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Tess Taylor


HR & Learning Copywriter: Forbes, About.com, ADP

About Me

Seasoned human resource and eLearning professional with 2 decades of crafting copy for both website and print marketing. Published author of multiple business and HR books. Featured on About.com, HR.com, HR Dive, HR Magazine, Forbes, The Knot, US News and more. 

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Human Resources

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My Writing Samples

Do companies screen candidates based on poor criteria?

Most companies spend a great deal of time developing job descriptions that cover the requirements of each job. Things like work experience, educational level and technology knowledge are all standard elements that appear on job descriptions. These criteria are then transferred to job advertisements, with the idea that qualified candidates will take the time to apply.


Health Benefits Options: Advancing An Employee-Centric Shopping Experience

Health Care Reform has provided Americans with access to a wider range of health insurance options and eliminated barriers to care, such as pre-existing condition limitations. It has also created a center for access to publicly available consumer information on their health benefits options through healthcare.gov, including basic information on plan types, covered services and programs available to support consumers with their increasing financial responsibilities. This rapidly changing landscape has given way to health care costs that continue to rise faster than inflation, making consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs) a necessity for many employers.


Manager buy-in is critical to learning, but how do you get it?

LinkedIn Learning recently published the findings of a study on employee training that indicated employees won’t take training seriously unless managers do, too. Companies may feel they have two choices: either hope that employees voluntarily accept the training and participate or enforce the training with disincentives from superiors. But there's a better way. Management buy-in is the key to gaining cooperation and participation from employees in their own training.


New work visa requirements exacerbate current talent shortages

The summer came to an abrupt end with plenty of national drama stemming from two major hurricanes, massive forest fires, and plenty of political chaos. Those dramatic stories overshadowed what has been one of the big stories this year: immigration reform. One of the stickier challenges weighing heavily on the minds of employers in recent months was President Trump’s "Buy American, Hire American" policy.



Content Writer/ Manager

13 years as independent content creator

Company: HR Knows

I worked there from 1/2006 until now

Content Manager/Courseware Developer

4 years as primary content manager for a 2500 piece health and wellness and benefits enrollment platform. Also created software training and professional development courses for the corporate university.

Company: Benefitfocus Inc

I worked there from 11/2010 until 3/2015

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Want a better candidate experience? How about treating them like customers, first!

In the recruitment process, hiring managers often expect candidates to jump through hoops to get the job. However, in a job market rocked with skill shortages, things have turned in the candidate's favor. This article will include insight from 2 company experts who are involved in the employer branding market, about how to treat candidates as well as (if not better than) customers to win them over. When candidates feel appreciated from the start, it sets them up for long-term success.

Content type: Article

Keywords: employee experience,employer brand,recruitment


Protect Your Employee Data in the Age of Cybercrime

It's no longer good enough for human resources to maintain employee records in a locked filing cabinet. Today, records are housed in digital systems that can be accessed by cybercriminals. This article will give industry best practices for protecting employee information and what to do if a breach is discovered.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Cybersecurity,Employee Records,Corporate Data


7 Tips for Turning Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Employees can be an organization's biggest source of brand recognition and promotion, after all they validate the culture and performance of any company. In this article, I will provide 7 ways that any company can harness the power of employee brand ambassadors on social media, internally, and for recruitment efforts.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: brand ambassador


People Don't Leave Good Managers - The Value of Coaching Better Leaders

Studies have shown that coaching is the key to better managers. However, turnover is still a problem in many workplaces. This article will cover how to increase management's effectiveness by teaching them how to coach their teams, how to measure their success, and more.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: coaching


Leaders May Be at the Top, but They Need Guidance Too

Once a leader gets to the top of his or her career, it can become a lonely and overwhelming place - unless there is ongoing support from a mentor. In this article, I will talk about the importance of not forgetting the professional development needs of our leaders.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: leadership coaching


Leaders: It's time to give up some power

In order for leaders to thrive and lead effective teams, they must be willing to allocate work to capable subordinates. In this article, I will review how to identify rising leaders and give up some of the power of leadership to allow others to grow. Coaching is a critical component of this.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: leadership


Time for a Re-do? Making Mentoring Work for Your Organization

Executives often find themselves wondering if there is something more (?) to being a leader. Becoming a mentor can expand one's horizons and increase leadership skills - that is IF the mentoring program is managed well, and both mentors and sponsors understand what they are getting into.

Content type: Article

Keywords: mentoring,leadership development


Make Your Year-End Performance Review Less Painful and More Productive

No one enjoy the prospect of being picked apart in a year-end performance review. How can you make things less painful for yourself (and your boss) by preparing ahead of time? What steps can you take now to leverage your achievements, strengths, and set clear earnings goals for next year?

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Performance Reviews