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Andrea Payme


Freelance Copy Writer • Editor • Website Content • Articles • Corporate Text Specialist • Panama & NYC • 917-725-3200

About Me

WHAT I DO: I help business executives by writing, ghostwriting, and editing marketing and website content, business copy, and corporate text.

WHO I WORK WITH: My clients are English and Spanish speakers who are executives, business owners, writers/authors, public speakers and post-grad students from around the globe.

WRITING NICHES: Hospitality, Tourism & Travel, Corporate Event Planning, Food & Entertainment, Living Abroad, Latin America, International Themes, Psychology/Medical, Fitness & Health

EDITING NICHES: Many. Please inquire.

WHAT I PROVIDE: Well-written, result-driven, and reasonably priced content and text that your customers, clients, readers, and higher-ups are interested in reading.

WHY I AM DIFFERENT: Because I am a team player and business professional who can do more than churn out “same-old-same-old” content. I'm able to duplicate your personal or corporate tone, style, and writing voice. It's my job!

WHAT MY CLIENTS SAY: “Perfection. Awesome. Andrea hits the right tone every time.” Shirley Slemc -Owner, Shirley’s Loft. “Andrea Payme edited and proofread several of my books, adding content when needed, correcting my dyslexic grammar, spelling and punctuation. Fantastic job and always on time!

Billy Bates, Author “Andrea went above and beyond. Top notch service. Great communication, and speedy results.”

Kya Nguyen-Bates, Owner – Move On Girlfriend! “A writer who knows her job and how to do it best.”

HOW IT WORKS: Send a description of your project. Include important info like deadlines, word counts/project scope, budget range, etc. I’ll respond and send you some writing samples. If everything looks good we’ll sign a simple agreement and off we’ll go!

HOW TO REACH ME: My website is www.andreapayme.com. I’m on Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Write me at andrea@andreapayme.com. Prefer a conversation? Send me your number or call me at 917-725-3200.

Industries I Write About


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Mental Health Care

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Broadcast Media

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Events Services

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Leisure & Travel

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Business Supplies & Equipment

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My Writing Samples

So You Think You Wanna Own a Small Backpacker's Hostel?

The must-have personality traits you need to succeed in this challenging line of work.


A Healthy Portion of Considerate Behavior

Written for a foodcourt blog, this article discusses ways that restaurant patrons can be more considerate to their servers and restaurant staff.


Getting into Grad School Despite Low Grades

I wrote this article.


Fulani Braids for Women of All Ages

SEO piece. Not really my preferred writing style, but the client had very strict specifications about keyword phrases and sentence length.


California Dream Cleaners

I wrote all the text on this website.



I wrote all the text on this website.


Flower Hill Jamaica

I wrote all the text on this website.



Freelance Writer

My writing and business skills can help you grow your business! Native New Yorker based in Panama. First Language - English. Fluent Spanish as Second Language. I am a Freelance Copywriter, Copy Editor, Corporate Text Specialist, Website Content Writer, and Website Content Editor. I write Articles, Website Content, Blog Posts, Researched Blog Posts, White Papers, Article Reworks, Spanish to English Translations, and more. Visit my website www.andreapayme.com for more information about how I can help you add measurable value to your business or writing projects.

Company: Andrea Payme Freelance Writing Services

I worked there from 1/2010 until now

Freelance Writer, Editor, Proofreader, Branding, UI/UX Experience Tester

I have done HUNDREDS of freelance jobs for online companies like Fiverr. I have HUNDREDS of 5-star reviews and tons of samples that I would be happy to refer you to. Here is a link for your convenience: https://www.fiverr.com/andreapayme I got tired of paying high commissions to these online agencies, but I have been working in this area for many years. Please contact me if you would like any

Company: Fiverr, Textmaster, People Per Hour, Chegg,

I worked there from 10/2014 until 5/2018

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

I can help you correct all the text on your website and write blog posts and articles for you.

I went to your website to find out more information about your company before sending you a pitch about an article or a blog post. I saw A LOT of spelling, typographical, and grammatical errors. I would like to offer my services first, to clean up all the existing text and then after that is completed, I would be happy to discuss the possibility of writing blog posts for you. By the way, I am a curly, curly, girl and have lots of first-hand experience with transcultural hair!

Content type: Blog Post


5-7 "Old-fashioned" Kitchen Tools/Gadgets that Still Work Better than Modern Gismos

I would write a humorous and light-hearted (but informative) 300-word or more) blog post about 5 to 7 old-style kitchen gadgets that still work better than their new-fangled, modern versions. Items our grandparents used--like handheld lemon/orange pressers, Knife sharpening stones, garlic presses, cast-iron pans, wooden rolling pins, malted blenders, washboards, etc.

Content type: Blog Post


State-of-the-Art Pedicures

A 300 word (or longer if you want) blog post about the latest and greatest advances in pedicure technology. What makes an incredible pedicure that is different from all the rest? I would include mentions of any products that you would want me to pitch in a soft way. Spa chairs, foot shavers, creams, files, music, aromatherapy, etc. This pitch would be directed to spa and salon owners, not clients.

Content type: Blog Post


Six Days in Holland - Single Female Travelling Alone - Staying in Hostels

I'll be going to Amsterdam and Rotterdam for the first week of October. Staying in hostels in order to meet other people. Will be eating a lot of street food (purposely). The article will target women in their mid/late-40's. I won't be able to deliver this blog post until around October 11, (after I've finished my trip and had a chance to write it.)

Content type: Blog Post


6 Ways to Talk About Your Vagina (to a partner who cringes at the word!)

Many women are becoming more comfortable discussing their vaginal health...amongst themselves and with their doctors. But there is still a large segment of the female population that struggle to bring up the V word to the men in their lives. Women with old-fashioned partners, the limitations of traditional religious taboos, or even fears of being blamed for an unhealthy vagina, are just a few of the obstacles that women face trying to broach the subject with the men in their lives. This blog po

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: vagina,vaginal health,healthy vagina,women's health,talking with your partner,vagisil


Cute-si's Waiting Game

Some funny little anecdotes about my cocker spaniel and her strange habit of only eating normally if someone comes to visit. Because of your limited budget, I have to limit the word count, but I would be happy to continue contributing other short pieces if you give me a writer's credit. If there is any flexibility in the budget I will increase the word count, speed up the delivery, and do more detailed research types of posts. Let me know how we might work together.

Content type: Blog Post


"Too Many" Best Reasons to Hire a Specialized Content Writer

Because there are too many content mills. Too many gig websites. Too many hours sifting through the myriads of untalented people with a computer and a grammar checking app calling themselves freelance writers. There's just too many! That's why it's more important than ever to focus on finding the right PR agency (like Inkhouse) who can do all the sifting through the muck, and find the right writer who can bring YOUR project to life. There's more to this pitch, but not enough space. Contact me!

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: content mills,writers,field specialists,public relations