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John Kinsellagh


Freelance writer, former financial advisor, attorney

About Me

I am a versatile communications professional, former financial advisor and attorney, with comprehensive experience both in the financial services industry, as well as in the law. 

I use the communication skills developed and perfected from my years of legal experience to attain clarity of thought and expression when crafting client-specific messaging for companies involved in the investment business. This desire to achieve communications excellence, insures that content is appropriate and enhances the client’s vision and mission, whether that entails explaining the benefits of mutual funds, demystifying the complexities of the investment world and the multitude of investment vehicles available, or the likely direction of the stock market. 

I have written extensively on various topics including ETF’s, active vs. passive fund management; the direction of the yield curve and its impact on the market; explaining the inverse bond/equity relationship; analysis of individual stocks as well as industry sectors and whether markets and/or individual issues are over or undervalued and the uncertainty of predicting monetary policy of the federal reserve. 

I completed the Boston Security Analysts’ Society course on "Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management.” I have served as an arbitrator for FINRA for over twenty-five years, resolving disputes within the financial services industry. I have extensive experience and knowledge concerning the legal and regulatory issues that impact the investment community.  

As an arbitrator, I have written comprehensive legal opinions as well as resolved protracted discovery disputes and complex attorney/client privilege issues.

My pertinent legal and investment advisory experience equips me with an unparalleled and unique perspective for addressing the specific communication needs of companies within the financial services industry.

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My Writing Samples

The Enduring Principles of Graham and Dodd

Why it's always wise to revisit the sound principles enumerated in 'Security Analysis,' regardless of the evanescent investment climate du jour


Lessons From the Lyft IPO

Fear of missing out is a substantial factor driving the tech sector


The Stock Market is Dangerously Fragile

Despite recouping from last October’s selloff losses, market’s stability too closely tied to ephemeral and ever-changing events


Alphabet’s Costs Overshadow Robust Revenue Growth

Research and development costs for diversification will continue to rise


Market Not Prepared For Protracted Trade Dispute With China

Investors have been laboring under a dangerous illusion about the prospects for a trade deal


Does an Inverted Yield Curve Always Precede a Recession?

Investors should note an inversion does not necessarily indicate a recession is imminent


2 Data Warehouse Stocks Poised for Growth

Corporations will continue to migrate to the cloud, and data centers are uniquely positioned to profit from this trend


What Happens if Corporate Profit Margins Start to Decline?

Factors that support sustained high margins are slated to reverse


Software Stocks as a Defensive Tech Sector Play

Software companies have better resilience than hardware companies due to scalability, no supply chains and immunity from tariffs


Can Shifting To A Services Business Model Help Apple Rebound?

Apple will need to develop a subscription services model that can supplant lost revenue from declining iPhone sales.


Market Volatility Heralds a Return to Normalcy

A decade of low interest rates, an inverse bond-equity relationship and a rising market badly skewed the risk-reward paradigm. For investors, the good times are over


Are Traditional Valuations of Facebook Reasonable?

Facebook cannot sustain its enviable operating margins given the impending regulatory scrutiny.


Challenges That Lie Ahead for Tech Stocks

Although it helped propel the market for much of 2018, tech stocks are not immune from the recent market volatility.


Despite Market Volatility, Virtus Small-Cap Growth Fund Posts Impressive 12-Month Gains

In the midst of market turmoil, one fund reaps the rewards from value investing


S&P 500 Companies Spent $646 Billion on Share Repurchases Last Year

S&P 500 companies slated to increase share buybacks approximately12 % above record 2018 levels


Consumer Staples Stocks: Is the Stability Strategy Game Changing?

Vanishing brand loyalty, changing consumer shopping habits and tepid earnings growth all indicate the defensive consumer staples strategy will need to be revisited


Fidelity v. Morgan Stanley, FINRA #11-03937

FINRA Securities Arbitration Decision written by John Kinsellagh


Yield Curve Beginning to Flatten: Will Recession Inevitably Follow?

Is a flattening yield curve a sign of an impending recession?


Beginner's Guide to Roth IRA's

A Description of the rules governing IRA accounts, the tax advantages and comparison with other retirement savings vehicles.


What is a Senior Security?

A description of fixed income debentures


Volatile and Overpriced US Markets Prompt Some Investors to Look Overseas

As the long bull market peters out and the new climate of volatility takes hold, some investors look overseas for better value


Chinese Tech Stocks Starting to Falter

Chinese tech stocks experience difficulties


Quick Guide to Certificate of Deposit Rollovers

Advantages and Disadvantages of rolling over CD's. Interest Rate Curve and timing of rollovers. Federal Reserve policy impact on movement of interest rates. Alternative investment strategies that could enhance an investor's yield or rate of return.


What is Securities Litigation?

An overview for online encyclopedia


There's More That Ails the Market Than a Potential Trade War With China

Although many are quick to blame the recent market instability on heightened fears about a trade war, other factors are responsible for the volatility


What is a Registered Security?

A description of issuing a publicly held security


As the Yield Curve Begins to Flatten, Investors Flock to Short-Term Bond Funds

Now that short-term rates have hit the historically significant 2% mark, investors are responding to the favorable conditions by infusing cash into short-term bond funds


Corporate Bonds No Longer the Safe Haven They Once Were

The first quarter of the new year ushered in a period of unexpected market volatility, severing the long-term and advantageous bond/stock relationship


Robo-PIMCO? Coping With Life After Bill Gross

The era of the decision-making management monarch is over as the firm adopts new technology to lower costs and to meet growing competition from ETFs


Tax Repatriation of Foreign Earnings: How Will Corporations Spend Billions in Cash Savings?

Now that hundreds of billions in cash will be flowing back to the coffers of US corporations, how will the money be spent? Dividends? Share buybacks? M&A activity?


What Goes Up Must Come Down? Can SoftBank's Vision Fund Continue to Defy Gravity?

Are past returns indicative of future results? SoftBank's Vision Fund puts this maxim to the test


How Will European Privacy Laws Impact Google and Facebook’s Bottom Lines?

Europe's GDPR becomes effective May 25. What impact will the comprehensive privacy regulations ultimately have on the tech giants' business models?


Australian Startup Aims to Challenge Google’s Business Model

Will Unlockd prevail in its UK anti-competition suit against Google? Case bears watching, as it may foretell trouble for the tech giants


Small Caps Surge as Russell 2000 Hits New Highs

Increased consumer spending, a robust domestic economy and a slowdown in the global economy favors smaller companies over multinationals


De-FANGed: Should Facebook Remain a Part of the Group?

After the privacy abuse scandal, the views among fund managers concerning Facebook's future prospects are markedly different


Will Active Fund Managers Perform Better in the New Market Environment?

For the past decade, everyone was making money in the market. Recent market volatility signals the good times are over. Can stock pickers now beat their benchmarks?


What Has Awoken Small Caps From Their Relative Performance Slumber?

One cannot overestimate how beneficial a more salutary regulatory environment and tax changes have had for the bottom line of the Russell 2000 companies


Retailers Fight Back Against the Amazon Goliath

Reports of retail stores' demise have been greatly exaggerated


Can Entry Into the Cloud Computing Market Make Microsoft a $1 Trillion Company?

The company's continued fortunes will increasingly be tied to its ability to compete successfully in this burgeoning and lucrative market


New US Shale Oil Drilling Efficiencies Will Help Stabilize Worldwide Price of Crude

OPEC's ability to control production increasingly ineffective due to continuing efficiencies in US shale oil drilling techniques


Amazon Seeks to Replicate Success of Its Online Retail Business in Its Cloud Services Offerings

Company is using the same business model to achieve dominance in the corporate online software business, but some claim its practices unfairly restrain competition


What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Heavy Hand of Chinese Communist Party Closely Monitors Domestic Stock

In an effort to maintain stability in markets, frequent and unexpected government interference could ultimately result in foreign investors shunning Chinese equities


Small Cap Stocks are Back in Vogue

Dramatically lower valuations for many companies in the sector present cheap buying opportunities


AT&T’s $49 Billion Direct TV Bust

The gambit didn’t pay off


3 Active Funds for the Defensive Investor

15-year track record provides a more meaningful measure of risk-adjusted returns under varied market conditions


Can J.C. Penney Steer Clear of the Iceberg?

Negative fourth-quarter comps indicate the retailer is running out of time and needs a rapid course correction to survive


Apple Still Has a Long Way to Go

Despite the market being somewhat forgiving in light of the company’s first-quarter results, its services business can’t supplant lost iPhone revenue


IBM Bets the Farm on the Cloud

The purchase of Red Hat was part of strategic initiative to branch out into the lucrative and burgeoning cloud computing services sector


Can Netflix Fix Its Free Cash Flow Problem?

Many analysts mistakenly believe unimpeded new subscriber growth alone will eliminate Netflix’s negative cash flow


Is Procter & Gamble Worth Its Premium Price?

The company’s current much-touted pricing power is evanescent and will diminish as competition increases and the staples sector continues to experience profound change


Alphabet’s Costs Overshadow Robust Revenue Growth

Research and development costs for diversification will continue to rise


Founders Intend to Retain Control in New Tech IPOs

Ceding voting control in perpetuity to founders in tech startups could come back to haunt initially exuberant investors


Video Gaming Shifts to the Cloud

Google’s new cloud gaming business seeks to capitalize on the enormous market potential for streaming game subscription services


What Will Lyft Be Trading at 3 Years From Now?

Pending unicorn IPOs are overhyped and destined to underperform


Lumentum Moves Beyond Apple

The company's fortunes are by no means solely dependent on future iPhone sales


Target and Kohl’s Adaptation Strategy Bears Fruit

Two brick-and-mortar companies are operating successfully in a Darwinian retail world


Rollout of Apple’s Video Subscription Service Underwhelms

No surprises at product announcement event. For investors, many questions remain unanswered


Advanced Micro Devices Continues to Surge

Company is rapidly gaining on Intel, but cautious optimism is warranted


A Tale of 2 Staples

he diverging fortunes of Clorox and Procter & Gamble reflect continuing tumult in the consumer staples sector


Seth Klarman on the Pitfalls of Predicting Future Growth

Baupost chairman has never strayed from the guiding principles of Graham and Dodd


A Tale of Two IPOs

Pinterest reduces its previous valuation following the Lyft IPO debacle


Are Investors Souring on Netflix?

Reports of its demise are based on unrealistic, Mickey Mouse projections for Disney


Many Reports On U.S Trade Dispute With China Are Misleading

Reporters often downplay China’s aggressive efforts at stealing U.S. trade and military secrets



Freelance Writer, former financial advisor and Attorney


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