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Jean McKinney


Writer/Digital Designer

About Me

 Need an ace researcher with top-notch English language skills to help your brand build authority and thought leadership?

I’m a longtime freelance writer dedicated to making complex ideas in science, medicine and digital technology available to everyone. I specialize in longer form content such as whitepapers, articles, reports and eBooks that combine cutting edge research, journalistic standards and a ferocious command of the stylistic ins and outs of written English.

A Bit of Background:

A Few Recent Projects:

Have questions? Want to discuss a project? I'm always happy to chat or brainstorm. Find me at jeanmckinney.com, or on Twitter at @jmckinney819.

Industries I Write About

Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Alternative Medicine

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Online Publishing

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My Writing Samples

The Internet of Things and New Doors For Commerce

A brief overview of the ways in which the emerging Internet of Things will benefit businesses and brands in all industries with constant connectivity and personalized, real-time interactions with customers and clients.


How Cannabis Can Break the Cycle of Opioid Abuse

One of a number of articles written on the science behind medical marijuana for HelloMD, a community for cannabis users. My articles for this site generally report on current research about uses of cannabis for specific health conditions and the way cannabis works in the human body.


Dual Diagnosis - The Double Whammy of Addiction and Mental Illness

One of a number of articles written for the rehab and addiction industry. These pieces generally focus on explaining aspects of addiction and the medical/scientific basis for different treatment models.


Photography As A Healing Art

This piece is one of a series on the general theme of creativity as therapy. These articles focus on the unique properties of photography to support mindfulness, healing from trauma, and self-discovery.


Social Sharing and the Surrender of Privacy

This piece is one of several written on topics related to digital technology, the internet and digital culture for the startup of Veritas News, a consumer watchdog site. This article explores the consequences of a 2012 experiment conducted by Facebook without users' explicit consent, and what that means for users' privacy and autonomy online.




Freelance writing and digital design services specializing in text, slideshow and ebook creation.

Company: Luna Blue Studios

I worked there from 2/2012 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Beyond the Internet of Things: Telemedicine and the Internet of Everything

The Internet of Things – a digital world in which devices of all kinds are in constant communication with minimal human input – has revolutionized the delivery of healthcare. But as demand for telehealth technology continue to grow, the Internet of Everything – a broader framework that also includes intelligent communication between machines and people – may provide more tools for expanding the reach of telemedicine services and enhancing relationships between patients and providers.

Content type: Article

Keywords: telemedicine,internet of things,internet of everything,artificial intelligence,healthcare