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Joshua Maher


Author and Investor

About Me

Josh Maher is a best selling author, editor, and financial consultant. One of his recent books Startup Wealth: How the Best Angel Investors Make Money in Startups (http://amzn.to/2fXqF11) features insights into how the best investors found and decided to invest in companies like Google, Invisalign, ZipCar, Uber, and Twilio. He's a passionate author and teacher, a financial and investing thought leader, and supporter of the global startup community. His classes on capital raising have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build better financial models, business plans, and pitch decks, that simplified the capital raising process. Josh's consulting to investors and family offices includes building investment models for commercial real estate, private companies, and public equity investments. The diligence reports and financial models include detailed IRR and cash flow analysis for more mature companies and focus more on team and market for earlier stage companies. As the Chairman and President of Seattle Angel, a non-profit focused on education at the intersection of startups and angel investing, Josh launched the highly successful Seattle Angel Conference and Seattle Angel Fund. Josh, an angel investor himself, is a consultant, mentor, and adviser to startups, syndicates, family offices, institutional and individual investors, and venture funds since 2007. As a technologist, Josh's focus on the enterprise productivity market has included roles as an analyst for ZD and Ferris Research, a consultant, a speaker and author, and technical writing professional. Josh's experience spans selling and delivering enterprise services to writing product specifications, in-product UI text, and help documentation for enterprise IT audiences. Always looking to make great connections and work with brilliant people to create great things.

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Advisor and mentor for participants in the Seattle Founder Institute program, offering guidance on topics such as enterprise business strategy, raising capital, financing innovation, business modeling, market positioning, strategic marketing, and product strategy.

Company: Founder Institute

I worked there from /2016 until now

Founder and President

Seattle Angel focuses on bringing more transparency to the fund raising process. We run an accelerator for angel investors where new investors get a chance to make their first angel investment with the help and guidance of experienced angels. To date we've trained over 200 angel investors! We also run the Seattle Angel Fund, an active angel fund where angel investors participate in a portion of the screening, diligence, and decision making with the help of an veteran angel investor and venture capitalist leading the charge. Our collective portfolio is well over 25 companies, funded by 200+ local angel investors. Building on this success we're working with investors and entrepreneurs in communities around the globe to launch similar programs. Let's build one in your city together!

Company: Seattle Angel

I worked there from /2012 until now

Content and Consulting services

Office 365 is disrupting how organizations use productivity software, from the largest enterprises to the solo-preneur, robust productivity software is available securely in the cloud. I am focused on the entire deployment experience, from discovery, to education, to purchase, to setup, to on-boarding, and trailing off at adoption. Using agile development processes and incremental deployments, our software is in a constant state of release forcing the documentation and on-boarding experience to accommodate an ever changing customer experience. I satisfy the dynamic needs of our services and customers, using real-time data and historical data to drive the development of the on-boarding experience. Using data sources including in-product behavioral actions, support calls, help content feedback and search terms, along with human and machine learning analysis, these data points are used to craft the in-product and help content experience. Beyond internal data collection and analytic platforms, this involves the use of tools such as Office, PowerBI, xmetal, dxstudio, github, optimizely, xml, markdown, rss, and visual studio.

Company: Microsoft

I worked there from /2011 until now

Mentor and advisor

Advisor and mentor for member companies of Galvanize, offering guidance on topics such as enterprise business strategy, raising capital, financing innovation, business modeling, market positioning, strategic marketing, and product strategy.

Company: Galvanize Inc

I worked there from /2016 until now


President of Seattle Angel (Building Seattle's angel community) and adviser to two venture groups - Seattle Angel Fund and Flight.vc (Gil Penchina's group of syndicates - Funding the best companies on the planet w/metrics to prove it). Personally investing in startups such as C-Sats, OtoNexus, Acqueduct, LaserMotive (long distance wireless power), Estimize (Crowdsourced financial data), GlimpzIt, DreamFunded (online investing for angel groups), WorkLife (make your meetings better), Sapho (Smart IT infrastructure), Booktrope (book publishing re-imagined), 2bar Spirits (Washington Wheat to Whiskey), Discuss.io (Online qualitative market research), and others.

Company: Angel Investor

I worked there from /2011 until now

Fund Manager and Advisor

Early stage investment fund that focuses on educational outreach to new early stage/angel investors as well as making quality investments in early stage companies. Investments include Booktrope, LaserMotive, and looking for the next one - have a great startup?

Company: Seattle Angel Conference

I worked there from /2013 until now


Founder, consultant, adviser, & mentor with companies such as Renty (operating), iConclude (sold to HP), IvyTalk (operating), RealtyMogul (operating), Airpost.io (operating), G4FMedia Group (closed), and other new startups and larger tech firms. Work mostly as a cfo/coo or work on product definition, product/market fit, enterprise sales, and fund raising. Successfully raised over $1.5M and counting. Analyst with Ferris Research, StudioB, & Grandmasters serving as an independent speaker at a number of tech conferences, authoring whitepapers and articles.

Company: Maher and Associates

I worked there from /2004 until now


Real Estate Investment Firm - portfolio includes two strip malls, 60+ unit multi-family complex, and a mix of single family rentals, duplexes, triplexes, & quad-plexes. No googleplexes though...

Company: Dorsalfin

I worked there from /2005 until now

Content I Write