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Jesse Short



About Me

An artist of the written word, I create copy for business editorials, pop culture and life articles as well as creative/spec 'sci fi and adventure' fiction

Industries I Write About

Consumer Services

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Education Management

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Mental Health Care

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My Writing Samples

The Disturbing Resonance of Black Mirror

About British sci fi show Black Mirror and Futurism


Trevor Noah: A Comedian & Talent Unlike Any Other

An explorative feature into the successful rise of South African comedian, Trevor Noah, including his stand up, autobiography and his hosting of The Daily Show


O.T. Fagbenle Fills The Demand For Outstanding Actors

A look the successful career of British born, O.T. Fagbenle including his performance in The Handmaiden's tale


Enter a Void Filled With Stranger Things

A look at performances, ambiance and culture beyond the hit show produced by the Duffer Brothers: Stranger Things


Imagine Dragons 'Evolve' Through Indie Pop

A look at the hit band, Imagine Dragons, the themes and messages in the music and some of the best songs.


I Thought Outside the Box - And Got Far More Publicity!

Accepted pitch by Writer's Weekly where I write about some of my writing successes.


Global Tropics Future Project

The Global Tropics Future Project FNQ is collaboration between the DET and JCU Cairns, and launched in partnership with JCU and the Tropical North Learning Academy, Smithfield State HighSchool. It aims to create future opportunities in the FNQ for future graduates


A Conversation With Rosie Batty

Got the chance to visit Trinity Anglican School where I met & interviewed Rosie Batty. Its about promoting awareness of violence and abuse


Community Wellness Awareness Initiative

Interviewing FNQH about melanoma and skin care/skin checks



Freelance Photojournalist

Cairns, Australia Profile: Local business magazine, with a monthly print volume of 25000 Experience: interviewing local businesses, writing and editing features/advertorials from supplied brief specifications and taking professional photos for clients

Company: CairnsLife Magazine

I worked there from 3/2017 until 7/2017

Freelance Writer

Currently freelancing for a variety of publications including Outtagum.com, Tutorsfield The Australia Times, Cream Magazine, Interzone Magazine

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from 2/2017 until now

Content Marketer & Social Media Writer

Tourism Marketing that focuses on brochure displays and distribution as well as marketing assistance and client-specific content creation.

Company: Tourdex, Cairns

I worked there from 11/2017 until 12/2017

Freelance website content writer

Writing copy for websites and brochures. Long form content with targeted research, as well as writing SEO, tag lines and meta descriptions.

Company: Paykel Media Cairns

I worked there from 1/2018 until 2/2018

Freelance Feature & Opinion Writer

Profile: Brand founded by Dario Hunt. Specializes in promoting creativity and culture. Also news and events.Experience: Pitching and writing opinion pieces and features on artists, shows and music that have a unique and definitive sound/look.

Company: LLF

I worked there from 9/2017 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Benefits of Coconut Oil - Internal and External Use

In my 600 word article, I will cover: coconut oil use as a natural sunscreen, a part of your weight loss routine and how it can be used to treat wounds and improve oral health

Content type: Article

Keywords: cocount,oil,health,body,treatment,wounds,weight,loss


Organic Nutrition for Mental Health: What You Should Be Taking

In my 600 word article, I will cover: the importance of regular Vitamin C dosing, searching for the right high potency B complex, how depression sufferers should consider Niacin saturation, as well as use of magnesium for mood and omega fish oils.

Content type: Article

Keywords: vitamin,C,high,potency,niacin,magnesium,depression,mood,fish,oil


Improving Your Wellness Knowledge and Application

In my 800 word article, I will cover: the use of powerful essential oils for your body, peace of mind and around your home, the power in the Japanese practise of Jin Shin Jytsu and how it can align and redirect your body's energy, and how simple daily Pa Tuan Chin excercises for stretching and general health

Content type: Article

Keywords: essential,oils,peace,home,Jin Shin Jytsu,body,energy,Pa Tuan Chin,stretching,general,health