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Richard Shrubb


Freelance journalist

About Me

Strapped for time to write your marketing materials? Need to improve your blog traffic? Brilliant at your job yet can't quite put what you do into words? This is where I can help.

- Do you want to reach out to sailors and curious landlubbers alike?

- Want to turn petrol / motorheads into clean, green Electric Vehicle users?

- Are you a hemp or marijuana company looking to put the story straight with consumers and non-consumers?

If you're struggling to communicate your value to potential customers or now that Facebook's algorithm is turning away from commercial pages; you need a water sports writer, electric vehicle writer or a hemp and cannabis writer with proven track record. I can help with e-books, SEO optimised long and short form articles, and compelling case studies. Have a look at my website at https://www.richardshrubb.com to see how I can help you! 

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Mental Health Care

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Logistics & Supply Chain

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Civic & Social Organization

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My Writing Samples

The True Cost of a Payday Loan

Infographic showing the true costs of a payday loan


Review of the Tesla Model S

How my mind was blown driving, and being driven by a Tesla Model S


Better to stay in port than become a statistic

Using real life examples and personal experience, I discuss how sailing conservatively could save your life one day.


Interview with Ozone

Case study interview with paramotor wing makers, Ozone


Automation in the container shipping supply chain

SEO work for Gateway Container Sales, a container repurposing company in Australia. Shows insights into automation in the supply chain.


A mother whose daughter died after taking Ecstasy calls for drugs legalisation

Hard hitting interview with a mother who has begun campaigning for a sensible approach to drugs laws after losing her only child.


Cutthroat - an adventure bike for the Grand Tour of the Great Divide

Cycling writing example. Discusses the great American cross country race down the Rockies from Canada to the Mexican border.


Making Time for Mindfulness

Final column for Mental Health Today describing my personal experience of Mindfulness


After sober reflection

Discussion of the Nordic Alcohol Model through the eyes of someone in recovery for the Royal College of Nursing journal Mental Health Practice


Fears as mental health beds cut

Last article for the UK national tabloid newspaper - an investigation into NHS cuts leading to essential beds being removed from use by the Dorset mental health trust in order to pay for a Crisis Team.


BIFA says no to exit from Customs Union

Sample of news writing. This article looks at how the British International Freight Association has called for the government not to exit the European Customs Union as part of Brexit


The Oxford Review

Download a PDF from link above. This is a digest of academic research into leadership and coaching, to which I contributed 20 articles a month.



Freelance journalist and professional blogger

Research and write stories for national newspapers, science, and nursing journals. Blog professionally with various SEO clients. Covered the Olympics and Paralympics for several sailing titles.

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from /2007 until now

Able Seaman

Firstly learned myself and then trained others in the arts of sailing a replica of a Revolutionary War era Royal Navy warship for 12 months.

Company: SSV Rose

I worked there from 6/1993 until 6/1994

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Life after psychosis

Life with psychosis is not a living death. You just need to live it. You need to accept the limits of your disability but as with everything you should do, stretch your boundaries. I will reflect on my own experience from psychotic breakdown to Master's Degree and a profession. Mental illness need not be debilitating.

Content type: Blog Post


Alibaba in - Amazon next? Online giants in Malaysia

Alibaba's Lazada has recently begun operating in Malaysia and much of SE Asia. Amazon however has signalled that it is going to launch in Australia before moving into SE Asia. Will this mean that Alibaba corners the market before the hesitant US giant gets its toe in the door? SE Asia rather than China will be the major battleground between the two companies. Is battle coming and how will this impact e-commerce players in Malaysia?

Content type: Article


Cuba - a model for fighting food insecurity?

Under the US blockade and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba was threatened with food shortages. The answer was for communities to band together to grow their own food. I would like to focus on the Cuban model and see what lessons may be learned for food-insecure communities that have access to derelict urban land in America.

Content type: Article

Keywords: Urban food self sufficiency


Cannabidiol - the next antipsychotic?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an extract from cannabis that has been shown to tackle psychosis. It is being trialled in conjunction with a number of other therapies as a treatment for psychosis. Amongst other benefits relative to traditional neuroleptics, it doesn't cause weight gain or sedation, and has been tipped as a breakthrough molecule by Prof Val Curran of Imperial College London.

Content type: Article

Keywords: pharmaceuticals,cannabis,antipsychotics


Is it time to consider going electric?

Electric vehicles are in the news a lot these days. Ford and DHL have just struck up a partnership to build StreetScooter light commercial electric vehicles at a large scale, while Tesla has just showed off its first semi truck. Is it cost effective to go electric now or should you hang on a while longer? The answer is EVs have a similar Total Cost of Ownership to gas vehicles now but by 2025 will be the better business investment than gas and diesel fuelled vehicles.

Content type: Blog Post


Reducing your energy consumption in marijuana production

Never mind the environment - companies will be seeking greater profit margins that are to be had from lower energy consumption in the marijuana production process. I will discuss LED lights over metal halide, and their cost / benefits in terms of LED being cooler and less power hungry than metal halide. Running cooler, the HVAC system will be less power hungry too.

Content type: Article

Keywords: marijuana,hydroponic cultivation,HVAC,LED lights


What's so good about LED?

LED grow lights can considerably reduce the cost of your home grow. They use less electricity and produce far less heat, meaning that you need to use less energy cooling the environment around your marijuana plants. Over the life of a marijuana plant from seed to bud, this can mean much lower costs per gram of bud. Before you take the leap, there are some factors to consider that I will cover as part of the article.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: LED grow lights,marijuana cultivation


Electric vehicles? Wait a little!

There is a lot of hype on electric vehicles that many say will change the world. The fact is unless you are solely focused on travelling in and around Charlotte with a maximum range of 100 miles a day, the day really hasn't come to go electric with a commercial vehicle. Battery technology and plans by major automakers will change this in just a few years - hold tight for now! Two examples of electric vans below: one with a claimed range of 120 miles and another, 100.

Content type: Article

Keywords: electric vehicles,renewables,light commercial vehicles


Fuel cells aren't fool cells!

Elon Musk may well have to eat his words having called fuel cells 'Fool Cells'. This piece will look at the huge advances in FCV technology and infrastructure, and why Toyota is banking on a hydrogen future for its cars and trucks. We can look at the Mirai, but also at how Budweiser brewers Anheuser-Busch have just ordered 800 fuel cell trucks for its beer delivery fleet - somewhat irritatingly for Elon, from Tesla rivals Nikola!

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: fcv,hydrogen,mirai,infrastructure


Are solid state batteries a near or far reality?

Solid state batteries have long been hailed as the battery technology of the future - they promise to be quick to charge, high energy density and safe from overheating. Major players such as Porsche, Toyota and Dyson have invested in research into them. While they work at a small (milliwatt) level, scaling up the technology to kilowatt size has been a lot harder. What are the challenges developers face in getting solid state batteries to market? The problem is in manufacturing at such a scale.

Content type: Article

Keywords: solid state batteries,battery technology,electric vehicles


Reality Check: Self Charging Hybrids vs EV Purists

As an EV writer I was determined my next car would be a hybrid. I chose a self-charging Toyota Auris. EV purists reacted like I'd just presented a steak to a vegans' gathering. While with my awareness of Climate Change I would prefer a world where battery tech permitted long runs without recharging, I am a fan of self-charging hybrids promoted by Toyota. They introduce people to the world of EVs, and go a major step toward cutting CO2 emissions. Using gentle wit I'd like to say why you're right.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: self-charging hybrids,EVs,PHEVs,motoring Canada


BMW claims that 85% of cars will be ICE in 2030: Utopia or dystopia?

This week, BMW claimed that 85% of all cars sold in 2030 would still have a form of internal combustion engine (ICE). While supporters of green energy reacted badly, technology needs to reach a breakthrough before ICE engines are wiped from the automotive industry. Assuming someone found a way to reliably manufacture a kilowatt scale battery today it would be 2025 before they started being mass produced. In light of that the 2030 claim isn't dystopian but more of a reality check.

Content type: Blog Post


Are autonomous vehicles only possible with cell networks?

While most people think of autonomous vehicles (CAVs) as being singular computers they actually need to talk to one another. A simple example is platooning semi trucks (HGVs) where the vehicles will need to know when another vehicle is to join / leave the platoon and to make adjustments for that to happen. There is some debate as to whether 4G cell networks can do this already 5G. This will be an overview using existing articles as reference as to the scale that AVs will need cell networks.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: CAVs,cell networks,platooning


Autonomous trucks in 10 years?

When will we see autonomous trucks on the road? The International Road Transport Union has published a survey of 450 trucking companies suggesting that they believe that autonomous trucks could be on the roads within 10 years. Could this be Level 2 platooning or Level 5 full autonomy? While there is demand for autonomous trucks (an ageing driver population and low numbers of new recruits), there is some debate among thinkers and scientists as to when we will see them on the roads in anger.

Content type: Article

Keywords: autonomous trucks,ai


Could the US Farm Act make hemp biodiesel viable?

While hemp biodiesel has long been a possibility the retail costs have long kept it out of gas tanks. In 2007 it was reckoned that it sold at CAN $22 / gallon thanks in part due to US farmers being unable to grow or sell it. Could this change for the better with the US Farm Act allowing industrial level growth of non-psychoactive hemp? I will look at data on the subject and see just how the global market for hemp production can change in the coming months and years

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: hemp biodiesel,non-psychoactive hemp


Teaching and learning in Cambodia

You will learn a vast number of soft skills in working as a TSOL teacher in Cambodia. This article will look at those soft skills that can make your CV stand apart when you move on. You will learn a new language, how to deal with a culture wildly different to your own, as well as people skills that can only come from dealing with people with very different cultural experiences to you. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a big seller on CVs, and this can be learned from working on a TSOL placement.

Content type: Blog Post


Are you lactose intolerant?

I recently discovered I am intolerant, and I'm nearly 45. I would like to write a blog post looking at symptoms of lactose intolerance and why millions of people may be unnecessarily suffering. I will use the best available science and high DA medical sources. It will be customer-facing so will be both educational yet simple to read. There will be a call to action to try your ice cream to see how they feel.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: lactose intolerance,minus the moo,dairy products


Multimodal public transportation - the way forward in driving low CO2e emissions?

Traditional public transportation networks encompass trains, buses and inner-city rail. Privatisation has put these elements in competition when they should work in concert. Uber's purchase of Jump! e-bike sharing shows that a private organisation can do the same. Their customers can use ride-hailing, scooters and e-bikes. At the right price point per mode, so customers can be encouraged to use the least emitting mode per journey. Train/long distance and e-bike/short distance for example.

Content type: Whitepaper

Keywords: transport emissions,multi-modal public transport


Cuba - grow your own or starve

Cuba has been under a US blockade and sanction for decades. Its residents could starve and rebel as the US government so badly wanted. Or? They have one of the best locally sourced market gardening systems in the world, where everyone eats high quality homegrown food at an affordable price. Reflecting on this model, the call to action would be to follow Cuba rather than fight it. I accept this could be controversial in the US. I would avoid the politics and just focus on the actions.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: food security,Cuba,fresh food for everyone


Vehicle to grid - a solution to spikes in demand?

Vehicle to grid (V2G) is a system where excess stored energy in electric vehicles (EVs) can be released to the grid at peak times. During a commercial break in an NBA game, so car batteries can load balance the grid, reducing the need for more power stations to come online. This blog would look at the technology and whether it has the potential to change the way energy is brought online in the United States with the coming boom in EV sales.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: V2G,grid load balancing,electric vehicles