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Kirsty Bright


Freelance writer

About Me

A freelance writer with a passion for travel, books and drag queens. Having previously worked as a copywriter for Fat Joe I've been able to adapt my writing to a number of niches.

In my spare time, I love traveling and exploring new places, Disneyland will always be my favorite place in the world. 

Industries I Write About

Leisure & Travel

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My Writing Samples

Why Rupaul is more than a TV show

Rupaul's Drag Race TV show is such a success for a number of reasons. The show has spread the beautiful message of love not hate encouraging everyone to love themselves.


Why we need to stop comparing our friends success to our own.

When the people we love the most seem to be more successful, we tend to compare ourselves. We start to worry about why we perhaps aren't as successful or have things together.


Cheap and Cheerful in Melbourne, Florida.

A travel guide to the best activities to do in Melbourne on a budget.


Adore Delano’s Party Isn’t Over, It’s A Brand New Era

Drag Race Star Adore Delano is back with new material which is a completely different sound to previous work.




I worked as a full-time copywriter for Fate Joe, each day 8 articles were assigned to the platform. All 8 articles had a target URL and an anchor website to be linked with. Researching thoroughly to get the right information for copy

Company: Fat Joe

I worked there from 6/2017 until 8/2017

Travel content writer

My current posistion requries me to research, pitch and submit outlines for the 10 articles assigned to me. Trip 101 are a travel website that hosts a wide range of travel guides, be it places to stay, best places to go or holiday on a budget. It caters to very wide demographic.

Company: Trip 101

I worked there from 5/2017 until now

Digital Content Writer

Blasting news is a up to the date trending news site, featuring a wide range of topics and current state of affairs, I pitch and write up articles to gather more traffic to the site. The use of social media is a big contributing factor through use of SEO and the best places to put the articles to reach the demographic.

Company: Blasting News

I worked there from 5/2017 until now

Guest Contributor

A guest contributor to werrrk. com a drag entertainment publication. Worked on a feature piece reporting on the upcoming music from Adore Delano.

Company: WERRRK.com

I worked there from 7/2017 until 7/2017

Guest Contributor

Contributing towards an article on how comparing lives with our friends is incredibly unhealthy.

Company: More Than A Millenial

I worked there from 5/2017 until 5/2017

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