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Jared Lafitte


Speaker, Coach and Author Helping Organizations Build Better Cultures

About Me

Culture controls everything in today's business environment. 95 percent of employees will take a pay cut in order to work in a culture they love (Bersin/Deloitte). No longer is culture a minor feature of your organization; it is your most significant business asset, exerting the greatest control over your profitability, productivity, engagement, turnover, and talent attraction. In today’s business environment, your culture is your competitive advantage. As a nationally recognized speaker, consultant and personal coach, Jared helps individuals and organizations build cultures that drive engagement, productivity and profitability. He's logged thousands of hours of coaching and spoken to over 15,000 people across the country since 2009, including work with Fortune 500 organizations. Jared was recently recognized by Forbes Magazine as a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Jared's specialties include event speaking, individual coaching, written content development, consulting, eLearning, and leadership development.

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Human Resources

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Management Consulting

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My Writing Samples

(Forbes.com): Five Behaviors You Must Practice to Cross the Leadership Threshold

This article delineates leadership as based on position from leadership based on behavior, and identifies five core leadership behaviors that make an organization effective.


(Forbes.com): Think You've Got a Great Culture? Here's Why Your Employees are Still Quitting

This article explores common misconceptions of organizational culture, and helps identify what employees are looking for most.


(PredictiveIndex.com): How Leaders Can Align Workplace Culture

What are the core practices and strategies an organization must employ to build a vibrant culture? This article explores.


(The Business Journals): Corporate Culture Isn't Just About People - It's About the Bottom Line

This article explores the link between an organization's culture and its financial performance.


(RelevantMagazine.com): 10 Ways to Do Adulthood Well

10 core life practices to help any young person navigate adulthood effectively.


(Inklings-Studies.org): C.S. Lewis: The Man and His Message.

This was an entry in the peer-reviewed academic journal, The Journal of Inklings Studies, in Oxford, U.K.



Founder, Coach

Coach, Speaker, Author. - Provide individual coaching, speaking, and content creation to help individuals and organizations develop and implement their vision. - Help organizations mitigate engagement loss, strengthen internal communications, develop healthy cultures, and drive productivity through consulting. - Help individual leaders improve personal performance, eliminate poor habits, drive engagement, enhance emotional intelligence, navigate transition, and develop creative strategies for accomplishing organizational objectives. - Serve organizations through in-depth consulting and leadership-development content creation, coaching/group training, and speaking. Help leaders gain confidence and "establish the message" for their teams. - Train business professionals to communicate with clarity, influence, passion and authenticity, to develop presence, improve self awareness, eliminate limiting beliefs and maximize strengths in the public communication process. - Developed the Lafitte Communication Method, comprised of multidisciplinary research on non-verbal communication.

Company: Lafitte Coaching, LLC

I worked there from /2015 until now

Instructor, Educator

Developed and led a private educational firm offering individual academic instruction, musical performance training, public speaking and presentation coaching, group workshops, and event speaking.

Company: Jared Lafitte, Sole Proprietor

I worked there from 8/2008 until now

Content I Write