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Casey Shull


B2B Freelance Writer, Content/Blog Writing

About Me

I am a B2B content writer that focuses on bettering yourself as a boss, employee, and company with an emphasis on SEO and professional, yet enjoyable material. I also gladly do my own research for projects and always beat deadlines. I am a featured writer for Huffington Post and in my spare time enjoy harassing my toddler and living life to the fullest.

Industries I Write About

Consumer Services

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Human Resources

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My Writing Samples


Demonstration‚Äč of research and SEO skills.


7 Ways to become your own #WonderWoman

Published article demonstrating the ability to hone in on popular topics that resonate‚Äč with a broad audience.


7 Management Hacks To Improve Employee Productivity

7 Hacks every manager is going to want to implement!



Freelance Writer

I am a freelance writer ready to help you with all your writing needs. I've done everything from coming up with business logos and writing employee manuals to assembling information from an entire Pacific Crest Trail thru hike to embarrassing myself on my own blog by admitting I've blown up my Pyrex dish. Feel free to contact me for a potential project.

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from /2017 until now

Content I Write