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Kate Shaner


Freelance Writer and Blogger

About Me

I offer writing services to small businesses and marketing departments. I specialize in white pages and blog writing. Visit my website at www.writtenbykate.net to learn more.

Industries I Write About

Apparel & Fashion

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Marketing & Advertising

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Civic & Social Organization

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Writing & Editing

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Education Management

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Freelance Writer

Freelance writer focusing on web content writing, including web pages content, blog content and article content.

Company: Kate Fassett

I worked there from 5/2009 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Look Better Instantly With The Help Of A Good Tailor

Behind every well-dressed man or woman is a good tailor who can adjust clothing to fit their unique shape. Developing a relationship with a tailor gives you more choices for off the rack clothing because you are no longer seeking a perfect fit directly off the hanger. Whether you are short or tall, thin or heavy, a tailor is the most important tool in your fashion repertoire.

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How To Phrase A Good Search To Get The Results You Actually Want

The Sorc'd blog has a category for Better Research. I would like to write a blog post detailing how to write Google search strings to find the information a writer is looking for with greater precision. Finding an exact phrase in parenthesis is common knowledge, but Google's wide range of search operators make it possible to be much more specific information. For example, searching site:sorcd.com "keyword" will bring up instances of the keyword only on Sorc'd.

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5 Easy Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers

Getting kids involved with Halloween decoration is easy and fun. Here are five tutorials for easy crafts a preschooler can complete. 1. Mummy Jar for Candy- from Parents.com 2. Handprint Spiders in A Web- from MomEndeavors.com 3. Paper Plate Silhouettes- from ThePinterestedParent.com 4. Monster Hands- from Happy Hooligans 5. DIY Halloween Masks from Mom.me

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