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Brennan O'Connor


Writer, Creative Director, Entrepreneur

About Me

Much like one marvels at the seemingly effortless display of musicians, performers, and athletes, I have always had an uncanny knack for writing. Despite the moments where we all feel a block to our creative expression, words, thoughts, ideas, and feelings flow through me like a river, shaping course, taking form, and riding currents to eventually find their intended destination. I don't mean to say this process comes without effort. It requires a deep and subtle internal listening, a trusting of my own intuition, combined with a desire to refine, improve, reshape, and perfect my own art. Ultimately I'm driven by the acknowledgment of my skill, and not for my sake, but for the value, I can offer others. Because in this grand thing we call life, what do we have besides our relationships with people, with nature, with civilization as a whole? 

If you desire to connect with a writer whose foremost interest is in establishing more value for your business and brand, I would love to chat and see how we can work together. 

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Computer & Network Security

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Information Technology & Services

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My Writing Samples

TSC Advantage

TSC Advantage has a very complex and broad service offering as well as a unique, holistic approach. So we had to figure out how to use visual analogies to avoid bogging this video down with too much cybersecurity jargon, give a clear and concise company overview, and differentiate the brand from the majority of market competitors.



GroupDoLists is a brand new team management platform with a lot of target audiences. This video focused on emergency and incident management. So we landed on personifying emergencies and incidents as 'the unexpected' and talked about the qualities of an unexpected incident with supporting visuals as a lead up to an overview of the platform's benefits and features.


PC Results

PC Results helps businesses use commonly deployed tools in a more effective and efficient manner. We created two contrasting scenes and stories of what business can be like working with and without Microsoft Sharepoint and Office 365.


Array Health

ArrayHealth wanted a simple, beautiful and branded video to support their online health insurance exchange. We started with their company mission to make healthcare shopping personal, easy, and enjoyable, explained some contexts around the future of the industry, and overviewed some important features of the service that delivers on their main goal.



Creative Director

We create professional animated videos to engage viewers, explain the value of your service, and brand your business. My responsibilities include creative direction, project management, script writing, and voice-over.

Company: ExplainYourSite

I worked there from 9/2012 until now


Content creation, essays, short stories, creative writing, blogging, email marketing, articles, transcriptions, and everything in between. My focus is generally sales and marketing oriented.

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from /2010 until now

Content I Write