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Christina DeBusk


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About Me

I'm a freelance writer specializing in health and wellness, personal development, and personal safety. My style is conversational, motivational, and positive!

Industries I Write About

Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Law Enforcement

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Mental Health Care

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Writing & Editing

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Security & Investigations

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My Writing Samples

6 Sneaky Health Problems Caused By Your Period

Woman's Day article created after interviewing a variety of doctors about health issues related to menstruation.


How to Make Lavender Tea to Cure Headaches and Anxiety

Country Living magazine article about how to use lavender for relief from headaches and anxiety.


Success Quotes that Pack the Biggest Punch for Entrepreneurs (Like You)

Bussinessing Magazine article with compilation of success-related quotes intended to help motivate entrepreneurs and small business owners.


CE events: More of burden than a benefit?

Chiropractic Economics article about how to use what you learn at CE events to better grow your business.


The Beginner's Guide to Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss

ShapeFit article outlining what intermittent fasting does, its pros and cons, and how to do it.



Freelance Writer

I've completed over 4,000 writing projects to date for entrepreneurs and small business owners in health and wellness, personal development, and personal safety fields.

Company: Christina M. DeBusk

I worked there from 5/2012 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

New Study Links Young Women's Binge Drinking with Type 2 Diabetes

A Swedish study published June 8, 2017 by BMC Public Health has linked binge drinking in females between the ages of 16 and 43 with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. This is especially problematic as the CDC reports that one out of every six adults consume approximately eight drinks four times a month. How does one quit binge drinking and enjoy higher levels of health? First, you must identify why you binge drink to begin with. Then, make a plan to quit, asking for support from others.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: binge drinking,type 2 diabetes,quitting drinking


New Study Finds Childhood Anxiety Can Lead to Adulthood Allergies

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports that 50 million Americans currently suffer from allergies. Worse yet, the numbers seem to be increasing. New research by Columbia University suggests that childhood anxiety may be partially to blame, especially for those raised in low socioeconomic areas. What are some ways to combat anxiety for children? The Anxiety and Depression Association of America suggests keeping a regular routine, preparing for transitions, and other helpful tips.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: anxiety,child anxiety,allergies


Why You Should Eat Chocolate Every Day (Even As a Health Nut)

Ask a room full of people if they like chocolate and a large majority will raise their hands, most of them with a look of shame plastered squarely on their face. However, one new study published in Frontiers in Nutrition suggests that we should no longer feel guilty about our regular longing for the sweet stuff. In fact, it actually suggests that we should eat it regularly to promote our brain function...especially if you're someone who doesn't always get enough sleep.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: chocolate,is chocolate good for you,health benefits of chocolate