview the best sources for the piece and craft it into an informative, readable article to help readers understand the issue. Who I work with: ● StrategicRISK Europe ● Retail Systems ● The Independent newspaper ● The Times (London) newspaper

Company: S Edlington

I worked there from 8/1989 until 12/2015

Internet Marketing Consultant

I worked as an independent internet marketing consultant helping companies to make the most of their internet presence.

Company: S Edlington

I worked there from 1/1998 until 1/2000

Digital learning/eLearning/Online course writer

What I do: I help instructional designers who are looking to work with a specialist course writer for digital, eLearning and online learning projects. How I do it: I write Level 1 and Level 2 courses. I've written interactive courses on payroll software and identifying and treating malware. I've also scripted instructional videos for a machinery manufacturer

Company: S Edlington

I worked there from 1/2017 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

5 ways to boost your IoT security

The Internet of Things has become a security nightmare for companies because there are so many points where their network can be attacked. Good security is vital, especially as 2018 could be the year when more attacks get under the radar, like the Mirai and IoTroop/Reaper botnets did in 2016 and 2017. This blog post would look at five key ways a company can boost their security from the gateway to the end user, including a look at devices they may not have realized could cause a security breach.

Content type: Blog Post


Three key issues for data loss prevention

With GDPR now in force, data security is at the front of the public’s mind. A serious data breach causes huge damage to a company’s reputation, so this blog post will look at 3 key issues to help prevent data loss. Including covering cloud, mobile and Internet of Things in a DLP strategy. Encryption, it may sound a basic issue, but any unencrypted network traffic could be a hole a hacker could exploit. Finally, identifying and protecting personally identifiable information.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: data loss prevention,encryption,cloud,IoT,Internet of Things,security


How to improve your security with a custom cybersecurity solution

A tailored cybersecurity solution is one of 2018’s hot IT trends. Increased security legislation means there has never been a better time for them to invest in a custom-designed security solution. This blog post would look at how this can help improve security. Including helping to prevent the latest types of attack. This post would also look at the IT issues a custom solution can cover. And how it can help a company stay compliant with regulation and with the evolving IoT market.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: cybersecurity,security,hacking,regulation,IoT,security solution


How to use best practices to keep Office 365 secure

With Office 365 being used widely across companies, keeping the information it contains secure is critical. Especially as some of that information and data will be sensitive. This blog post will look at five key ways companies can secure Office 365 to keep their information and data protected. Including Data Loss Prevention Policies, encryption, multi-factor authentication, identity protection and advanced threat protection.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Office 365,data security,data loss prevention,encryption,identity protection,security


How security awareness training can help prevent hackers targeting employees

Hackers are now targeting employees to give them another way to access networks. By focussing security awareness training on key areas that hackers use to social engineer their attacks, companies can reduce the risk of these attacks being successful. This blog post would look at five key areas for security awareness training. Including spear-phishing and business email compromise attacks, data protection, mobile and IoT security, encryption, and social engineering.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: security,hackers,hacking,business email compromise attack,data protection,mobile,IoT,encryption,social engineering


Five trends in big data analytics for manufacturers

Manufacturers are turning to big data analytics to help make their companies and processes more efficient and to gain a competitive advantage. This blog post would look at five key trends in big analytics. Including predictive maintenance, optimizing operations, quality control, product customization, and supply chain management. This post would also look at the data analysis tools manufacturers could use for each one.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: big data analytics,big data


Four data encryption trends that could change the way companies protect data

Data encryption is a hot topic at present. In this blog post, I would look at four types of encryption that could be the next generation for data security. One, moving target defense. A continuous moving surface makes it reverse engineering difficult. Two, honey encryption, making hackers think they’ve worked out the correct password. Third, homomorphic encryption allows the user to process data while it stays encrypted. Finally, quantum cryptography, this uses photons of light to transmit data.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: data,encryption,data encryption,security,hackers


Five best practices for SharePoint training

If you want to avoid accidentally deleted information and fed-up and frustrated SharePoint users, the right training is vital. This blog post would cover five best practices to follow for training employees. Including types of training, using tailored examples, how many types of training to use depending on the learners’ level and how to evaluate how successful training has been.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: SharePoint,training,best practices


Four keys to successful personalized learning

Personalized learning is a hot trend in learning and development and is a great way to make learning more effective for employees. This blog post would look at four key ways to make personalized learning work for your company. Including tailored learning paths, allowing staff to choose the way they learn, flexibility – learners can select the devices they’d like to use and learn at their own pace and customization.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: e-learning,training,personalized learning,staff training,employee training


Four ways to help prevent man-in-the-middle-attacks

Both wired and wireless networks are at risk from man-in-the-middle attacks, so there has never been a better time to look at protecting your system. This blog post would look at four key ways a company can help prevent a MITM attack. Including training employees, implementing authentication certificates, data signing, and virtual private networks.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: cybersecurity,hackers,hacking,security,network


Machine identity protection

Once a hacker has stolen, or forged, a key or certificate for a device they can fool that network’s security into thinking they are that trusted device. This blog post will look at three ways machine identities can be managed. Firstly, enforcing security policies. Secondly, automating the life cycle of keys and certificates helps prevent errors which can lead to keys being compromised. Finally, locating and monitoring machine identities so you can see when something unusual is happening.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: data protection,security,network security,IoT,machine indentity


How to use stories to improve corporate communications

Too many corporate communications get put to one side to be ‘read later’ by employees. However, you can make your corporate communications more readable, and even entertaining, by telling your employees a story. This 500-word blog post would explain how companies can use storytelling techniques to help make their corporate communications readable.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: corporate communications


7 tips to make your writing stand out from the crowd

How to create clear, readable writing is a great skill to learn. And it can help boost your career and raise your profile at work. You’ll get known as someone who knows how to communicate with others effectively. This blog post gives 7 pro tips to help make your writing stand out. It will look at how to ‘energize’ your writing, what words to use to ‘pull’ your reader onto the next paragraph and more.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: skills,writing,communication


Supercharge your content marketing by going interactive

Savvy marketers are taking their inbound marketing content a step further and making it interactive. Already popular for B2C marketing, interactivity has moved into the B2B content marketing space as companies look for an edge on competitors. This blog post would look at five types of interactive content that have already proved their worth including interactive infographics, calculators (e.g. for calculating ROIs), games, interactive white papers, and quizzes/assessments.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: content marketing,B2B marketing,B2B content marketing,interactive


Hidden security dangers in legacy systems

Legacy systems are quickly forgotten with the rush to keep up with today’s security threats. Yet, they could be the backdoor that hackers use to get into your system. This blog post would look at how companies can secure their legacy systems and would cover user access (such as forgotten accounts), using security by design, zero trust policies and virtual patching,

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: legacy systems,cybersecurity,hackers,hacking


How cybersecurity machine learning can help protect your business

Machine learning is a big security trend for 2019 but sorting out the realistic wheat from the hyped-up chaff is tough for business owners. This blog post will get behind the hype to explain the three categories of machine learning for cybersecurity and the practical ways they can be used to increase security including, botnet detection, better protection from malware that is delivered through spam emails and detecting irregular activity on a network.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: cybersecurity,machine learning,enterprise,botnet detection,malware


Risk assessment for cloud application security

Cloud security is a major priority for companies in 2019. However, cloud applications are vulnerable and a thorough risk assessment can find areas that been overlooked. This blog post would look at the best practices for cloud application security risk assessments. Including vulnerability testing, integration with existing cloud platforms, managing identity, access, and data protection.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: cloud security,cybersecurity,risk assessment,cloud application