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Justin Andress


Freelance Writer and Editor

About Me

A writer and editor with over seven years professional experience and two years management experience, I’ve been charged with creating and revising an incredible variety of content throughout my career. Moving forward, my goal is to engage in challenging and rewarding work that allows me to continue developing my skill with the written word while branching out into new mediums and exploring opportunities for further education.

Industries I Write About

Arts & Crafts

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Aviation & Aerospace

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Broadcast Media

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Building Materials

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Computer & Network Security

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Writer & Editor

Submit a variety of written content on a consistent basis, with an eye towards meeting a flurry of daily deadlines. These pieces of content vary in length and subject and require an ability to tailor my style to meet the needs of various target audiences. Work with WordPress, as well as a variety of backend Content Management Systems — including at least one proprietary system — on a regular basis, using each platform to submit both written articles and posts as well as quizzes. Historically, I am able to pick up and use any new system of managing content with very little instruction. Edit a variety of written material for numerous platforms and purposes. Experience ranges from formats using standard AP style to Chicago style. When needed, I’m also capable of learning technical language and guidelines quickly and applying this knowledge to writing or editing semi-technical documents. This requires — again — the ability to shift my language and tone to accommodate the needs of marketers, advertisers, and business professionals, as the case may be.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 9/2015 until now

Content I Write