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Rachel Presser, EA


Game developer, writer, consultant, crazy toad lady

About Me

Rachel is an indie game developer, consultant and coach for business development, and content strategist. An experienced entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and general business writer, Rachel's consulting business is tailored to professional development for indie developers and other creative professionals.

In addition to serving clients in need of professional development and work-life balance, Rachel also works with companies who wish to do business with game developers and professional sector workers who need assistance in acquiring and retaining game developer clients. She has helped tax offices, attorneys, and insurance brokers sell several thousand dollars worth of services through both her sales and writing skills. Having formed the business curriculum at Playcrafting NYC, the tristate area's hub for education and business development for interactive entertainment professionals, Rachel teaches courses on general business, taxation, growing a fanbase, and career development. Her Basics of Business course sold out on its first run, breaking 2014 sales records.

Rachel has written content for gaming industry rags, user acquisition firms, companies trying to do business with game developers, tax offices, lifestyle blogs, and much more. In addition to her work teaching at and writing content for Playcrafting as well as her own blog and newsletter plus private clients, she has the distinction of making the front page of noted industry rag Gamasutra virtually every time she submitted content.

Prior to taking up the game development and writing hustler life, Rachel worked as a tax advisor. She still retains an Enrolled Agent license for tax law writing purposes. Rachel has 10 years of tax practice experience ranging from retail tax preparation to white-shoe firm, and solo practice. She worked with Prometric and high-ranking IRS directors in developing the Enrolled Agent exam for three years running, determining minimum competency requirements for Enrolled Agents along with creating and editing exam content. She also worked with Pearson to develop educational tax law content for use in online adult education programs.

Upon leaving the tax associate track behind and wanting to help other game makers, Rachel wrote the very first taxation guide tailored just for indie developers with full citations for tax and legal professional use, The Definitive Guide to Taxes For Indie Game Developers. Her classes, writing, and books have received strong praise for explaining high-level tax and financial concepts in an accessible and often humorous matter that the audience relates to. 

Rachel has also made her debut on Udemy with Content Strategy for Indie Game Developers, a webinar that explains how to use both content marketing and content strategy to help game developers beat the indiepocalypose.

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Marketing & Advertising

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Computer Games

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Management Consulting

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Law Practice

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Public Policy

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My Writing Samples

How to Create Content That Tax Professionals and Their Clients Care About

Tax professionals and their clients are two distinct audiences, and tax law experts inadvertently get lost in familiarity blindness and use terms that are meaningful to their peers but not their clients. This guide contains tips for writing content tailored to tax professionals opposed to current and potential clients.


How Indie Game Developers Can Benefit from Flex Work Options

In the face of the indiepocalypse, game developers clinging to the dream need flexible work arrangements to make games and have the time to market their work. It's even better if these freelance and part-time opportunities are in or related to the games industry. This guide explains how the unique flexible work site FlexJobs can help indie developers live the dream.


Freelancing 101: The Different Types of Freelance Jobs

Going freelance can be extremely rewarding but not without challenges. Learning about the different types of freelance work arrangements, and how people offering work tend to define "freelance", is crucial to making more money than you would at a traditional job. Freelancing 101 explains what you can expect to see on the market.


How the R&D Tax Credit Usually Works for Indie Game Developers

Tax professionals tend to make many assumptions about indie game developers that are far off base, and end up dispensing incorrect advice on the R&D credit or getting game developers' hopes up that they will get thousands of dollars from the government to fund a new game with. This guide explains what an independent developer can reasonably expect to see if they claim the credit and whether their projects qualify.


The Optimum Internet Speed for Streaming 4K Games

4K streaming has arrived for games. Here's what you need to know about reaching the optimal connection speed for 4K gaming and digital media streaming whether your device is 4K-native or not.


A Game Developer's View of ISP Performance

How does players' ISP performance affect the development process for creating online games and their architecture?


Yes, You Do Need to Start Marketing Your Game Early

Do you think it's too early start marketing your game? Contrary to popular belief, it's never too early. Here's some misconceptions about game marketing and why you need an early start, and how to rethink attracting and retaining a fanbase.


Stardew Valley: A Masterpiece of Avoiding Decision Fatigue and Grinding

The farming simulator RPG that swept the indie game world by storm has been lauded by game devs, critics, and streamers alike where the latter have an incredibly strong community surrounding this game. But what was Stardew Valley's "X factor" that made it so successful? From a game dev's perspective, it's quite simple: so many choices and things to do yet the player doesn't get cramped with decision fatigue.




Sonic Toad Media and Consulting offers writing for hire and business consulting services tailored to the independent game development sector, and freelancers in creative professions seeking career development.

Company: Sonic Toad Media LLC

I worked there from 3/2015 until now

Resident Business Advisor

Playcrafting NYC is the hub for the creative, front-end and back-end development, and entrepreneurial needs of the Metropolitan Area's pool of interactive entertainment professionals. Rachel developed Playcrafting's suite of business workshops and seminars for indie developers wherein my Basics of Business talk became a top-selling class in the organization's early years. Rachel has also taught courses on crowdfunding, sales and marketing, tax law, and career development tailored to the needs of indie developers, and contributed articles to Playcrafting's developer blog.

Company: Playcrafting NYC (formerly GamesForum)

I worked there from 8/2014 until now

Chief Financial Officer

Primary duties are the financial and tax planning aspects of gaming software development, and designing games; maintenance of all external banking, financial intermediary, and regulatory relationships. Develop budget schedules for games; determine games' profitability postmortem, and tracking of sales and R&D spending statistics. Responsible for the entity's accounting and tax functions, construction and maintenance of accounting information system, cash management, reporting requirements for international workers and officers, and external business relations including capital raising, IP licensing, and sourcing.

Company: Himalaya Studios, Inc

I worked there from 1/2011 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Content Strategy & Gamification

As a content strategist and game developer, I can offer much insight on gamification and using games as content. I believe that your chief audience would be interested in learning more about this new area of content marketing, particularly the devoted customer base that a great game is capable of fostering and how content delivery can be changed.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: content marketing,content strategy,game,mobile game,gamification,digital marketing


The Future of Selling Your Game

Everyone says there's "too many games" and we're in an indiepocalypse. What with over 4,000 games released on Steam alone in 2016, the panic isn't unfounded. What will the future be for gathering a fanbase and selling your game? Gaming journos are overwhelmed, social media is flash in the pan, and having a game alone isn't enough anymore: content strategy is going to be a massive part of selling games in the future, including VR experiences and livestreaming.

Content type: Article

Keywords: video games,indie games,indie developers,game marketing,content marketing


Experienced Inbound Marketer with Games Industry Experience

Per Michael Brown's recommendation, I'd like to see if MPULL is interested in working with an experienced digital marketer with gaming industry experience. I've worked with marketing agencies before as a writer/strategist and games industry consultant. I'm familiar with SEO best practices and using content marketing for both inbound and outbound purposes, especially for professional services as well as creatives. I invite you to check out my profile and samples.

Content type: Blog Post


Biz Dev & Marketing Professional - Games Industry/Startups

Per Michael Brown's recommendation, I'd like to see if Penguin is interested in working with an experienced digital marketer with gaming industry experience. Having been a CFO to a small game studio for 7 years where I oversaw our crowdfunding campaign & business plan creation for investors and serving as an adviser to gaming C-suites, my extensive marketing & biz dev experience could be quite valuable to you. I invite you to check out my profile and samples and look forward to hearing from you.

Content type: Blog Post


Experienced Content Strategist-Games Industry/Startups

Per Michael Brown's recommendation, I'd like to see if Bristol is interested in working with an experienced digital marketer with gaming industry and startup experience. My experience ranges from finance and biz dev to content strategy and advisory, particularly in the interactive entertainment field. I have also worked with marketing agencies and professional services as both a writer and consultant. I invite you to check out my profile and samples, and look forward to hearing from you.

Content type: Blog Post


Email Marketing for Companies with No Marketing Departments

In conjunction with the email marketing op I applied for, I can lend my experience in email marketing for game studios (40% average open rate!) and small businesses with no marketing departments to a blog post describing just that. Small businesses need to be both creative and resourceful and also learn when to outsource to a marketing agency, and software and gaming this is particularly important for marketing to dedicated user bases but many owners get intimidated at the prospect.

Content type: Blog Post


Why Interactive Games Are the Future of Marketing

Both video games and content marketing are simultaneously approaching this critical mass and many people don't realize this yet. As people continually dislike feeling "sold to" and indie developers are seeking opportunities, experiential marketing is a logical next step. As a game dev and marketer myself, I can position MoZeus as an expert in this field with an informative e-book/whitepaper that delves into this topic in great detail with successful examples.

Content type: Whitepaper

Keywords: experiential marketing,games as content,interactive games


Don't Market at Face Value: What Brands Can Learn From Indie Game Developers

Storytelling, emotional investment, and harnessing search traffic in different ways than they initially thought is how indie game developers have to stay ahead of the curve today. Why? Face value barely works anymore because there's so many games already out there. Learn from game dev marketing and fanbase-building successes-- and failures-- in how to get people interested in your content and product by thinking on top of the box (not just outside it!)

Content type: Article

Keywords: marketing strategy,B2C,video games,search marketing,SEM,SEO


Problems with Hybrid Cloud Environments and How to Solve Them

Organizations of all sizes are using hybrid cloud environments today which requires a lot of orchestration between on-site networks and third-party cloud systems. Since Cloudally is looking for blog posts on common pains, there are several hybrid cloud pains this post can dive into like understanding compliance requirements, the impact that hybrid deployment can have on teams, the fact that cloud providers are not one in the same, and controlling the costs of moving to hybrid cloud.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: hybrid cloud,cloud solutions,hybrid cloud environment,hybrid cloud implementation


Addressing the Challenge's of Today's Tax Professional

Tax professionals at smaller firms have historically had to fill several roles beyond preparing tax returns: helping clients with estates and wills and family financial planning come to mind. But is the modern tax professional also up to task on cybersecurity? The IRS now offers credit to Enrolled Agents for tax-related cybersecurity training, but many tax experts find that they can't keep up with the changes. Here's how to mitigate this risk for your staff.

Content type: Article



AI and Machine Learning in Marketing

From your idea request of Top 10 examples of AI in marketing, figured I'd pitch AI vs. machine learning in digital marketing with successful examples. People, namely smaller brands, tend to confuse the two and thus misapply these concepts in executing digital strategies.

Content type: Article


How Freelancers Can Respond to "X Will Do It Cheaper!"

Since your base is mostly freelancers and entrepreneurial types (which I am!), here's a topic I've done numerous talks on: what to do when a client balks at your fees or tries to otherwise get you to come down, as well as the inverse of "I value your services but can't afford you." as it's often a terrifying tightrope to walk. Estimating 900-1000 words, since your profile mentioned SEO being the goal.

Content type: Blog Post


Content Available for Purchase

The Asia Pacific region is home to some of the world's most influential and fastest-growing companies in a variety of sectors. Learn which companies have the dominant market share or highest revenue growth in the APAC region.

The 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA, 2018 tax reform) materially affected millions of Americans who live and work in the country, but it also affected expats. Increasing reliance on the foreign tax credit and the foreign earned income exclusion hinging on chained CPI are among the most prevalent changes for expats, but the new QBI deduction may affect people living outside the US who have rental property or other activity that's considered effectively connected.