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Ben Taylor


Consultant and Freelance Writer

About Me

If you're looking for a native English writer who can turn technical topics into something everyone can understand, then you've come to the right place. 

I've been writing since 2008 and working in the technology industry for far longer. I'm often told I have a "unique gift" for demystifying technology, and my specialist areas are cybersecurity, internet marketing, freelancing, and all things tech - both for business to business, and business to consumer. 

I will bring you professionalism, up-to-date SEO knowledge, technical expertise and plenty of added value! My work has earned my clients (and my own projects) PR coverage in the likes of The Sunday Times, LifeHack, The Telegraph and TechRepublic.    

I'm always happy to discuss potential projects - so feel free to give me a shout.

Industries I Write About

Information Technology & Services

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Computer & Network Security

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Online Publishing

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My Writing Samples

How to make sure your freelance business is safe from a cyberattack

A topical tech piece for the Freelancers Union.


Management Jargon Everyone Should Listen to

A controversial think piece for Grasshopper.


Internet Safety: How to Keep Kids and Teens Safe Online

A huge internet safety guide for parents, with several high-profile testimonials.


Remotely Interested

A magazine feature for A Place in the Sun regarding remote working.


Streaming Wars!

Read by over 60,000 people! A comprehensive group test of streaming music services.


Cryptocurrency Investment as a Side Gig?

An introduction to cryptocurrency investment - and an example of a complex topic discussed in plain English.


5 Things Staff MUST Know about Cybersecurity

Another example of a "tech for the layman" article.



Freelance Writer

I write features, technical "how to" guides, news items and articles for various companies on a freelance basis. I also run a small London-based IT consultancy and several of my own successful websites.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 1/2008 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

How to Explain Virtualisation and Remote Desktops to Non Technical Clients

Aimed at MSPs, this article will discuss how to explain virtualisation and remote desktop environments to target clients. It will suggest some useful analogies to use to make these complex topics more understandable, and discuss some key principles, such as the importance of a real-life demonstration. Havinghad to explain these things to clients on multiple occasions, I can draw on personal experience!

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: remote desktop,virtual desktops,virtualisation


How to Use Trello to Manage a Content Pipeline

Based on experience of implementing a Trello-based content pipeline for a client, this article will explore how Trello can be used to organise a content team and ensure articles are produced in a timely fashion. Producing content for the right reader personas and publishing it at the right time (taking into account the timing of world and industry events), can maximise its impact. Trello can be more than just a content calendar, acting as a central hub for managing all content output.

Content type: Article

Keywords: trello,content calendar,content management


How to Engage your Team in a Disaster Recovery Test

Based on personal experience of arranging DR tests, this article will look at forming a working group and performing a business continuity simulation. By engaging people across all parts of the business, you can ensure this isn't treated as an exercise that only need involve the IT team, which has the useful side effect of leaving the IT team with advocates elsewhere in the company. With many companies failing to test their DR plans, this article will both encourage them and show them how.

Content type: Article

Keywords: disaster recovery,backup,business continuity


Why App Testing Must be More than an After Thought

This light-hearted but honest article will discuss how only superficially testing a new app can result in poor reviews. It will emphasise how only structured and detailed testing will properly eliminate bugs and issues. In the hurry to get apps into the stores, testing often feels like a small task to complete at the end, but this article will explain why that's an unwise strategy.

Content type: Article

Keywords: app development,android apps,ios apps


Testing your Backups: The Importance of Restore Tests

Many companies and individuals implement backup solutions but don't get around to testing restore functionality until they've lost some data. There are some scary supporting statistics on this! This article will make suggestions as to how to perform restore tests and disaster recovery simulations, and emphasise why it's far better to become familiar with restore functionality BEFORE the pressure is on!

Content type: Article

Keywords: online backup,disaster recovery,backup


Three Examples of Chatbots that Really Work for Customers

Aimed at an audience who may need convincing of how effective chatbots can be, this article will discuss three examples of chatbots that are efficient and effective. Examples will include Facebook's advertising chatbot that details ad performance and encourages additional advertising spend, the Starbucks chatbot integrated in the Starbucks app, and Spotify's Facebook Messenger bot.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: chatbots


How to Mix the Perfect Caipirinha

A Brazillian caipirinha isn't the easiest of cocktails to mix, and as the strong spirit is only diluted with lime and ice, a bad caiprinha is REALLY bad! This blog post will explain exactly how to get it right, based on my experience of making them when I lived in Portugal

Content type: Blog Post


Five Big User Misconceptions About IT Security - and How to Deal with Them

Based on real-world experience, this article will explore five things users assume about IT security that are incorrect, and how potentially damaging these can be. One example I will use is that of SME directors who assume that spending the right amount of money on the right set of products can mitigate all IT risks, failing to take into account the importance of user education. Another example will focus on how stubborn users are about using weak passwords despite the strength of the evidence.

Content type: Article

Keywords: IT security,IT admin,IT management


Don't Waste Goodwill! Why Proactively Seeking Testimonials is Worthwhile

This article will use statistics around the fact that testimonials are considered one of the most effective marketing tactics, to convince people that it's worthwhile to proactively collect them. It will pose the question of how many potential testimonials are "wasted" by people not collecting them. It will also discuss how actively large businesses such as travel websites seek reviews to prove how effective social proof is. If it's what the big companies are doing, small firms should do it too.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: testimonials,social proof,marketing


The Five Most Useful Things Google Analytics Can Teach You

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool, but it's also complex and overwhelming for novices. This article will discuss the five most useful "views" available, in order to help non-experts use it to gain valuable intelligence on their website traffic. After reading the article, even novice Analytics users will be able to find out what traffic they have, what people are looking at, and how they landed on the site in the first place.

Content type: Article


How to Ensure ALL your Business Data is Backed Up Reliably

As per your pitch request: This article will explore, in depth, what companies need to do to ensure they have reliable data backups. Beginning with a run-down of all the different ways to back up data (local backups, system images, cloud backups), the article will go on to discuss the mistakes companies often make that result in data loss. It will also discuss encryption, and ensuring backups are dependable and compliant. It will also discuss the importance of regular restore checks.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: backups,business backups,cloud services


Five Things Companies Often Forget to Backup - Don't Make These Mistakes!

Based on extensive IT consultancy experience, this article will discuss various subsections of data that companies often neglect to backup. Examples will include data from applications like Sage Accounts and Payroll, SQL data, files on Windows desktops and Outlook email archives. It will then go on to suggest strategies to ensure such things are not missed in the future, and also to ensure new datasets are always added.

Content type: Article

Keywords: backup,disaster recovery,IT management