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Andrew Burmistrov


Blog Editor/Content Manager at Icons8

About Me

I write stories people care about.

Industries I Write About

Graphic Design

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Marketing & Advertising

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Writing & Editing

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Computer Hardware

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My Writing Samples

How To Retain User Engagement After Website Redesign

5 case studies of website redesign failures & analysis


While I Was Redesigning a Boarding Pass, Paper Got Old

A thorough analysis of paper boarding pass, including industry experts' opinions & feedback.


What Neural Network Can Tell About Your Doodles?

A case study on sketching and the influence of current trends/behavior patterns on it.


Don’t Listen to Users and 4 Other Myths About Usability Testing

An article / case study about conducting direct interviews with customers / potential users and popular myths surrounding the process.


What to Do If Someone Steals From You 7 Times a Day

Overview of a large DMCA campaign, conducted by a startup company and its results.


How Perseverance Allowed Me to Combine My Lifelong Passion With Programming

An interview with a developer of a niche software project & product review.



Blog Editor

Content creation Content strategy Content management

Company: Icons8

I worked there from 8/2015 until now

Content I Write